Designer Dexter Pottinger Found Murdered At St Andrew Home

Police investigators are now at the St Andrew home of designer Dexter Pottinger whose body has been found.

The body has started to deteriorate.

One woman who said she went to see the body said she observed blood stains inside the home.

As news of the murder spread, several people gathered at near the Yarico Place residence, some in grief.

The police had to restrain one man who rushed on the scene attempting to see the body.‎

Neighbours say at least one television set appeared missing.

A police inspector at the scene of murdered fashion designer Dexter Pottinger, says there was a significant amount of blood inside the two-storey Yarico Place, St Andrew house where the body was found Thursday evening.

“Blood was splattered everywhere,” Inspector P Campbell of the St Andrew North Police told The Gleaner.

He said Pottinger’s body, which had multiple wounds, was found face down in his bedroom upstairs.

However, Campbell could not say what caused the injuries.

He said those details would be available after scenes of crimes personnel completed their examination.

But the inspector said the body had started to decompose.

Campbell also declined to say whether the police have been receiving information that could help in their probe.

However, one woman said a neighbour reported hearing cries for “help” and “murder” around 4 o’clock Wednesday morning and some time later, a car drove away from Pottinger’s house.

The woman said, the neighbour reported that she did not raise an alarm because she was unsure of what was happening.

As news of Pottinger’s murder spread, scores of people gathered near his house Thursday evening.

One man who rushed to the house had to be restrained by the police as he tried to go inside.

Although a uniformed police inspector at the entrance to the house told him he could not enter the crime scene, the man attempted the force past.

“You cannot go in there! This is a crime scene!” the inspector shouted, before the man was restrained by other people who had also gathered there.

Pottinger’s death has been met with shock and outrage.

Meanwhile, several people have taken to social media expressing disbelief and condemnation.


  1. So that neighbor heard a cry for “help” and “murder” and couldn’t call The police..oh boy sad world #RIP

    1. We have become desensitized as a nation. Life is worth nothing….so.sad…RIP…Jamaican many problems…stop print up that no problem thing.

    2. Dem ppl yah a summen else. How hard is it fi call di police fi come do a welfare check? Mi seh is ongle when tings touch dem personally dem care, and a rally ppl fi care wid dem, when is not dem directly is another story.

        1. I slowly realizing it. Very cold and dark times we living in. Folks quicker fi pull dem phone fi record than call fi help.

    1. She should a just stay in a house today and gwan peep out.

      Neighbor, you are a bitch! You could have saved a life…a productive one at that.

  2. regardless of him being gay

    hes somebodys child

    hes a human being – a brave , honest and talented one at that

    nah lie – mi feel cold from last night

    what hurt me is they said neighbours heard him screaming for help and not one person called the police

    he was in there for a day or two

    horrible horrible times we living in


    no one has the right to take the life of another

    none of us are GOD

    jeez sad sad – cant stop thinking about it

    RIP Dexter

    1. I read so many comments on social media debating why his death is justified. At the end of the day, he’s somebody’s child.i could never hear my neighbours crying for help and I remain neutral like nothing is happing.im a cop caller, so I would have had my finger on button….911.

  3. WOW!…One hears cries for “help” and does not call the police…how is the crime problem ever going to be solved in Jamaica with citizens like this….????

  4. Honeybee
    Don’t forget “she wasn’t sure what was going on”

    Boy oh boy… I guess “help and murda” nuh good enuff fi ppl aide yuh.

    Met glorious morning how are you?
    And glorious morning Metters.

  5. Ok so that neighbor was using the hear and deaf method. I hope your conscience bothers you. Just one call to the police could have saved the man. Some a unuh neighbor wicked sah.

  6. The neighbor heard screams but was unsure of what was happening? Sounds like it’s not the first he and his lover/friends have violent disagreement for the neighbor to act so nonchalant about it. And to think this could have been prevented or the police could have caught who did it if the neighbor had contacted the relevant authorities, smh.

    1. Scrolled back up to look.
      It look suh.

      Unnu seh it already but I’ll say it again. Dem yah ppl lost. 4 inna the morning and u hear help, murder and u stuck on what to do. Awdbc.
      RIP and condolences to the family and loved ones

  7. these ppl are nuts! IF YOU HEAR MURDER CALL 911
    Like was that a regular thing for him to be screaming ” murder” omg the world we live in! people rather record what’s happening instead of rendering assistance of some sort. Very sadden about this young man death! regardless of reed, sexuality or whatever he was someone child.
    They didn’t have to do this to him

  8. Why people surprised him dead, when dem live risky uno expect dem to live till 50, those boys are too much in Gods face, him a gay activist all keep gay pride a jamaica das crazy, well guess wat a dem fi kill dem one another dem too nasty. Why the neighbour nuh shut up man, gosh. Uno tell people to mind dem own business n they do dat uno cuss, uno is a set a confused people. Anyways the Lord sits high n give us all rope to heng ourselves sometimes, sometimes we think we too damm powerful because we keep company with certain class but watch how time a go tek care of us alllllll and karma. Wen u lib certain life styles u gonna get stab up, house burn or u cut up in peices. A suh it go, but uno stop create damm excitement, if uno cant believe him death, beg God kill uno n give him dexta fi uno life since uno heart a bleed over his death then.

  9. So you hear cries of ‘help’ and ‘murder’ and u are unsure of what was happening???? How f**kin stupid are u woman??? She’s a lying bitch she never cared.

  10. How about the boy that cried “Wolf” it could be that he might be doing it all the time but this time the wolf really meant something stop blame di damn neighbor

  11. Oh god. I wouldn’t want u for my neighbour, you may see lots of women coming to my house then assumed I am gay, then you heard cries of help and decided not to call the police because am gay.if your neighbour is gay, and you are at home and someone is attacking you, and you cry for help would you not want your gay neighbour to call the police? Don’t me you would rather die?

    1. I don’t think it’s because he’s gay why that neighbor ignored the cries. Has nothing to do with his sexual orientation. That neighbor is just wicked had it been a woman and man that neighbor would have done the same thing. Wicked people are just wicked! Hope the situation ride her until it’s her time to depart earth. This case is going to get really messy

      Regardless of his sexual orientation he was a human being. Condolences to his family and I hope this is a wake up call to everybody that if you hear your neighbor calling out, HELP them! If the police don’t come then that’s on them but gosh it doesn’t pay to be wicked and selfish.

      1. I was not talking about the neighbour. Actually, I was referring to the person who comment @1:26pm. I thought He or she comment was very cold towards Dexter and is sexual orientation. We all know in times of need, we not care about a person sexuality when we desperately need help.

  12. But a bet pin a regular day that neighbor can tell u how much man go ova deh whey dem a wear n if dem gay or straight smh is one thing to be nosy cause me nosy bad but u can bet ur ass mi woulda call police di very first sound me hear worse if it sound like any word whey start with the letter R-ape M-urder H-elp and S-top depending on the tone stop say inna . Real sad RIP

    1. Muwhhha! :kiss

      You couldn’t have pull a better card!

      Then de bitch not even go knock when sun come up…vile woman.

  13. Hearing a cry Murder/Help and the neighbor playing deaf hear. It could have been that is regular him n him peers behave like that (Knowing how these gays are boisterous & vulgar). Maybe a pretend play role the neighbor think dem a have ova de. So dem wouldn’t want to call police and mash up dem love scene.

    Its sad to see loose a love one despite of his orientation. Afterall hes someones child, someones brother, & someones friend. RIP Mr. 3D Jamaica has lost a GEM.

  14. The question is, who do we say is at fault when someone tries to help another and has to STOP and think first when they hear a call for “help” or “murder”. Who knows what could be going through that persons mind. Maybe fear of putting themselves or their family at risk if they make a report based on the overwhelming murder rate currently. I have learnt the HARD way in life, you never know how you will handle a situation until you’re in it. Sometimes we say if it was me I would do this or that and when faced with the situation what you said is not so. Not saying that persons choice is right just saying please consider all sides. This is truly very SAD. Could have been anyone regardless of their sexual orientation. It is also true that maybe a call could have saved his life. Gone were those days when everybody run come fi help…RIP

  15. This is not strange that they would ignore a cry for help …this also happened when peter king died … the ppl said they were used to the crying and strange noises

    1. Morning Fam. A call for help in the wee hours of dark shouldn’t be taken lightly.

      If a fe go knock/fass in the morning and then call 119 she would have been in good standing. But you see…same way she ignore the call for assistance she may as well did keep her story to herself 😀 😀

      1. Mawnin precious family.. u are so right .. but apparently a regular sitten …..if u si him social media with under cover gully queens he got him self in a queer position .. hopefully they will catch who did it

        1. You shouda a put ” no pun intended”
          after ‘queer’ 😀 😀 😀

          Hopefully, they will catch the killer(s)

  16. Look yah dexta dey hell or heaven, him problems dead wid him. The man dead like a low life das all i know, some dogs even die 8n peace better than him, it funny how famous n powerful men can die worst dan even dogs eeh. The famous n rich when nuff a dem die the crime scence is mostly disgracegul, dexta 3D crime scene was disgraceful and nasty, what a bc life. Man always dress up look nice, know nuff rich n famous people and di man dead in a disgrace, yeah man same way uno lib n so uno dead. Wen people live a good life no disgrace wen uno live dutty closet life shame and dutty disgrace always surround uno death. Dem type a boys alway loud and vulgar the neighbour can rest well a night time now. Nuff a who pon ig a chat fart a nastiness dem self, if a man choose his destiny n life style why uno a blame the neighbor, uno f off n leave the neighbor.

    1. You sound bitter and affected. Are you sure you aren’t a confused, closet gay man yourself who is in denial? I ask this because you have been back and forth with your agenda here since Dexta died. You sound troubled. Why? And what has his lifestyle got to do with how he died? Decent God fearing people die the most heinous deaths every day in Jamaica. Jesus himself was stripped, whipped, beaten and hung on the cross to die and he was the son of God.

      So Dexta was gay, big deal. As long as he wasn’t interfering with you or children but doing what he desired with other consenting adults behind closed doors then why the hell should you care?

      People nowadays seems preoccupied with ridiculous things. Worry about the societal ills afflicting Jamaica. Go out and do some voluntary work or care in the community. Mentor some a de yout dem before they turn inna gunman and underage baby madda and keep outta people private business.

      Rest in peace, Mr Dexta.


  18. @@@Gabberiller)))))))) ano him lifestyle get him kill fool, a him behavior fool him live carefree a pick up d likle boy dem all bout

    1. I always wonder why they do that and no the jealousy that exist among them .., is like every one is making the same mistake

  19. The so called Christians on here who like to quote scripture and claim to be so saved , sanctified and anointed are the biggest set of hypocrites. They love to scandal people and they are so full of shit .

  20. As we continue to demonised, marginalised, abuse, disenfranchised and mar the reputation of young talented Jamaicans, we then wonder why the best and brightness young minds seek to leave the country in droves to be apart of societies and communities where their unique differences and talents are celebrated and appreciated Instead of being vilified.
    The sum of a man will be the positive impact he makes in the lives of those who knew him directly or indirectly, his contribution to his field of expertise, his career achievements aught and the many people who’s lives have been made that much better for having known him. The sum of a mans life is not and should not be who he may or may not have shared his bed with.

  21. So wait the man live rass carless like peter king and dem tab up him rass and uno a chastize people in here. Uno f*k off and go to hell. None a we never tell dexta fi go tek random men and life nasty a f** k the world a men. A him give away his life him too f**kie f**kie n lob fool around with multiply partners. Why uno nuh watch fi uno life, uno a chat like people can force people how to live. Why uno nun beg God kill uno n give back dexta his life since uno miss him n he was so good. Wen u live f**k up u die f**k up as an individual wether christian or sinner. Him lifestyle was very very very risky and double wrong but a him choose dat a nuh we. In life u real wat u f** sow. Better people know God n beg forgiveness dan live in sin n parade in sin and put it in a Hod face boldly, we all sin but i realise jamaica have little morality leave, uno people i hope wen destruction tek we uno can defend gays, theives, paedophiles same way. Uno stink like.

  22. @11;37, gay boy , all u big words no meck no dam sense a noh him talent why him dead, ppl nah talk sah him never talented etc, is him careless life style ppl a chat bout , me kn him and him love pick up dese ghetto gays, down low gays , thug gays all bout the place. Him love just invite random boy over him house too much fool, him live careless and he was warn , even after Peter king and the rest dead by random boys. U fool like

  23. Marie what did Foota do that was so wrong? Foota thought that he had evidence and he said he saw Perry with Dexter. Perry was one of the last people to be seen with Dexter. Then people are bashing the neighbour for not saying anything yet when someone provides info unno bash dem. I dont like Foota per se, but I honestly dont see what he has done that was wrong.

    1. Imagine if you were accused of murdering the last person who you socialized with, especially if yuh innocent LOL? Him chat too much fi a man.. Forget the gay argument fi now, does he work with the police? Him too bright..just the other day IG banned him from Live cause him love chat fawt. Him sickening bad.

    2. I totally agree with you. He didnt even accuse quiet perry, he actually said, he last SAW 3D with him. So police should question him. I cant see where a slander lawsuit could even hold water in court. Fottah stated what he saw plain and simple.

  24. I can understand Perry being hysterical at the scene, he was one of the last person to have seen him alive. Shock, grief and emotions have no set pattern. However his actions were questionable, but a lawsuit is reaching. Therefore if anyone has a hunch/suspicion/evidence should not kibba dem mouth. The neighbour a get a beating for not acting and Foota a get a beating for acting.

  25. Suh dutty quite perry a big dutty batty man lol. Dem too much now man, mix up dem say quite perry was dexta man on the side dwl n dexta had his real partner haha, dwrcl. Dis funeral gonna be hell, something must happen, musttt.

  26. This is why the country cah better. Anything America say is good unuh tek up and anything america say is bad unuh mek illegal. Why are we mourning the loss of a dutty battyman. Him shoudda dead long time. Nasty rass!!!

  27. how u must blame the neighbor ? Him invite man up a him house and a live loose lifestyle what him expect to happen ?

    Stop protect d fish dem when dem wrong. Is him lifestyle get him in trouble. If it was a girl wid nuff Man U woulda blame d girl but cause is a fish u a blame d neighbor .

    Is not d first a popular fish a dead such . And a nuff a dem rape off d little boys dem too .

  28. If di neighbour did even call di police him wudda did still dead. It neva tek two minutes fi dem fine di killa. Thanks to di BBC International Foota Hype. Dem batty boy yah too loose. Foota sey dem did a carry on in a Carib. Mi nuh sey dat is any reason fi bi killed, but dem too bare faced. Big big Carib wey pickney dey dem a carry on. How dat likkle unda privilege end up inna Dexter circle. Wi doan know Dexter as nuh garrion yute wey roll wid fellow garrison yute. As Bob Marley rightly sey, ‘if night cudda turn to day a lot a people wudda run away’. Dem luckier dan me, as mi si smaddy sey already right now Dexter either dey heaven or hell. Mi a gwan sort out myself sey mi nuh buk him a hell, if a dey suh him dey.

    P.S. What a disgraceful death eeh. A farrin mi dey suh mi neva too-too know him. Yesideh mi guh pan youchube a si him did a host something bout out 100 wey him rate people’s dressing an mi si him did mek one girl tour him closet, not the closed closet but di clothes closet. Hahahahaha…Mi tun-tun!

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