Cherry fi winner addicted to surgery. This is cherrie she is the wicked woman responsible for the breaking in and robbing of dian gotti coursing her to jump outa window and mashup her foot permanently giving her problems. This wicked with known for obeah tying man and deporting all 3 of her baby fathers. Her cosmetic surgery list is getting out of hand she do bum 3 times and belly 2 times her breast 3 times one minute them big then them small then them big again. This time she have a new noes. She better mine her plastic start shift and move outa place. All she do a set up man fi get rob and deport socomes she on state benefit can afford so much surgery.



  1. lady get a refund pon di noes and si if you can get a much needed eye bag surgery but then again if yuh wicked like how sender says yuh must cant sleep a night.

  2. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others……

    dah noes yah neva haffi a beat mi suh,lady yuh really pay fi dis cash or yuh food stamp it out :nerd

  3. I hate when dem do di noes dem suh, just create a bridge but di bulkiness still there, now she got the Piggy look. I am 100% sure the old noes look betta dan dis.

  4. Her brother Andre aka Andrew Barrett went to prison for repeatedly stabbing a girl he was seeing some years back. Wicked bastard. I won’t go into details but it was the wife fault and up to today mi can bet him don’t know why the girl end up at him house. He was seeing the girl and another girl while being married but didn’t tell none he was married. All use to spend nights away with both women and their families, never wear him ring, drive up and down with both girls go ah country. Anyway its obvious him get married for stay, he spent his 21st Birthday in prison because of his lies, he married a woman in her 30’s wid 3 pickney. By the time she ah 32 she was married to a man giving her the living bun, she had 4 pickney and her man was in jail for attempted murder of his other woman-BIG POPPY SHOW MAUREEN. Andre it was your wife fault and look deh, she end up tek man pon yuh and breed fi yet anneda man while yuh deh behind prison walls ah back fist. DWL

    I’m glad the twins mum leff him. Mad man. Then him always ah write pon status bout “I love my black sisters” after him try tek one ah dem life. #HypocriteBomboHole Andrew has 4 children and the relationship with all three of his childrens mothers is sheg up cause of his dutty ways.

    As for Cherrie, she ah bait and ah thief from long long time. She all try run een pon di girl weh her bredda stab, she never realise seh the girl can fight and end up get har face thump up. Cherrie you should never have get involved cause it was clear your brother was lying to his family to save face. Why would you condone a man stabbing a female as a woman? You never know the girl beat up yuh bredda couple weeks before mek him friend end up save him? She shoulda beat out yuh crabbit and wicked ways outta yuh.

    I know their family from Jamaica and know people that know the wife and the sister. All di madda never stop tek man like har pussy couldn’t live without di different cocky dem. Mi see ah picture ah di old whore and mi skin start crawl. They have a brother inna JA who is a dancer called Boasy Brown, him better off widout dem.

    Oh and Andre you have another youth out deh….I wonder if ah di girl weh yuh stab have di youth….I wonder if yuh wife know who ah di baby madda… Anyhow, just like twins and di two girls dem weh yuh have the 5th child is better of widout yuh. #NoMoreSaid

    Oh and Cherrie you fava shit. Mi not even know what kinda look yuh ah go fah but stop wid di surgery dem. Ole thief, government fi stop pay yuh allowance low life gal.

    1. Watch yah!!!!! Den how all now yuh nun mention di girl “noes”….. or how she jump outta window “coursing” her to be on permanent disability and a “socomes” she can afford di “noes”. How yuh nuh mention none a dat???

      1. Lol. Dem teck wi fi fool ova yah. Most a dem tink di reglas oba yah are a group of uneducated, unemployed gossips. But as di saying goes, sometimes you haffi fawm fool fi ketch wise.

        Can di senda be soe kind as to send in a picha a di before noes suh wi can get di side by side?

      2. “As for Cherrie, she ah bait and ah thief from long long time”

        “Oh and Cherrie you fava shit. Mi not even know what kinda look yuh ah go fah but stop wid di surgery dem. Ole thief, government fi stop pay yuh allowance low life gal” Mention of her nose and her thiefing way.

        In respone to your question I didn’t know I had to state anything about her jumping out of a window and mashing up her foot, you would have to ask the sender since I do not know about that. I stated what I do know which is that the government should stop her allowance. People don’t divulge why they are on sick benefit and if ah thief she thief she nah go put that info pon blast to ever and anybody so it’s clear she and the sender are very close.

        @Anonymous 7:21pm I am a regular reader of the site for years now, I simply don’t comment as regular. I felt to comment on this story as I know about the family. Is that a problem? Trying to fool who with what and for what reason exactly? Smh.

        What the both of you are getting at is not my issue and what the need was to stop with me and my comment is puzzling. Have a blessed evening all the same.

    2. Yep, you are telling the truth!! It was a sad situation. Mi losa offa Andrew from dem time deh. As for Cherrie di loser she ah one old undercover criminal, she love too much illegal money. Her babyfadda dem can dash out her file. Obeha wokka smaddy fi send back di obeah on her.

    3. it was Maureen that set up the girl. I know all about Maureen Rowe she is spiteful and manipulative. I am friends with her best friend Candy whose son Maureen is the godmother of. Maureen use to sleep with my cousin as well and I know her son Shak’s relatives so I know her through different avenues my cousin had to get wicked on her cause she try call his baby mother so she has form. Maureen was trying to bully the girl but didn’t succeed. She was then getting her friends to call Andrew and his family and friends then make it look like it was the girl she fool up Andrews head and trick him in the name of immigration status. Maureen all hacked his voicemail and was listening to his messages and taking his numbers of the messages. Even his other woman she try use and trick. She left a message on the girl’s vmail by accident which would reveal her true colours, she know the girl was coming then send Andrew out of the house to stab the girl. Andrew deserve what he got cause if he wasn’t lying he wouldn’t end up inside. Maureen could have get charge with stalking the girl cause the girls phone did get taken and none of the girls numbers matched Andrew or Maureen’s people only incoming calls from Maureens PAYG and outgoing to Andrews which would be expected. When Maureen’s number was looked at however……The girl choose not to press charges against Maureen only cause she had so many kids. Andrew ended up facing the full brunt cause it then looked like attempted murder without reason. Maureen set up both of them good and proper. Maureen all mash up Andrews cousin car and laugh about it with her friends and said she wasn’t paying him back.

      She breed for a next man while Andrew was inside and she lose the baby then she went and breed for another man again. How much baby daddy she want I don’t know.
      She is 41 so she is about 7 years older than him when he get married he was 20 so you right it was for his papers. Her birthday is 27th April.
      Was the girl that got stabbed pregnant for him? What is her name again?

      sorry for the long paragraphs but nuff did gwaan.

      Cherry that nose look awful. I don’t know if its the make up but the face looks kind of manlier than before. I didn’t know this was Andrew’s sister, I see her nuff up North London one time.

  5. Zas Krise, Michii, why yuh won’t STAY OUTTA di night dew and rest yuh likkle body and yuh “noes”!?!?!?!?! Unnu talk di choot, she nuh fayva Michii 1 year from now, provided she continue fi stand up inna dance ah night time, mek Bimma Young And Genderless blow dung smoke inna har face ah night time!?!

    @Sender, yuh beat mi baddddd, doe! Ah swear!

    @JMG Dictionary, Yuh have a BALL today, eehn!?!

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