1. Since there was so much traffic she should have made an alarm to mototists to help the other young lady left in the car. Thats what i would have done

  2. I heard something similar happened in Port Antonio recently which is a shame as it is a beautiful parish. When I am in Jamaica i never ever get in a taxi that is not red plate and almost always take them from the rank where other people are getting on. If I have to flag a taxi down, me tan a me yard. Not doing it because even the red plate can be false. Jesus, me head raise. Has this been in the news? Did the lady with the kids run and alert other people in the area or even the police?

  3. And with so many young girls missing all over the island, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were doing their crime from parish to parish.

  4. Some months ago I heard about a female kidnapped by a “taxi man” in Portmre and her body dumped, it didnt make the major news outlets, ladies beware, I have been on the road and random cars stop by me asking if I wanted a ride, or saying they were were taxis, I just cut my eye off dem and wait patiently for the JUTC bus, we can’t be too careful, these men are sick, sick bastards. I feel it in my stomach.

  5. I pray for the girl that was left in the taxi, God knows why these men do what they do but why didn’t she say to the girl let’s jump out right now. Then they were two men, damn this is really serious and dangerous. When I visit Jamaica again next year we are renting a car, I rode in one taxi but with my guy friend. This is crazy why these girls that are killed and missing that these men haven’t gotten caught as yet. This is very disturbing and why two men in one taxi and they are drivers. Thank God they didn’t kill her after they showed the young girl the bodies. The police needs to check all taxis for real. :sorry

    1. You may just be safer in the taxi if you don’t know how to drive in Jamaica.

      For starters:

      No 2 man can sandwich me in a taxi. They can save the chivalry and move over 😀 😀

      Take taxis at designated spots and look for the route markings and plate.

      If a police is nearby ask for assiatance and they will put you into a taxi…deterrent technique

      It won’t hurt to get familiar with a vendor at the taxi stands (buy them a drink-always).

  6. This has been happening for years esp the same route they’re talking about same two men as far back as 2004 it happen to me and two my friends n we fly both doors n jumped out because all we calling out to the man saying where u going how you making turn off and never tell us n we c d man a play deaf so my friend and I open each door n zoot thru it while he was waiting for his chance to turn off we spoke about it but never report it because nothing didn’t happen to us and we were young we just dust it off and carried on living but mi sure as rain a dem two same dead dog deh years they’ve been doing it this just bring tears to my eyes listening to the lady that’s exactly how it was n u only have a second to decide fight or flee…

    1. Thanks and the victims thank you for keeping it to yourselves. Then unu chat bout Jamaica and JCF this and that…

  7. Dr Julian Gojer of Toronto Convicted of Drugging and raping two woman and killing a third one with the drugs he used to render his victims unconscious before raping them. Date fall of 2000. Psychiatrist gets off with a slap on the wrist and works as a psychiatrist regardless of criminal negligence against him.

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