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  1. some a dem fi get that, bad man nuh go school… tuff love dem fi get cause some a dem parents caan control dem a yaad

  2. Morning MET me affi commend d officer cause he did a find job to verbally scold d youngster a so dem affi do ya now cause a pure shotta n gogo in a school ya now

  3. dem need it a walk like him have a hammer jack unda deh and head empty …dem need di race up ….him lucky seh him neva tuck him shirt neat inna him pants and carry up di waste …mumma 26 and granny a thirty eight and some a dem too busy ….and di oman dem weh atry muss have problem wid some a dem pickney because sombadi fail fi do dem job

  4. yes officer, him too out of order

    a gwaan like him a bad man, do not have no respect for authority.

    a nuff time as a yute my madda or an elder seh sumting to mi weh mi no like, so weh mi do? walk dem out, why? cuz dem older dan mi an mi ave manners.

    him shoulda get two more lick outta di batton fi him behavior, brite!!

    it sweet mi how him flash di finga wen di lick soak in afta di officer lick him issi

    dweet officer dweet!!

    1. @Lundun a nuff time elders say tings me nuh like and me have stay same place and tek dat, if i ever even breathe too hard me get a kick dung. Officer should a give two hard box. Di bwoy look like him all waan fight the officer

  5. Dis is di type of police work dat is needed inna Jamaica….a fi dem age group a gunbag n tek ordas….parents alone caan handle dem…..which we’ll mannered child would ave been stopped by a police n respond the way he did?a dat him fi get….sweet mi when di afisa sey”guup inna di bus an siding deso”Brite.di gal Pickney dem is a nxt set….ppl business stated”badman n gogo”a tru…..I witness a incident recently.were I went to c a old friend of mine that has a 15yr old daughter.she came home late n her mother said to her something’s in regard to her hrs..jmg ppl n miss met,unno kno say di likely gal tun roun n ask har mada sey it’s 9pm do u know where step fada at n walk aff go siddung pan step…..look here nuh……mi just si mi fren jump up an start Karachi har bumboclaat..n tell har sey call di police n yuh fada at di same dam time..

  6. if d boy outta awda hm himself scold him n call d parents… but fi tek out baton and like d ppl dem pickney… no sah.. mi nah put up wid dat…. if a did my son mi know mi a guh prison.. nuh put yuh bloodclaat hand pon mi pickney

    1. gog3tter u silly bad! I can bett u a one a dem mumma deh wah mek dem pickney no have no RESPECT fi ppl, the officer tell him fi leggo him fi leggo, obey the man in uniform

  7. Good day met,metters,peepers nd others…..

    officer fe de rass year wi need more like him,school yuh dress fe guh suh guh rass suda all buff him chest tuh damn stink a back chat

  8. This is why Jamaica is gonna get worse, unnu a watch the likkle baton lick weh him get…him shoulda get 20 more. Him not acting like a rass child, so treat him like a badman !!!!!!!!! a bare adult going to school now a days. Well done officer well done.

  9. i dont give a shit… d lil boy only give him attitude and say him nah give him is bag wat rigt him have fi abuse d ppl dem pickney.. well if dat mean jamaica nah go get better so be it. talk to michild but put yuh pussyclaat hand pon him then war just start… dont f**king touch my child

    1. The police a di law dem seh bag search dem hafi do as is said. A di law and if dem disobey that then the police a go act within their capacity there is no way around that. This happen all over the world not only Jamaica

      1. Ms Met…a bet u say all a di one dem weh a comment bout him too rough have di worse set a pickney pon God’s green earth…at fi him age how him so rude…if the people commenting on this can look at this video and say dem nuh see anything wrong with the boys behavior then unnu need a lick outta di batton pon fi unuh han too. Clearly the police must have stopped him for something…some bad behavior him carrying on wid pon di road…him shoulda carry him go station make him parents come fi him.

    2. Some a unoo gwan like unoo fraid fi touch pickney. Don’t touch ur child, homeschool him. Don’t send dem out wid decent people fi gwan like dem badder dan anybody else. That’s is the kinda behaviour that result when nobody can discipline pickney again. Parents not doin dem work and when other people do it fi dem, dem start make noise. A bwoi like dem de wreak havoc ah school and become a thorn in teacha side. School pickney like dat n the law ca talk to him? Nope smh……him must listen

  10. i dont care dont put yuh hands pon mi pickney… regardless.. now him embarrass dat boy infront of all him school frenz what if him did go fi a gun a seh him aguh rent a gone knowing how jamaica stay n guh do him something just out off embarrassment then i wudn feel sorry fi him…. the law is not if somebody dont agree with what u said or want dem fi do mean yuh fi fya up lick pon dem….. mek a did fi me pickney….. scolding a child nuh mean yuh affi lick him

  11. metty jamaican police dem don’t know how to talk to ppl… and as for REALLY DOAH who fuk are u a come talk bout ave d worse set a kids… listen me young man or woman i wud love fi send yuh up inna yuh mumma but me nah go do it pon shani site,…. talk to mi child but dont put yuh f**king hands on him…. and why u dont come lick me wid d baton…

    yes shani… back to the point… if him talk to d boy widdout respect den expect fi get it back.. and as mi say mi nuh have a problem with an elder or law enforcement of such scolding my child but dont u dare put ur hands on him… worse a baton.. if it mean mi affi f**k a bad man a suh me kno him a get him death

    1. Mi late as usual, but mi gone from a decent law abiding citizen with well behaved children to john crow now…dwl. Alright mumma, whatever, but just your responses have proven my point…people like you are what’s wrong with society in Jamaica today…den u a go turn roun an talk bout what if him did go fi gun…why would he do that…he’s such a good decent child that is being harrassed by an officer…so weh di backside him know bout go fi gun eh…did you see the first part of the video? Do you know what the boy did or said to the officer? Any day name day my pickney rude to me like big smaddy me a tump dem dung like big smaddy…but because mi nuh grow mi pickney dem certain way I wouldn’t expect that to happen, and I certainly wouldn’t expect them to defy an authority figure…anyway mi can only talk fi miself. Good luck with urs Mr or Ms Gogetter or was that your well behaved son on the video make u so angry bout it.

  12. so it go inna 3rd wold country bwoy yuh get batten inna yuh clot but iffa a merica yuh did dey yuh get a nice piece a food fi spend from di government..lol…

  13. Kids don’t respect adults. This child a gi police attitude and getta a seh ” is only attitude”? Really….getta mek I tell you seh if yu dede yu cyaa do nothing. An any day yu tink yu bad rush up di squaddie. Offisah seh leggo di bag, bag fi deh a grung faas faas.

  14. I remember the days when adults talk to yuh and u have to listen and grumble behind dem back. These kids nowadays have no respect for Adults much less authority. Can u imagine a police a ask yuh for ur back and u acting like that…we need to start instill discipline and respect from early…

  15. haven’t comment in a while Metty, hope all is well with you and your family. Well, whogoesthere said it best: MI LIKE IT

  16. Mi jus si dis and mi vex bad….mi nuh know weh di likkle bwoy do but if that was my son mi woulda go find da police deh and use di same baton beat him and shot him one hard box. Him too brite who give him the right fi a deal wid people pickney suh? Some a dem police yah nuh know dem limit….big waste man!!!

  17. well is either follow orders now, ar wait fi police/badman kill dem and ball later…

    I remember back when I was in high school, when some kids get scolded by the teacher and was sent to the office, parents come an wah fight di teacha and principal and trust mi, none of those kids that I know of didn’t turn out to be anything in life.

    its not fair fi any authority figure discipline dem, but do you think its fear for these hoodlums to terrorize people? don’t worry, ppl a wait fi dem.

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