A passenger of a “dollar” van is fighting for her life after jumping out of the vehicle as the driver fled cops in Queens Sunday, authorities said.
Police attempted to stop the red Ford Econoline on 165th Street and Archer Avenue at 4:30 p.m. when it suddenly sped off with the terrified 22-year-old passenger, cops said.
The woman leaped out the back of the van several blocks away, on Union Hall Street, while it was traveling at a high rate of speed, evading police, authorities said.
She was rushed to Jamaica Hospital where she is listed in serious condition, cops said.
The driver, Jameson Golding, 22, ditched his van — essentially a livery vehicle — two miles, away on Foch Boulevard, after it became wedged between a brick wall and a “No Standing” sign.
He ran away on foot, but was caught by cops a short distance away.
Golding was charged with resisting arrest, reckless endangerment, obstructing governmental administration, fleeing an officer in a motor vehicle, reckless driving, aggravated unlicensed operator, unlicensed operator, and leaving the scene of an accident.
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  1. Morning Met, JMGers.
    Who going to siddung innah a vehicle quietly, when di driva of sed vehicle fleeing the police? You and I may not have jumped, but Innah dis day and age u nuh know wah di hell a guh tru people mind and wah dem intentions are. There was no way fi di gurl fi know that the idiot going to stop a few blocks away. She did what she thought was best becaz she terrified,maybe she was thinking she had a bettah chance of surviving jumping than being in dat van
    @Yawdy same sud me seh, everyone will react differently when terrified of the unknown. Sad that she is hurt and hope she recovers quickly and with no long term probs.

  2. Because NYPD have a shoot first and apologize later policy. With the amount of incidents lately, people are scared of what police will do.

  3. she did ntn wrong, gurl think dem wuda start shoot up the van dem pussies pon De 5/Merrick route stay driving off frm police cuz dem nuh waan guh oba inna line up dem itch rite deh pon de street side

  4. Big woman ting! Shi a joka tell shi fi tell di man doah stop dem ago kill yuh an show dem man wey fi guh dem couldn’t duh har ntn suppose shi did jump an car run har over mad rass

  5. The man a run because him no suppose to a drive in the first place, she might of thought the man a kidnap har who knows. Still a f**ked up situation. Could have been her man also and him tell har get out and save harself. You know dem gal love sex for free ride also….not judging just another insight on the possibility of the situation

  6. Good Day Met & Metters,
    I feel for the poor girl, as I occasionally take them myself. Big up the decent hard working dollar van driver dem. Met u know how many times dem save me from being late to work? I mean during big snow storms etc when MTA shut dung u can always count on dem dollar van hustlers deh. However a few a dem dutty rotten apple deh give di decent bunch bad name. How does one know which driver has legit papers to operate the vehicle? I know everytime I board one esp. the drivers whose faces I do not recognize I know I’m taking a risk. Hope she recovers quickly, prayers for her.

  7. Maybe shi nuh hab no papers and ketch har fraid. When you young to you tink you invincible suh all a dat. I hope she makes a full recovery though, so young.

  8. Listen to me good. even though you are undocumented you still have rights smh. Learn your rights before you go and try kill yourself to save yourself, which makes no damn sense smh

  9. Smh @anomymous papers argument. Gone are the days when you’re undocumented and they send u home for no reason. Everyone has rights in the USA if there not troublemakers.

  10. @papers dem mek mi ax a kwestion? What warrants trouble maker?? I am of the viewpoint that fraudulently obtaining goods (the numerous designer bags and the like) as well as services (the sex change,breast and butt augmentation) which I have no doubt was probably done under smaddy else name and insurance info given the history of the man (a mean woman) in question is in a way trouble making not only making trouble for yourself as in charges but trouble for the person you will leave in unwanted debt.. Correct me if I’m wrong

  11. Unu know seh a robbas story mi did a comment pan doah das why when yuh tiyad yuh nuffi come pan yah cho KMT @ MET an dis addicting site me yeye dem a shet but me a scroll choo same way

  12. That happen to me on marcus garvey drive met,and all I was doing in the bus is waiting to jump out the it reach in a farm I jump out the window…the police them fire shot in the bus and people was in it..everyone was crying while all on my mind is to get out of it,and I did jump out on 4 street in farm..the bus go crash with the people them on spanish town road,right a things jamaica..they running illegal bus and we the poor passenger them never know..

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