KINGSTON, Jamaica — The People’s National Party, after acknowledging reports that a videographer assigned to CVM who covered a recent party meeting in St Ann has been threatened, denounced the act in the “strongest possible term”.

In a statement Wednesday, PNP moved to disassociate itself from the “reprehensible” act and called on the security forces to investigate speedily.

“We the PNP believe in true and full freedom of the press, as well as freedom of movement for all Jamaicans, so any such intimidation will not be accepted, tolerated nor supported by our party,” the Opposition said.

Meanwhile, the People’s National Party assured the media fraternity that they wholeheartedly support their efforts to keep everyone informed. The party therefore urged the media not to be deterred from covering any activity.

“We call on all Jamaicans to let good sense prevail during the lead-up to the elections and beyond, so as to ensure that we all remain safe,” the party stated.

“We again denounce any such action of scaremongering towards the media or our citizens as a whole,” the PNP said.

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