KINGSTON, Jamaica — A policeman charged with the murder of an associate of popular dancehall artiste Mavado was granted bail when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.
The court heard that on June 13, 2011, 34-year-old policeman Neil Gordon was hired as a security officer to manage the entrance to the VIP section at the Quad night club in Kingston.
It is alleged that on the night Mavado told Gordon that it was OK to allow the member of his entourage to enter the club. However an altercation developed with the security officer who insisted that the man would not be allowed inside.
It is further alleged that the officer pulled his firearm and fired one round, which hit the man who was taken to the Kingston Public Hospital where he died on June 16, 2011.
But Gordon’s attorney Alando Terrelonge denied the allegations and told the court that his client was attacked by 17 men associated with Mavado and physically abused while performing his duties.
Gordon was subsequently granted bail in the sum of $1 million and a date fixed for officers of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) to make disclosure.
He is to return to court on October 6.
Racquel Porter


    1. That dont say nothing. The last time u come and me and u argue..u email mi wid di article n mi put it up n u a come talk bout not fair? something wrong wid u

  1. wait deh little bit u blind? the officer give statement say him was a patron yes? now today in court they found out he was working yes?
    medical evidence showing him was lying right? his co workers statements differ right ?

    1. I dont care what that says all I am saying all of this is what I said already. He was without clothes working …Whey u want mi fi seh?

  2. say him is a liad!!!!!!!!!!! him step pon mavado toe and vado box him? 17 man start beat him all over kmttttttttt … prison door a knock worse him boss who did a shield him gone……… kartel laugh*

  3. Met, did yuh know it is illegal for a police to be doing security work off-duty? Ina di first place di police claim he was a patron at the club now he was security……A lot of tings left to come out in this case. Was it a police-issue firearm or him license gun? Memba too this man was supposed to be part of the death squad too, a da talk de did a mek when it gwan. Furthermore dem say a hollow point bullet kill di youth, dat illegal fi police use a Jamaica too. Just because is Mavado everybody quick to believe him walk wid dis big entourage and 17 man beat up a police who managed to fight off 17 man and draw him gun. That sound real to yuh? Sometimes yuh fi drop the bias and split justice Met.


    2. What they need to prove is that no one was fighting him when he discharged his firearm so unno can gwaan bait up unno daymme self

    3. @Living Colours: Did Mavado and his cronies beat the father and son in Montego Bay and damage his car? Or is it just another made up fairy tale by some bad mind people? BTW, were you at the Quad that night? Do you know who Connie is and his background? Do some research and come back. You sound like a Gully Groupie.

      1. Dem say its made up…And want me fi jump and say police brutality and watsitnot … from beginning I knew no 17 men attacked the man..if di man nuh supposed to a work mi neva really expect him fi tell the truth so those things have no bearing pan di case and are UNIMPORTANT…but because dem see book and chew di four edge and tek di middle wipe dem ass dem nah go get that..All dem want to run wid is that the police lie and the case dont even start yet.

        1. Not police brutality sorry..They want me to join in and say the police wanted to kill Mavado and a corey todd orchestrate it when Mavado went to Quad before that and went there after the incident…also vex because him want deal like Konshens..I tell dem fi low mi and gwaan eno man..Who badmine like dem red eye grouper fish

  4. a waddis??? ya lawyer now? if i laugh i dead to raasss. why yu just a focus pon dat? suppose a di police bwoy first box a man an a man defend himself and di police pop off and shoot Connie? why yuh just a focus on dat sun? yu too bad mind yow

    1. Badmine who for what? I dont care what u said, I am not defending anyone. So if that is what you are looking for you can start looking for your eyes from now. Keep looking for what you hope to find and let whatever is looking for me find me. Cool?

      1. Met yuh bad mind drives yuh everyday. Mek yuh have this site and automatically look for negative ina everybody life like yuh better than nobody. every dawg has it day memba dat

        1. Yeah every dog does don’t send for my day because it will be mine . Wha mi badmine who fah a dat u fi ansa and if u cannot ansa dat go run up ina who u fi run up ina and go fasten and stifle

          1. Unno so badly waa me fi jump pan unno bandwaggon like mi did eva tell unno unread claat se mi a waggonist. Learn dis mi row mi own boat so when it a sink mi know whey di hole deh fi cork it.Mi nah paddle nuh baddie canoe especially di likes of unno when it a leak unno doe know whey fi stop it up. Mi get up and look fi negative ina people life because mi seh no matter what if the police lie bout the amount a man whey him say attack him as long as there is an attack he has grounds for a defense? That a simple science…what unno a look mi fi jump pan unno side because UNNO TINK unno a somebody? If unno did a good smaddy unno wudden need my backup..GOODNESS speaks for itself and all now fi unno own nah talk it jus a balbablabablab..GWEY

          2. And doe badda draw mi out fi cuss because it really too early not even 9 am and u come wid di early morning bullshit.

  5. IFFFFFFFFFF there was evidence of that yuh tink prosecution have time fi charge him fi murder????
    prosecution a say him an him collo dem have conflicting account of what happened. yuh think DPP woulda charge him in a high profile case like this for it to be dropped tru self-defense? dem nu waan dem embarrassment de. yuh nuh know what a clock a strike Met, seriously.

  6. @livingcolor u cant follow met you know how it go when it come to mavado..and by the way stop comparing konshens to mavado a baby dat money wise, status wise .everywise!!! mavado has never been to quad after that and it was his 2 nd time ever in that club stop talk like u a talk facts ..when mavado go quad after that.. pay you 10,000 us now! kmt

  7. Met yuh just a chat gibberish. Wedda dis case or any other case or any other people life all yuh waan do is bring dem down like yuh better dan nobody. Yuh revel in finding flaws in people when nobody nuh perfect, least of all yuh least of all me. But yuh decide fi mek a living out of embarrassing people and bad minding people who just a live dem life. Met yuh fi leave people business alone and go pray fi a better way fi pay yuh rent. What yuh do is disgusting, plain and straight


      1. yuh fi go easy, yuh life consumed by bringing down other people. yuh not a good person lef id people and dem adult alone, your own faults far outweigh anybody else uh post about. at least dem a live fi dem life, yuh wa try bring down other people life. who does that?

        1. Swallow a rotten egg n wash it down wid toilet water. When people nuh side wid uno is a problem. Eat ants powder and go drop asleep. Any normal.person reading will see how much of a fool u are. Mi nah side wid unno accept that and move on then do the above

    1. Under developed zygote what u doing here? The site this and that and me this and that and if mi hice my ass unno deh yah Fi swallow head and tail a mi fart. Move u dirty skirmij ass because no day Di likes of u can tell me what’s right or wrong.

      1. Unno tink jmg support a go mek unno win di case? The point uno claim to be establishing a that there was a hit on mavado. Mi neva know jmg so high n mighty dat all court case mi control, u obsessed wid mi site u better not be because it a go mad u

        1. or nottttt………yu ar di one obsess wid adda ppl life ca yu no av one fi yuself. yu na no pickney nor nutn, clearly. gwan live yu dutty life met yu wussarar dan anybody wha yu post bout and revel in ridiculing caw dem a live fi dem life ina public yu afi live ur own behind computer an a mock from the shadows caw yu too fraud fi reveal yuself.

          1. Why my worseness a kill you? A nuh mi good hole bring u come so why u troubled? Mi nuh ridicule yuh nor yuh madda nor yuh madda madda nor nobody fi dat matter..It upset yuh seh mi nuh dunce like yuh or nah? Nuh man cyah come tell me no heedyaat argument and mi mek dem saddle mi like donkey run wid it…yuh a donkey or nah :ngakak

          2. mi put up di topic n neva business wid it and mi neva comment but because unno waa my likeness so bad unno run come call mi ina it..police a lie and dis and dat conflicting statement and di case dont even reach di fus fence ina di court house…u a donkey doo doo or nah ? :ngakak

          3. Whey yu did de a few months back when one a yu own come yah and in the sey a shortage a wrist ban started the commotion and members from de possie assault the officer?
            You a talk bout high profile case…lol no IT’S NOT! Movado de a foreign a enjoy him life and de here a tek on him burden.
            De officer was in his rights to hold a second job (legit when cleared with a senior/HR) and in him rights to defend him person. Him weapon don’t have anything fi do wid naught as long as him have him ID (which is a carry permit as well) pon him at all times.

          4. PP a nuh dat a di problem..di problem is JMG a run di court and if JMG doe seh police did waa kill Mavado we is velly bad people..If this a nuh mental illness I dont know what is. People think they are bigger than God so we must worship them and in the event u refuse to worship them then you become the enemy..A di reason why him and bounty fall out , he wanted glorification and wanted it his way and on his terms. Now last saturday when I put up his wife and son and commended them, there was nothing to say and mi neva badmine then..now mi badmine because mi seh there is nothing in the story that shocks me..mi fi act like mi shock and up in arms for mavado sake..a nuh mavado mi pray to a night time so him a go look till him eye dem roll dung ina di sand heap ina di gully

          5. And mek a tell unno dis..JMG along with other websites are merely reporting *******CELEBRITY NEWS********** .It seems as if you have not gotten the gist of it yet. Reporting news although it may be opinionated doesn’t say the person reporting or mentioning has personal feelings towards the individual. The floor should be open to report the good the bad and the ugly. If u cant accept that, then I think u Mr. Brooks should read some more and stop reading here. Also the person typing the 2 days worth of garbage read this

  8. MET!!!!!!!! Yu know from when me wanted fi call out say a ongly de owna of the name could a gwan so…causen sey :hammer

    1. Yes man is dem same one…if Jmg cough dem vomit and shit…very close eye is kept on here by dem so das y mi a wap wap from it start

      1. My girl yu know me figure it out from de “handle” dem a use…Dem same one- LIVE AND IN “living color”…DWLN. Him carry de man go dead de night PLAIN AND SIMPLE AS DAT!
        bout “police bwoy”…who dem fi bwoy dem nu bwoy up…de PRIVATE CITIZEN tell dem fi chat to him gun since dem wan fi gang him over a frigging entry into a party dem neva did invited to.

        1. and dem love say badmine because dem neva si come see dunce..guilt a kill him and it fi kill everybaddie and kill me more dan everybaddie put together .Mi nuh know if a mi or mi madda nyam him white fowl but some nyamming gwaan suh dem tek set

          1. lolol, me nu think yu would a nhame fi him obeah posses white fowl dem! lololollllllllllllllll
            Him fi start him own GOODMINE blog since yu have de BADMINE blog a run..lol

  9. Met who fool you bout you reporting CELEBRITY NEWS????? DWRCL. 99.999% of the people on here are just people living dem normal, f*cked up lives as are all of us and yuh love ridiculing dem in public, anonymously. yuh neevn have the guts fi reveal who yuh are, even tho a likkle food wid a private investigator skilled in online investigation would do that ina flash. Doan try justify yu sick mind by pretending this is mediatakeout or tmz, this is a dutty, petty little gossip site that revels in bringing down people who are no different to you or anybody else. and all yuh ranting and hollow insults sound like projection to me – neva see come see would seem to fit you oh so badly bad. yuh need God ina yuh soul

      1. FYI JMG is bigger than I am so all when people know who m is..JMG will still rise at 6’00 am sharpe EVERY morning so remember that

  10. really met? half the convo dont have ntn to do with the topic ..shame o shame ..ohh love the title n write up for Kentucky Kidd …#justice coming ..even though him cant come back

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