The police last evening reported that they have detained a man in the murder of 54-year-old police Corporal Judith Williams.

“The man is being questioned in the presence of his attorney,” a police officer confirmed yesterday to the Jamaica Observer on condition of anonymity.

Williams, who was assigned to the police commissioner’s office, was shot eight times by two hoodlums as she made her way to work last Thursday morning. She succumbed to her injuries at hospital on Friday.

Police sources said they believe Williams’ murder was a contract killing. However, they were not yet sure about the motive.
A source close to the case said the cop’s murder could be linked to a court case.


  1. Sad.
    One thing in the US bad man naw shoot at police cause that mean u a go dead or life in prison for him and the hassle his family go through for his crime.
    Jamaica Need to take the same stance and make the whole lot suffer for the crime
    Rip squadi

  2. automatic life sentence if u aim at a cop. police should not be taking bus to work.them is the number one hate government entity. They should have a JUTA service, like the airlines and big private sector company’s employees. FIND THE MONEY TO GIVE JUTA THE POLICE TRANSPORTATION CONTRACT JUST LIKE HOW THE MONEY LOCATE TO GET THE NOBODY MINISTERS HIGH END AUTOMOBILES. I hope this case get investigated the fullest and it come to light who behind it……better yet i hope is nobody that can have it fade away …….green or orange ……..SAD

    1. I think the poster is talking about the blatant killings. It happen amerikka, but it’s while on duty.

  3. Met I heard it was an inside job,she was a witness against a police officer and he came for her to silence her. She called names before she was rushed to the theater for surgery so why dem nuh go arrest those whose name she supposedly called. RIP Judy, good woman, and great public servant.

    1. If is so i hope it leak out and the public hear and then we will see what happen next ….Jamaicans keep down Jamaica …….I weep for my country

  4. The police officers who doesn’t have a form of transportation to work should be picked up yes… The police is not safe in Jamaica at all… I hope they get those people and bring them to justice…

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