The Police are appealing to members of the public to desist from sharing sensitive information about victims of crimes, especially children, on social media platforms.

This appeal comes following the sharing of graphic images of 3-year-old Nevalisia Williams, who was found dead in Orange Hill, St. Ann on Sunday, on various social media sites.

The Police are advising that the sharing of such information is not only distasteful but also serves to cause more pain to grieving family members.

Those guilty are being urged to desist immediately and as far as possible, delete the hurtful image.


    1. Ask Met. She is the number one offender and does so with pride. Met is an evilous woman who gets her kicks from posting dead people pictures. Look at the number of dead people she posts on her site. Met, you need to stop the practice and look for other avenues to generate hits to your site. Come with your facety chat now Ms. Met, since you know the posting of dead people is done in poor taste. No wonder you are a practitioner and true believer of Obeah and everything evil.

        1. Tina Chin shut up please. Disturbing images sometimes have powerful effect that can bring about change. The picture of a murdered Emmett Till with his face unrecognizable, that ran in JET magazine was the spark that really ignited the Civil Rights Movement. His mother not only wanted an open casket funeral, but she knew the press would be there and she wanted the world to see,”what they did to my son.” I hope that when people see the image of a raped and butchered baby, or the pictures of women killed by the boyfriends or pictures of other victims of crime. . . I hope we just don’t look and gawk but that we become so outraged as a society that we demand change from those we put in office, by our police forces and by members of our community. Disturbing images have there place and can be used for good.

  1. Can’t believe people sending around the body of the baby that’s so heartless and wicked, they no better then that evil boy kmt

  2. Unfortunately many ppl won’t listen n will still share..I will cuss out anyone that send me that..Why the hell would any right minded person want to look and see that image of the baby…sick ppl..SIP pretty princess

  3. Yuh mussi maaadddd. Show up di images so ppl get pissed di hell off cause him muss dead immediately. Boy all if yuh mek it a jail Mi wah dem tear up dat in deh… ppl fi see how gruesome di crime was, so it nuh easy fi him an ppl forget. What did that baby do to deserve all that… even tho the mother seems careless. A dem f**y yah dem wah cova up. A parents muss protect unnu pickney mek sure dem nuh see dat a no di public job. Please no excuse pussy fi dead lucky a did country yuh deh boy cause all yuh soul woulda dead wid yuh bady when Mi dun. Anyways Mi ago read daily devotion

  4. oh my god, wen mi think bout this tragedy it sad pon three levels, 1. the careless mumma who leave her babies unattended. 2. the homicidal pedophile who seized upon the opportunity, and abducted, raped and murdered, this beautiful baby 3. the superstitious country people who heard the baby a bawl out fi har life and did nothing cuz dem think it was a “duppy” a cry. Sad all around. Out of respect for the family the pictures should not be shared.

  5. I never look at such pictures anyway. Everything dem teck picture and share. No way in hell I could use my camera to store such images or share them with anyone. Decorum lost in age of technology.

  6. It always gets me upset when I see gruesome pics of the dead on Social Media.I get it that a live was lost and in most cases heinous but people don’t need to show graphic pics to bring attention to the story.A decent pic is enough.People tend to don’t see anything wrong with it until it’s their family member or friend.That posses me off.
    I always say to people when the love ones share a pic it’s is usually the way the way they want the dead to be remembered.In loving memory..or sleeping or happy..no family member ever wants their love one remembered in a gruesome way.It is gut wrenching.Not saying people don’t do stupid stuff like that in the US but their are rules and regulations against this in media and it is dealt with according when the appropriate parties become aware.I find that in jamaica this type of carelessness is rampant and most see nothing wrong with it which is sad.Everything they put on social media my gosh.Are some of us so desensitized to violence .People need to start being human again.It’s a good thing when the authorities plea to desiSt from sharing gruesome pics.They need to take it serious for each and every story.Someone in some department is doing their job and doing it with a sense of commonsense and decency with a touch of morals.Condolences to the family and hope justice is served real quick.

  7. To be honest a whole lot of hyprocosy surrounds this issues, when it comes to children being showed in an bad light I will take no part in it. I saw people shating it on fbook and I found it distasteful and inconsiderate. I saw Met post a pic of a utech guy who committed suicide and I asked her to please take it down because it may be alot for family and friends to look at and she did with no fuss. Usually when some things go up on the wall there is WARNING/GRAPHIC to alert the readers. I like to see when gun man head get buss off cause me just wsnt haek and spit pon di corpse. I like to see when people grab ply boad and drop some lick pon somebody weh violate. I don’t want to see the little girl in that state but mek dem did dismember the pervert I would be the first one to look and say f**cker.

  8. It’s very sad when some people die in a very gruesome manner. I know that it’s very hard for the loved ones to see their family members in those images. However, (and sometimes unfortunately) it is the way it is nowadays with everything (good and bad) being on social media now.

    I have to reply to de comment up top from injustice, let mi remind yu that one thing with Met, is that she ALWAYS put the WARNING/GRAPHIC SIGN up. So, FYI injustice, dat simply means that if yu don’t want to see certain pictures, then don’t rass look then! It simple! What’s the sense in looking and then complaining, when the WARNING/GRAPHIC SIGNS are there, and you have de option of NOT looking? Don’t come denigrate Met to try and justify your bitterness of some pictures that other people took that you disapprove of. Be brave enough and get mad at those taking the pictures. Stand on that truth without denigrating Met.

    Finally, I’m just letting you know that everyone will have an opinion, and my opinion is only that! My opinion does not make me right, and everyone else wrong, and your opinion, does not render you right, and everyone else wrong. Moving forward, if yu nuh waan see de pictures dem, den don’t look! How much plainer yu want mi fe be?

    1. Hi Mifedup what uve said resonates well with me!I must say i’m more inclined to fully agree with 2sugars &milk stance but i’m 99% with u on this.

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