Opposition Members of Parliament walked out of the House of Representatives this afternoon when their demand for a statement on the government’s current infrastructure programme was not met.

Ironically, however, Prime Minister Andrew Holness gave the House of Representatives an update after they left.

Holness said only $400 million have already been spent on the programme. He said that the rest will be spent on upgrading the island’s drainage network.

Holness also promised a $200 million works, which will involve all 63 MPs.

He said that the MPs will have full discretion over the use of these funds.

Holness expressed his regrets that the Opposition walked out before he could make his statement.

Balford Henry


  1. Mi see di video…dem never even gi di man a chance fi seh weh him a seh…everybody just start move fi door…if dem did expect him fi call dem back dem mek a sad mistake!

    1. On a serious note though, I believe there needs to be a rule that NO ONE can walk out of parliament!

    2. And that any throwing word in parliament about things not related to what they talking about should get fined with a nice amount of money!

    The amount of money spent for each sitting of parliament is too much to waste because dem a throw word or walk out!

  2. You people need to stop worshipping politicians. Holness is human and not a great one by what I have read about him .

    1. Where you see alter set up over yah or on this post?

      Unu always come and derail we politics posts wud f**krey! Why you no go pon the trump post ? You can ignore what isn’t of value to you and lo the rest of us to “worship”

      1. Dipshit mek u never bad wen holiness walk out hu much time? Unu is a set a dutty hypocrite, real low dung dutty hypocrite

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