1. U know mi mind run pan dis fish the other day …..him at the right place fi get him batty wash special.

  2. He MUST be happy in jail then! Him can get all his sexual fantasies fulfilled inna jail! WIN-WIN situation! dwl!

  3. The lifespan and freedom of black (men) are so fleeting. Do you know how many of them I’ve seen grace these walls that are now either dead or imprisoned? But one has to wonder what purpose they serve among the rest of us.

    1. I will check, the last I heard his trial was to start. I feel very sorry for him because him really neva have no sense

  4. Foxy…..nuh worry bout Kizzy matey. JJ a keep dallaz pon di books fiim. QQ geem di bess batty wash, now him tun Bubba wet wipes.

  5. So when he gets a chance to communicate with the outside world, he sends them emails or meesages on what to post on his behalf. Smh. Dem idle sah. Real idle.

  6. My Mamacita…… Yu good? Reality nuh reach Patricia yet. When di Judge seh “LIFE”, it will be weeping and wailing.

    1. Sup boooo. Hey Big Willieeee. Yuh good boo. Mi deh yah a gwaan dream bout yuh. Howdy. Patricia too idle. Have a great day dear.

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