0 thoughts on “PREACHA PUSS

  1. No matter how much me and my sister dem cuss and nuh chat we will Neva tek this far by insulting each other on social media..unnu family need alot of prayer cause this is a disgrace

  2. The time yuh a talk bout bank accounts challenge yuh need fi ask fada god fi cleanse unu heart from hate against each and ask to combine the family has one so unu can live peaceful and loving instead a hype pon each other, this is the example ur setting for ur kids fi see unu a live dutty??? Doh be surprise if the come do the same

  3. Met di house nuh fit Puss at all and Puss nuh fit di house to rass.. how har house nice so! cho it a get me upset while mi deh a work

  4. wait, oonu should a see the before pic of the house, some big baggy dey pon door, but it look like she fix up after the ppl pon pink wall did done har..the living room alone it look like, cause a there soh alone she do all her videos.

  5. is that powder on her neck???? SMH. She tan up inna one place in har yaad.. so mi nah sey har yaad nice. Mi haffi see everything. Unno forget how the backyaad look. Ooooo..

  6. dis woman doe have a thing fi do.. kmt how she a sk the ppl dem fi bank challenge? she own bank? are is it bank book challenge? den a weh she get money from fi put inna bank if big big monday morning she deh a yaad a mek video wid powder way up unda har neck.. lol is like she powder her whole body wid the bokkle a powder… den she work big big monday morning she a mek video dem a weh she get money fi do bank account challenge? met you entertainer dem nuh easy maybe is har day off today DWL

  7. Yes the dresser deh deh. How old is this woman. But wait a she and har family at war?? A must family curse dis 3rd and 4th generation a viper

  8. Me nuh tink a one dressa dat. She spen some rass money pon dat dining room set. Shi hab a buffet and hutch and a sidebar(don’t memba di right name), look like shi put a statement mirror pon tap a it and di top look like marble. Di tings dem put mi di mind a Italian style furniture. Not my style still, but shi set up har place damn well, and dere is space fi move around wid eas, nuff ppl hab dis setup but not di space fi lay out dem tings like she and toe haffi a jam eena summen.
    I watched this video with the volume off suh mi nuh know whats di hell shi chatting bout. Neck well powda dung doah, and look like shi ready fi palave eena har spaciousness,a she seh Queen a di castle.

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