1. Mi jus a wait fi all a dem start squeal like pig about to be slaughter…mi wan to know who is behind all a dis.

    1. yu nuh si di two duppy bat dem a seh him did fi kill lizard? and di senior duppy weh seh a uh top man dem kill so dem shoulda let him out……??/ waterford fi quarantine

      1. Not quarantine, dem fi line dem up and ask dem if Kartel fi deh road and everyone wey seh yes, should be executed. Clean up the place of the criminal element, the ones that condone criminality and the ones affiliated with criminals. Hitler style.

      2. Real, I’m hoping and praying there are a few decent persons living in Waterford. I don”t want to believe they are all like those folks in the video. What a sad state they’re all in?!

          1. SO him lose 50 000 already and him ready fi lose him life..him betta thread light wid fi him heavy self ……him and di iguana cause kartel love kill lizard

      3. did u hear when she say, dem use to run up and down, suh dem should a ova look dat. I was like what did she jus say? smh

  2. Jesus Christ! Da boy de nah stop…him murder the people dem pickney and put hit pon di people dem wey a mourn fi dem family member. Mi want them charge him fi it..add another 20 years pon the sentence.

  3. Him get di name lizard cuz him love fi dance…..mi nuh tell unu longtime seh a dancer di fool a try tun inna gunman…..anybody lizard kill a kartel sen him….dem fi heng him rasssss him dah mash mouth ooman deh weh a chat bout a nuh like top a top smaddy him kill smfh.

    1. Lizard was new to di program because nuff a di man dem get lock up and did a do time and him draft up and get ketch quick wid rhino ting.

  4. Met what of sign that kartel mek ppl uno no see the sign crossing at at the mouth . That’s not catholic is like him vow by his mouth to his watch watch it over & the boss a send a signal .

  5. @ CC, yeah can u imagine “a nuh top a top smaddy him kill” the police should a lock r up just for being so DUNCE not to mention her lack of compassion. Since when is one human’s life worth more or less than another? No matter which class, race etc our blood is red. No human was hatched & we don’t breathe from gills miss. U lickie lickie dingbat u.

  6. That cross n finger pointing that kartel made in the video up top, along with that serious face..to me says..people a go dead watch n see. I hope them protect all the key persons in the case..judge, jurors, witnesses, victim family n so on n so on…

      1. Yes they sure will..But Jehovah naw mek nothin happen to them. So make the devil boy gwaan..Him want a box with that book him write.

          1. Till the jawbone twist n fava yellow man own fi true u know mi read di book kmft can anybody say repetitive n boring I was not impressed n fi show u say him anno no star u see say him a go jail n no spike inna him book r music sales the wurl caaaaa wait fi him gwaan pon him well deserved vacation ole wicked

          2. not even a likkle teeny spike..di biggest joke was dem start promote him and shawn storm new music ina di week..since verdict no more song nuh each mi inbox :hammer

    1. Onu need not to read.into him phuckry so hard…that was the root of jis existence. Him was easy to see through and read pon de surface. Before people dead because a him him and him crony and fans a fi rotten first.

  7. Metty…dutty kartel signal translate…..”god kill mi,watch wey a go happen to unno”……but look pan dutty kartel to….shi fowl….sweet mi yuh si…..never know di almighty ave a plan fi yuh nastiness..Good Over Evil.go befriend zeeks n grow old wid him…pussy kartel…

  8. I can’t believe there r so much dark fool fool people in jamaica world boss need to rot inna jail do u all feel his life is more precious then any body else’s I have heard some idiot comments come out their mouth I don’t know who would want to idolise that bleach out monkey a lot of u jamacian don’t know how to think for themselves it’s like yr life’s have to be dictated have yr own mind and thoughts because if it was yr child u wouldn’t want the killer to get away with it cos the person was a celebrity. R.i.p lizard justice as been served

  9. Oman whey a advocate de simplistic nature of killing poor and working class people as nothing
    should a get her infested mouth fix by kartel when him did inna de neighbir hood.

    1. The reporter shudda ask her what if it was her brother he killed, since she accepted that he killed Lizard.

      Or, ask her if she thinks Lisa Hanna’s life is more valuable than her life. J’can journalists and reporters need to step up their game.

  10. Di ooman wid di little piece sah dutty green cloth wah tie har stinking hed ah run har nasty mouth an nuh know wey shi ah chat sey fram yuh luk pan har yuh know sey shi iliterate an cann spell nuting dat she is saying makes any sense mi nah lie mi come from Jamaica an mi nuh hav nuh friend or family members wat would talk to sumting like dat ewww!!!

  11. The people on the Gaza says it in a simple way.”The person he killed was one that used to go around doing bad things with him .” That tell you they know he killed the person . The problem is living in those areas one comes to accept that you can kill some people and get away with it while other you can’t, mind sound a way but it’s fact of life.

    1. Real talk. It is a way of life, a mindset developed over years of conditioning. The only time things matter, is when they directly affect a person and their family. I can speak to that because when I was a yute inna de ghetto, same way mi used to think.

      Me an mi bredrin talk bout dat all de time. De amt a peeple wi witness get rub out an it neva matter cause a neva our fam a get rub out.

      A suh de ghetto run. Dem know Kartel kill Lizard but dem believe there is greater benefit to having Kartel (money, prestige) around than having Lizard, who nuh mek nuh financial contribution.

      1. Morning Kunta a soon come . U know I wouldnt feel bad if dem call out the army pan these family and fans a coming a gwine put up sumting ina few

  12. So almost the whole a Waterford a dunce?? Or kartel a feed them?? All him wicked family them fi gweh cuz if a somebody did kill kartel them would and go all out!! Them need more Jamal a Jamaica because too much old gyal did a whore inna them young days and figet say education come first

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