*******I wont even put di pics sent because dis sender bad like a diabetic sore****


Met me and this gal Marsha been friends for a long time know and she do me dirty and tell me bussiness to people I don’t like so is y turn fi air out her dirty laundry . . . This tuff short gal Marsha been f**king paul range under quiet fi 3 years now and plus she a mind him up the only thing him ever buy her was a 50 true religion top nothing more nothing less but she buy him gucci belt sneakers give him money and she only 23 and paul nearly inna him 40s don’t have no pride and she have 3 yes you heard me correctly 3 abortion for him . Him tell her him nuh want no Pickney but she same one a mek him a dig out har hole raw she tell him lie say she deh pon birth control and she was not so she did haffi dash it weh . She can’t tek no pics would him because him married and him will beat har up so all she do a talk about him on Instagram and take pic of him hand or face that’s about it she don’t have no pic wid she and him . Him wife catch her inna her bed and beat out har rass 4 months ago me did haffi carry her a hospital fi he get stitches near her eye the woman scratch her face . She don’t have nothing bout her love inna people bussiness and she nasty bad she all catch clamdia from him and did haffi go doctor . If you ever look in her bag she all kinds of cream for icthing , yeast infection , and vaginal odor that’s what he walk around wid in her Louie bag nasty gal Marsha u think it end yasso don’t throw stones when you live inna glass house . . . I only speak facts bitch tell te people them say paul f**k yuh inna yuh batty and bare shit come out and u still mek him a rim yuh nasty dutty Marsha it nuh stop yasso


  1. So i shi catch chlamydia from Paul Range, him wife nuh mus have it??? this ping pong from u 2 me n d circle of nastiness going round. Same way when is time fi Aids bruck out moung dem Lawd help dese nasty people

  2. Dis sound like yu a Cari. Wata in a baskit
    Fi yu Fren man… Wen yu an she did a Fren yu Neva chat
    Why now kiba yu mouth..

  3. DWL I knew this was coming if not today .. TODAY LOL

    Sender wicked eno man

    Lips sealed. Mi aguh circle back

  4. Met you need fi put up the pic is not lie the sender telling. Marsha lie bad and always in a ppl business man never mi d her yet she wicked ole beaten stick pussy knama bitch. She was the same one who mek the page and write bout apple baby and she did write say she go the dance wid Paul range she is a big big bruck pocket whoring bitch she is the devil herself. All she do a siddung pon instagram and analyze ppl life. Met mi know she live over yah all day cause she wuk one low wage job weh she siddung pon the computer all day bored and comment . She always know weh a gwan over here she o e prolly have 10 different name . She love gwan like she nuh inna paul and him can draw fi har easy ass and f**k her when ever. She man woman and animal

  5. Annikay, why yu suh wikid Gyal …? Yu a big oman tap it! . Yu an yu big fat rass self need fi tek a chill pill
    Mek yu nuh talk bout how yu insecure ass mi jus si yu an di Gyal di oda day
    Suh a wa now … Met di story nuh accurate .. Tell di sendah fi tap tell lie talk di chute Annikay Kay old doctor mattress

  6. Why ppl suh Rassssclat wicked ?

    Mi nuh know she but mi never see she and Annak before
    Ah one ar friend dem send this in &
    A mix other ppl on top ah it ppl Weh not even related to it
    Is it about apple the baby & Anna k or Paul & di wife .. Da story
    Ya nuh Mek sense.

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