Pink wall we are writing to you because we use to be close friend with the DJ Popcaan. For years we work for this man round d clock, 24/7 and witness niff thing this man do to people. He never pay us the money the deserve and because we had real love fi d man and believe in his thing we stick around for much longer that we should. None of we got paid, he treat us like slaves like we below him and should just be happy that we around him we should work for free. His heart is dirty jah know, they was him dealid people nuff time we just watch and say jah know. The real story behind him and Kavel d white girl him did dey with, he deal with har wicked, cheat pon her and nuff time she find out and ask him he turn around and (Edited) har till she left gone. He never deserve a good woman and at least she has enough sense fi leave. The other one him did dey wid for year name Steph aka MA, he (Edited) her like a dog mi say.. Di girl get (Edited) till she dumb and she still come around fi some change and he (Edited) her same way. His landlord put him out the house because he (Edited). All Celcile get (Edited) and she ah one dutty gyal becasue she  try fi play bess side woman and he treat har like dog too. D man mental in him head , some og we say him have bi polar because nuff time we cant believe the thing this man do. Every woman he dey with he bun dem every chance he get ! Mi know say nuff jamaican man like (Edited) woman but we couldnt stick around and witness dem thing dey. Cecile complain he give har nuff (Edited), because the type of gyal the man go lay dog with , most time none of we go watch them dutty gyal twice. He would pick up a gyal at the side of the road and carry har home fi f**. All them intertnet h*es like New york and Alexis Sky them gyal that sell (Edited) he love them type of waste gyal. That time when him good friend dead is gyal him dey with, one next internet ho call RAViloso, she did dey with drake and she fly in and him a show off pon the road and bam accident the man dead on motobike accident. Mi tell you people the thing that ,man have coming to him mi ago sorry fi him. All OVO done with him, they men na rate him . His own cousin Unruly Cuz he deal tih wicked, right now everybody gome left him and now all the truth coming out. He treat bad, he is one wicked youth and all them song him sing bout family and God is all a lie becasue the man move like the devil himself. Watch out people  not everything that glitter is gold and soon Popcaan go fall hard. All the whole he dig fi people that give they life for him, him agu fall in the same hole. Mi na wish no mad mind pon him, becasue him a the king of badmind, but me just a warm unu, me see these thing with mi own eyes my Lord and mi just a show unu how some evil wicked people are the one we look up to and worship, but them too are wolf in sheep clothing. More and more poeple will come out and speak out and you go see how me naaa lie. People use to fraid to talk up but now man a get brave and speak up for themself. All the women too are coming out with them story about he make them sick and how he (Edited) them like dog. (EDITED). Him na good my people him EVIL no bloodclat and soon everything will come out and Jah will expose the big snake !! Dont take it lite 

40 thoughts on “MR POPPING CORN

  1. My babyfada use to hang around him and most of what the sender said is true. Him nuh elevate the youths around him, him treat dem like shit and him very mean.

    1. He has also been banned at a hotel in Jamaica which I won’t name for how nasty he left the people establishment. Sender is not lying him cheap and mean to him own killy killy dem!

  2. What a heap a nastiness 😳. All Cecil she no too old fi a run behind careless artist now smh. This no sound good mawsa. Clean up ur acts bredda.

    1. Cecile should a shame of herself big woman a run down young bwoy u no see Chris Martin gone lef u,why u did a run down a next one? Me Neva know kavel run gone lef him,money brings out a lot of what one can’t show when dem bruck.

  3. The beating part that’s for sure, poor steph nuh affi do nothing fi get ar ass beat up 😔 but she choose to stay #yamhead

  4. Him behave dark and fool ! I don’t think he love hoes but he is so unappealing only a hoe who getting paid wld truly want to sex him!

  5. So not nice and jahvinci never did a tell nuh lie den. Yoli, a really man like this yuh lay dung wid? Ppl dem did a talk from long time say a the hype yuh love cause poppy naah nuh hood.

  6. Sum bwoy still ah mad ova curvy diva marlon wah mek yuh heart ah buss up ova dexta bwoy ova him page ah drap shade.

  7. Cecile a crosses because she make because a Popcorn. Chris Martin lef her or whatever. Man a pay rent for him child and Pop a sex Cecile. Damn low life. Popcorn nah go last for long enuh, no manners, him not humble and very badmind. That short drool mouth fucker. Remember every place him go people complain about him. Him make house and can’t live into it. A bare guest house him deh with the non progressive yes man dem around him. Ugly squid she is next, with the 2 cement in her breast. Popcorn a Drake groupie.

  8. Yow. Cecile? A artist whe mi respect and rate eno. And she deh pon social media a gi tuff chat bout violence against women an her ass a get pop? No sah! Mi remember her song bout the artists she wouldn’t deh wid. Now she pick till she pick fart

  9. Damn and Popcaan sing so much clean hearted song that I resonate with? Especially “Family” and dem other one deh….if it really go suh, mi disappointed bad

  10. All lying keneema kingston him clown out like dwag shit
    Every minute shr a post him dwata post social media like ah fi her pickny she finally breed and hide di pregnancy hole time and keep the baby fadda a secret 🤣🤣🤣 mi wann knw who so brave fi breed her she ugly and her voice deep like mon… 🤣🤣

  11. A longtime me hear bout Cecile and him. Why inna God name me woulda siddung Mel dis dwarf bayta bruise me?. He always gave me a bad vibe. Man to humble and invest inna di people round dem. Him juss seem caught up inna keeping up appearance.

  12. ano lie dem a tell mi kno a ute weh used to deal with him the used to tell mi seh a regular him come home frass and put on some blct lick pon woman dem him used to seh too him deal wid the woman them dog cry shame

  13. das y him and all jafrass did fall out too eno the dwarf did want tek credit seh a him mek jafrass be sumbody the ute mind no gud mi see him amd skilli a par soon hear him seh a him introduced skilli to an international level

  14. Mi 100% sure him can’t beat yoli Mr Phill will bury popcann. Him can’t even stay a him uptown house. A guest house him live Wid the bag a man Dem behind him, uno Nuh see how drake Tek time and a ease him off? Dem say out a st Thomas Popcaan buy machine give some man then him send him popo fren Dem pon the man Dem fi the machine. A nuff badness and wickedness Popcaan involved in the people Dem say at St Thomas. u see how Gaza head dey a jail fi life and gully head can’t go jamaica and his son dey a prison. Make pre mature looking Popcaan think him above the law. Without those men around him poppy would a never go road them fools dey need to leave from behind him. St Thomas people hate Popcaan like wow.

  15. An him a come pass him remarks on bolt music like him a somebody or like him uplifting anyone , kmft

  16. This nu new… You can tell from his behaviour that he beats females etc that’s how he is Arrogant and dunce. But I thought he’d treat all around him better.

  17. Popcaan treats fi him own cousin Unruly Cuz like shit dat wah mek Unruly Cuz ave even change fi him instagram name tuh rid of di Unruly affiliation Quada no longa friends wid Popcaan cuz Popcaan thinks him God an dat fi him shit nuh tink dat him cya duh whateva tuh whoeva tek whateva from whoeva yea Popcaan really did get tump inna fi him face! him lying cuz him pussy eff him did fight back it did through fi him yea man willing tuh fight all fi him battles fi him

  18. Popcaan nuh who him seems fi be him puts pan a bad man act but him really pussy an everyone cya seet beside fi him group of 50 yea Man. Him beats girls him ave raped a gyal before. Dat wah mek him cyaa get a US Visa him ave dun suh much dirt an try tuh cova dem up but dem yah things slowly coming out 1 by 1. Him obsessed wid seeming like a gud person inna di media but him really a pedophile who tink Of course him dates girls dat hores dem deh a di ongle girls dat wi tek a chance fucking fi him herpes infested ass Shai Trendii fi him white gyal Kavell Cecile an all di old hags him fucks probably ave gotten sup’m from him. RaviLOSO a waah hore too just a top tia hore wid a bady dat shi shows pan instagram shi wud fuck popcaan just cuz of fi him link tuh drake Drake bout tuh drap Popcaan from fi him label cuz him bad mind an it coming out Senda yuh chatting chuu things. Him a narcissistic fool mi nuh rate Flopcaan.

  19. Dat chuu Flopcaan nuh deserve a gud uhman One uhman him broadcast tuh fi him yaad shi did young but nice an beautiful di gyal him fight ova inna March eff ongle shi kno ow disgusting him Herpes runs fi him penis! shi wud run fi di hills

  20. Poppy get tump inna fi him face by Unruly Cuz Exactly wah him gets! Allow fi him friends fi get kill disrespected an does nuttin bout it.

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