1. There is light at the end of the road son, just hold d faith an pray to God, he will guide you in the right part, ur too young to give ur life away because of one girl, I’ve been through worst an tried to end my own life but if I can make it through my darkness you can also, I really wish u were close so I could sit an talk to u. I pray an hope u find the light….never give up an never loose faith

    1. This have me in tears😥😥😥😥😥😥😥 Sir please l. Please!!!! reach out. Where is this young King now? Anyone knows?

  2. Sir done give up please have faith and pray harder.
    If you need someone to talk with I am here.
    God bless and keep you

  3. Feel what kinda pain and him BEAT the girl!!!! Then turn round want kill her because she plan to lock him up for it?!? I just hope the police catch him before him catch her

  4. Very sad situation… Please don’t pick up the gun… Its frustrating for you but I prey you get help soon

  5. Have some of you guys read what the young man saying??
    Because y’all comments makes no sense. Pray young man God will lead you that’s frustration talking

  6. Suh after u kill her with lick and she start do that to you, you a bawl cree🤦🏾‍♀️ only hope she over ya and see did cause u have a gun now.

  7. Jah jah …. sir I don’t know what you feeling but all me can tell you say killing her is not worth it. See if you can get somewhere to stay for a month and lay low eventually she will stop. I wish you all the best and pray about it 🙏

  8. @ramona kill r before she kill him some woman a real drancrow I would do the same she a torment the man fi what reason why she Neva lock him up ina d time when she a get the bitch lick dem she a hunt the man wid gun man…..Mr. Sir yo should a lick r mad r

  9. Please I’m begging you not to kill anybody. Those babies did you no arm. Pray and move far from her and start over.

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