A SAKUBVA couple’s marriage is in tatters weeks after the husband dragged his wife to a Prophetic Healing and Deliverance crusade for deliverance where it later turned out that he was the one who needed deliverance as he had spiritual wives.

Manica Post reported that all this was revealed after Edison Gwatura hauled his wife, Polite and her sister, Precious Mapfikudze to Mutare Civil Courts claiming that they were in the habit of disturbing his peace.

Presiding over the matter was Mutare magistrate, Yeukai Chigodora.

Gwatura claimed that his wife and her sister were in the habit of threatening him. He said they wanted to have him arrested.

“I have since given a divorce token to her brother and have moved out of their house,” said Gwatura who stayed at his in-laws’ residence.

Chigodora, however, told him that according to the Shona traditional culture, the divorce token was supposed to be given to the wife who later takes it to her parents.

Gwatura’s allegations were later dismissed by the two sisters who claimed that trouble began when Gwatura’s spiritual wives wrecked havoc.

Polite alleged that Gwatura had forcefully taken her to one of Prophet Walter Magaya’s crusades where he asked them to deliver her from evil spirits.

It, however, turned out that he was the one who needed deliverance and not his wife, according to the two sisters.

“Your Worship, my husband forcefully took me to Prophet Magaya’s crusade for deliverance and yet it backfired on him. It was revealed that he was the one who dreamt being intimate with various women.

“It was then concluded that he was the one who had spiritual wives and therefore needed deliverance, since one cannot live peacefully with his wife when he is already married in the spirit. In order to overcome the spiritual marriage, one has to be delivered by the Holy Spirit,” she said.

Precious told the court that she was the one who was supposed to get an order against Gwatura as he incessantly called her a woman of loose morals.

Chigodora dismissed Gwatura’s application for a protection order against Precious and Polite Mapfikudze as he had failed to prove to the court how they were disturbing his peace.


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