KINGSTON, Jamaica — The police Saturday afternoon confirmed that Shane Williams, the only accused acquitted in the Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams murder case, remains in police custody on another murder charge.
Details of the murder were not immediately available but OBSERVER ONLINE was informed that Williams was charged in January, 2014 for the other murder.
Williams and co-accused Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer; Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell; Kahira Jones; and Andre ‘Mad Suss’ St John were tried for the August 2011 murder of Clive Williams.
The jury on Thursday, March 13, returned a not-guilty verdict for Williams, while the other four were found guilty.


  1. Mi seh di whole a dem a meet dem waterloo one way or another. Lizard duppy nuh stop haunt all a who involved.

  2. Evil liars because the boy start talking about him needing phycological help….meaning he was looking to sue them. They decide their going to charge him for murder Why just now, why they never say anything before? When kartel was going for bail on the other murder charge each time they use the excuse that he couldnt be released on bail because of the impending murder charge but now all of a sudden this boy has another murder charge. Let the boy go home to his family .

    1. From what is stated above, the current murder charge was filed back in January 2014, way before Lizard case came to an end. If that is the case, your whole theory/comments are just plain stupid. Are you a moron? Do some basic research next time before commenting fool.

  3. Amazing how ppl claim they want a more civil and just society and when steps are being taken to bring civility and justice, those same ppl cannot embrace the efforts of police and the justice system.

    Policing inna Jamaica change and a dat a beat dem. Wrongdoers betta get used to it. Shane Williams who is a KILLER (mi source dem solid) buss Lizard case anna try hustle de govt. Him shudda kip quiet about him want sue. Wedda him did kip quiet or not, dat charge was coming. Him shudda ask Tesha how feem law suit gense de govt a guh.

  4. If them free him form the first case.. he have a right to sue if he thinks that he did not do it.. why should he keep quite? the only reason I see him should have kept quiet is if him know him was a real murder.. unless he is a dry eye murder, the police should not try lock him up because him say him a go sue them and place a next murder charge on him. Because him say him a go sue them.(that no seems right . )because we know nothing never did a go come out a deh suing deh anyways

    1. Ok, pay attention now (pretend I’m talking reeeaally slowly): the new murder charge was laid against him in January! Waaaayyyyy before the case ended and the verdict was reached. Okay? Got it now? (I’ve earned my Brownie points for the week).

  5. Really if he was charged in jan why was his lawyer oblivious to it? Do you not think we would be aware of it “suspect in kartel murder trial facing another murder case” it would of been headline news. As for trying to insult a person just for expressing their views its shows what sort of person you are!

    1. Playing the victim is a card that awful people draw for when the heat in the kitchen gets too much. It works n a lot of cases (as it has with you), because they know that a lot of genuine people will logically think “dem really wudda suh chupid/lie/fool?”
      The lawyer and his client did well and know that shane Williams has more charges before him.
      Damn, I suspect if by some bad miracle Kartel had gotten off, another murder charge would have befallen him. Such is the number of phones with dodgy messages left on them by Kartel that have NOT been used in this case.
      Yuh tink a likkle sometin’ these people have been up to? Even dry, not trying to be of that dancehall life for the last ten years , has people telling me about these fools (usually from a “ghetto rough, but it sweet” perspective. Mi nearly doo doo up miself when Miss Met links confirm what I thought was “show off, now mi deh a farrin” talk. Dem bwoy yah deep inna di progress of evil.

    1. I f I’m not mistaken, you can only go court for one case at a time, or do you know something that nobody else knows about the justice system the world over?

  6. (Oh, well says): you are so on point with your info, people like (looking in says) are the ones that makes society so dysfunctional it is so obvious that he/she have a problem with justice. One thing am adding, the seed you sow you and your children, children’s will definitely reap it.

  7. that how you know something fishy. the hole time you could a charge the man while him in prison, then when him free you charging. foolishness.

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