1. Vado jus stfu i know u was gonna come with some elementary lines…..good and easy poppy style him “how one person fi be children”poppy a wayyy better lyricist fi him……..am patiently waiting for kartel to jus kill the 2 a dem under sykes now

  2. Mavado own baaad listened to his song saturday! Mavado tek it! Poppy own alright…Movado alone cudda stand up to Kartel suh weh Poppy agooo0!?

  3. Honestly Vado the war shouldnt be so close, u seh u a OG u shudda tek it clean. Mi feel Poppi own more, come now Vado ansa back an nuh badda mek nuh dunce chat agen smh. If Kartel ansa then that jsunput the icing on the cake. Alka instigate this probably pump up Vado I bet he’s laughing anywhere he is right now. Vado is a fool, Killa tell u doe war the man.

  4. Pappy kill him still …..but nuh badda use kartel inna Yuh song cause Yuh nuh loyal popcaan so gwey…. Gwey vado him father kill Yuh an all di man children come kill Yuh lol

  5. Mavado lyrics better. Why? Poppi even bring up Kartel name. He only give Kartel ratings when it beneficial to him. Poppi you still on my top 10 list though.

  6. Mavado win round one. Btw. Popcaan must be the dunce one. Cause grammatically mavado right in his statement because him use the word dem thought out the song. Once wrong with him saying him nuh kill children? Even if poppy is a child.

  7. Hope it spark up back the music coz it was getting booooorrrriiiinnnggg. Jus nuhbadda wid no war & gun ting. Me a root fi u Vado

  8. Pop Caan stop call up Kartel name because you nuh deal with Kartel and as kartel get into trouble yuh teck wey yuh self you a nuh real friend and you anno bad man either you a clown. And mavado song sounds better and make more sense sey a song yuh a look fi sting. And when mavado sey him nuh kill little children him not referring to you alone idiot. Mavado style you pop Caan u loose .come with a better song. And nuh call kartel name fi try get nuh forward a kartEl fans them yuh a try get pon yuh side f..k off .yuh nuh hear the song kartEl son sing sey him nuh trust pop Caan. Mi sure kartEl hear the song before it release and a shortie him mother produce it so you know you
    Nuffey call kartel name Inna yuh song yuh a traitor popcaan.

    1. Exactly! He disappeared like a magician! Same suh Jahvinci with Mavado and others were
      in Negril 3yrs ago and mi seh a puuuure Kartel lame fat ass Jahvinci chat bout to get a forward frm the stupid patrons! Poppy song bad still but lowe out Kartel name cuz u Poppy dead to the man.

  9. Poopcaan ah waste man and you done know sey waste man nuh loyal to nobody but that person who is giving them something at that current moment. Poopcaan song nah sey nuttin, Vado ah dun him.

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