Hello administrator of the website. I have a big big disturbance. And I need you to make a post on your website to make this girl known.

So apparently this dutty gal weh name Simone from St Elizabeth feel brave enuf fi come show up har likkle frowsy no shame self and a call mi phone all the way a NY fi tell mi say she inna relationship wid mi baby daddy and how she happy fi share my man.

When she call mi all mi tell d Dutty gal say she can have all a him.

Tell mi now if this Dutty crosses cave hole gal no brite. Obviously she feel threatened mek she a waste har Digicel credit a call me pon di other side a d planet fi tell me say she a f**k my man. Dis ole no shame gal weh have two Pickney and not even have education or a Job, before she tek weh she a get and Gwaan settle har nastiness, she wah come involve me.
Woman must tek pride inna dem self, but the only pride dis piece a garbage have a fi boast how she nyaam out man. She so cheap and non ambitious dis gal a text mi a tell mi how my man buy dresser fi har and him give har 10gran. Like who does that? Mi haffi ask har if she really believe dat a money.


Dutty bullfrog face gal never hear bout me say a me put the I inna Independent. Mi over here a get my own and nah depend pon man and this old crosses a worry bout me.

Now if gal a tek ppl man she no Gwaan tek man and stop call mi? Unless she wah f**k mi to and mi no like woman. Fi mek matters worse. A Tiaad d man get Tiaad a har and har mash up front so fi get revenge she a tell him say she ago tell me. Idiot gal no have no sense. Gal all obsesses wid d man after him leff har she a run him down wid knife fi kill him and a stalk him.
The man haffi change phone number pon har and she still call him work place a ask fi him. And some way she eventually get him number. Mi say ole batta ears gal know everything bout mi life and I don’t know nothing bout har. Mi a proper celebrity fi har.

Gal even use to work inna mi mother in law business place and to how she thief she haffi run har. Gal see mi baby daddy and think she hit d jackpot wid a college graduate so har head swell up and she give him har number, poor thing never know a just company him did a look because mi nvr present.

A 13 year mi and my man deh, she really believe him did ago settle down wid something like she? Gal was just a c*cky cooler.
Wah really upset mi though a say she brave enough fi call my phone.
Tek a look pon the ole crosses picture below: and please post dis fi mi


  1. Show we di man cause nuff a unno a save the wrong projects, him no value unno 13 years and you expect her to? Girl bye

  2. U baby daddy never have no problem f**king an s**king the ” ole crosses bullfrog face teifing mashup front piece a garbage cocky cooler cave hole gal” though…. an to make matters worse u an independent good good up gal still gone back to di crosses koki bwoy , does that make u any different from the girl u just mention. If a nuh she u a share di crosses koki wid it’s gonna be somebody else so stop beat up u chest an go pray him nuh bring u no disease.

  3. Senda yuh conflicted bad bad!U preaching independence from the man n him effery 1min then the next min you a own n uphold with him effery!

    All these strikes against ur mate yet he still is going there with her smh,what does that say abt YoU??

    1. And your view is from a MALE perspective! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      The girl all worked in the babyfather’s mother business (mother in-law is by court papers) place, Cocky cooler, run dung wid knife and things say intimate agreement was in place.

      Unu love count years as reason fi keep a man…girl bye. There’s a quiet girl cooling the cock in all of this drama, while you away being independent. Hurry up and marry him so him can reach foreign and do you worst.

  4. Senda, first we need your pic and the man in the middle. Second, u say she call then u say she text. Which is it. If its a text please forward the text message to admin. Why unu socall baby mother love act like a woman out a road a gi unu trouble when is the man. Kmft.

    Ms. Fab

  5. I see nothing wrong wother this girl looks.Seems you bitter because you can’t seem to control your man wandering cocky.That’s who your frustration should be with.Put him on blast send him in.You see to feel you have the pot of gold when clearly you dont.You need to address your so called good up man with all of your independent self.What good is your independent status if your man don’t respect you he is out just giving away the cocky and paying pum.pum pension.kmt
    Is that the story he gave you that he don’t want her?and you believe that?She know so much about you ever stop to think maybe your so call man of 13 years is telling her things..
    Wise up,ever thought of the others that didn’t notify you of the relationship they have with your man of 13 years.Maybe you had numerous situations during the 13 years of your devotion.By now you should know your man so love it or leave it.Clearly all you have is your independent status which doesn’t seem to be enough for him.

  6. U know I really don’t like some a uno style tho, y uno don’t seh di gyal wrong fi call di woman phone n Mi sure know if it was fi uno phone uno matey call y’all wld be mad and style up di gyal despite seh is di man wrong fi guh fling dwn him body, fair is fair ppl

    1. And we don’t tek kindly to community cocky defenders. Cocky distribution is equitable when the main cooler away and the cock owner seek out other outlets. Senda went way beyond phone call issues.

  7. Sender, you see if you did tell the girl fi gwan hold a f*&k cause you dey a foreign and you “baby daddy” 27dung a JA, it would a bad and nuh to bad, but you a badmouth the gal and a defend the man same time with your 13 years bullcrap. Years nah hold nuh man again. Gwan look a next man if you dont have one already and low your matie. You neva did a expect the response. Go siddung. kiss mi teeth. Go beat your 13 dey wid babydaddy”. Kiss mi teeth.

  8. mi waan know how she get yuh #, she outaroda fi call yuh, but yuh man outaorda fi mixup wid jingbag

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