1. That is disgusting. But JA never used to get the bulk of dem rice from Guyana? Thank goodness my family don’t shop at deze local wholesales. Dem sell dat shit to dem own ppl so they won’t treat strangers any less. Unno run out unno own local business ppl fi embrace strangers suh teck anything unno get; plastic rice, fake egg, dirty oil, lead infused ginger and all the other trash dem a sell call food.

    1. Man can i tell you. I remember watching a documentary on BBC a few years ago and the chiney dem cut up, soak and season the cardboard and use it as patty filling and give dem OWN PEOPLE. we have never set food in no Chinese business that sell food stuff ever again. they are cruel! Don’t forget the factory made lettuce smh! Doing advanced Spanish in university really opened my eyes because we had to do research and write essays about GMO foods/foods developed in labs and some things we found out that the chiny dem make! Oh and FYI cranberry is not no super food. scientists developed dat. Thank God mi father instilled in us a love for farming our own veges and fruits etc.

  2. We need fi go dig up wharf and send back all di chiney suptn dem and anything like dat weh a come yah we charge di chiney dem one fine or suptn!

    Di world in general nah come down hard pon China fi wah dem a do and dat a di truth! Because look pon even di fake milo it look just like di real thing! And a nuff times we get fake goods….you will hav suptn u buy pon a regular and it taste the same and u buy it one time and suptn bout it jus off, but wen u buy it again it taste di same! A nuh trick u brain a trick u, I di fake things u did get! It hard to control it from our end which is why dem haffi go a di source!

    Go throw sanction pon China and dem suptn deh mek dem feel it and haffi stop!

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