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    H e aint lying,he spoke nutting but truth but some small minded fool won’t get it Vegas.

  2. He is speaking the truth. A lot of times these artist sample reggae songs and do not give the artist any recognition and that plays into the suppression of dancehall artist and dancehall music. When American artist sample other artist songs they have to get permission and sometimes have to pay some royalties so it should be the same when they sample dancehall music…Just give credit where credit is due. I think that the only way to make them stop is to hold them accountable like others do…sue them when they use your music without permission and when they do ask to sample your music have it written in the contract that they will acknowledge you as the original artist. A lot of artist are just so excited to have drake, rihanna and many others sample their music that they forget the business side of things, so they are also partially to blame.

  3. True ting Mr Vegas, a so dem set di ting, dem nah allow Jamaican artists dem fi buss big time on the international scene so easily…but them want fi use our style an me big money… It is all an establishment set up….

  4. Mr Vegas yuh mek tears come to ma eyes because when you quote shabba and when you say steelie and cleevie when you sly and robbie we all know what it is you’ve done your home work you’ve gotten all your facts you’ve dotted all the i,s and cross all the t,s one love ignorant is a bliss as much as I love popcaan music is attitude and behavior is why he can’t venture beyond the Caribbean

  5. Mr Vegas you hit the nail on the head that’s why shabba didn’t get bigger cause be didn’t bow big steelie and cleevie sly and robbie big up

  6. He speaking facts popcaan kissing dreak ass and ain’t getting no forward he is drake yes man

  7. Bob Marley seh brother ur right ur right ur right ur right ur soooooo rigth..Yes Mr Vegas educate poppy fi mi cuz over the years hype is want dancehall artist work for…now popcaan u should a shame bcuz ur boss vybz kartel would never let anybody sample his song n he don’t get the mus a rass Mad

    1. i sed dis early ova de next chead,not Adijah Palmer all him name him waan c as credit bad to bad

  8. This shot been happening too long did you know that Kanye west sample fire links on a song on his new album right through the entire song and not even a mention links get the steal our music and we do nothing about it the top choreography right now in the pop music is influenced heavily by our dancehall dancers and they get no credit. We can’t seem to realize that it’s a systematic raping of our culture and these idiots like pop corn can’t realtor this can’t put away petty foolishness while their culture is being raped Vegas isn’t one of my favorite ppl but he spoke nothing but truth and he only touched a tip of what been happening

  9. Well i guess Vegas is dunce on this one before Vegas run him mouth and think him a diss Drake he should of did some research on this songs project..So let me get this right Vegas if this song was not a # 1 hit for Drake you would not be running your mouth..Track back on all of Drake albums he have reggae beats or reggae remake beats on other songs and have reggae artist on some of his songs and nothing was said then..LMAO…well Vegas and every one else backing him all of Drake reggae projects are done under contract with lawyers and the previous artist…Drake maybe Canadian but him no dunce why would he risk paying millions of his $$ to another artist by being SUED when he can pay the artist a few thousands for the copy rights..i think from what happen with the marvin gay lawsuit a lot of overseas artist got smart..and another thing why Vegas nuh talk bout the $50,000 Drake gave mavado fi build some kind of community centre for the kids who live in mavado community and him eat the youth $$$…Yes some artist use to do over other artist music and give no credit..these days big artists like Drake will not cause the artist can sue him and get millions so Vegas do your RESEARCH before you chat….And no i am a fan or a friend but know people who work with him

  10. When somebody use ur song as a sample they have to get permisson from the artiste so he don’t necessarily have to give him credit he already got the okay to use the song and documentation has to be done where poppy receive his money now if that song get a Grammy u know who gets a Grammy too poppy!! But when ppl don’t things them just love run dem mouth typical Jamaican ppl!!

  11. A which fowl coub Simplicity guh dig up back dat machine? RISE IT and bark it!!! Facts Vegas!

  12. Vegas a talk truth .. he suffered from this personally back in the day with “pull up” n pitbull “culo”… sold his rights for likkle n nutten.. only fe de man take him whole song

    1. Him neva selll nuh rights dem tief it vegas sued dem an tek dem publishing for their shady dealing.

  13. Sicilian kiss what the f**k r u talking about…popcaan is a fool if him take money up front bcuz if the album sell 500 million copy n he don’t settle for his copy rights he get nothing..

  14. I keep seeing Desmond Decker music on a beer commercial during the basket ball play offs, I hope he got paid. Mr. Vegas they have been doing this for years. It’s the 21st Century time for a change. Recognize us!!

  15. To Sicilian yes they did everything with lawyers but how is it beneficial to popcorn to take a few bucks upfront how when the record will sell millions but you won’t get any publishing. U see Jamaican ppl like to think that bcuz everybody like our things they mean is good. Let me point out the fact that drake is a Jewish crook who only steals from our culture he does nothing for the advancement of reggae or dancehall only for is selfish advancement. Most rappers talk if that drake is fake and all about business and what u can do for me so if popcorn believes they are friends then him have a sad guess coming do like movado use drake and then cut

  16. Thanks ex polic…su wen fool fool people who don’t know r understand how music business work gu do research b4 u start chat foolishness..bounty killa was 1 of the first artist who come on the seen n start defend his copy rights n publishing b4 nuff a the artist dem tek money up front bcuz them can’t wait..big chain n car’s n nuff gal was tha order of to day..papa San Lt stichie shabba ranking ninja man n I can go on n on..rigth now don’t even want to sing a next record bcuz someone collects his royalties and if u think I’m lying go research it..

  17. Some ppl just think the know everything that some is a remix and if I’m not mistaken u have Jayz on it too and it going to be out for the summer that why poppy nah address all the rumors and all who have the say

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