0 thoughts on “PPLLLLLLLL DED!

  1. Thats very nice,a hope him is not a recycled dancehall man weh come wid drama.Watch wat u put on social media if u wah kep him long,ask Yakini if u think a lie

  2. Happy fi har, one thing I like wid her I never hear har name wid nuh bag a man, well don’t know her like that still, but mi like har, watch out for ppl boo, them jus want see yuh wid a man, and it look like that man like yuh, fi dem start cRry news, not even ur Fren dem u should let get close to him, take my advice. U and him look good together Hun.

      1. :ngakak but yuh know what ?? U might be right!!! Aaah bwoi leave it to PP to let d cat out of d bag, mi cant manage yuh, yuh too bad

  3. Opal TRANSGENDER ….deaddddddddddddd….. why dancehall duppy dem like fi look coolie …wid dem one bag a long hair …choooo dancehall ppl never like dem self …always a bleach and wear lacefront and then ah chat bout how dem comfortable in dem skin …..

  4. @LAMOPHILLY GIRL I fu(king hate u! Deaaaaaaddddddd! That was some finny ish because they are the most name brand wearing, 1 room renting, non stop partying, no pot to piss in, non spelling ass people I’ve ever known of. But I like Opal though. She’s cool in my book.

  5. If he brings her happiness and they enjoy each others company, then that’s all that matters. I wish them the best.

  6. A wish the way she do up her body, she would a do up her face.damn..and stand up straight for once..u leg dem ever look like them brucking off. Good luck to u and u new boo..I saw some pics with u and this dark skin guy all cosy up.but hey..

  7. Congratulations dawling. Mi can ask ah question….why di soulmate nah smile? Him nah feel di soulmate vibes, or him crackery dem nuh up tuh par :bingung

  8. twinny you really stupid.how you fi just meet a man 2months now and call him your soul mate. or is it ur sold mate.lol.twinny you soo desperate. u and Tina taste like skittle can stop fighting over lando hotta fire now and you can stop war renea over nadie get money. but twinny this little man yah look kinda fishi watch your butt and him penis.

  9. As dem meet new man dem get confused with soulmate and playmate! soulmate dont come like that mi dear it comes with blood sweat tears and years, jus gwan enjoy yuh self with ur playmate cause dats is all its going to be causz yuh still luk like you been thru a meat grinder!!

  10. Leave the girl and her man alone. People are too bad mine. For a older woman she put the young dumb bitches to sleep. She looks good. Nice pic!

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