1. Sitting with my pop corn waiting because me hear the story to ? A which 1 a the many baby father them did a beat har and why ?


      1. To maddd nichie deserves everything she get love f**k ppl man bitch hoe good for her boom don’t want u even if a him baby that all she is getting just like how she f**k her first baby father and get the first one this bitch ain’t about nothing before she try to get our life together try to get a green card and make something of herself nasty people all of them

  2. Sitting with my pop corn waiting because me hear the story to ? A which 1 a the many baby father them did a beat har and why ?

  3. People wake up and come talk because this story is the talk on the street but I don’t know why him beat har maybe is because she won’t leave out a dance or is because she a call him name people rope in pon the raffle belly story

  4. People wake up and come talk because this story is the talk on the street but I don’t know why him beat har maybe is because she won’t leave out a dance or is because she a call him name people rope in pon the raffle belly story

  5. any man that hit a woman who is pregnant is disgusting… I don’t care how mad she get him, that’s messed up

    1. Agree!! The asshole who did this could be looking at some serious assault charges if she decides to pursue it. If true, there would be a lot of eyewitnesses to this attack. Do people really think before they act?

  6. isn’t she pregnant for that mix up DJ name lava? regardless I do not condone any woman beating especially pregnant. I hope she lock him up. I can imagine if he hits her now and she is with child imagine when she is not. My gosh, certain men are just callus

  7. A no lava me hear say beat har up me hear say a 1 a the other man weh name a call pon the belly and a big box up in a party if a true him cold so I myself is curious to know why don’t know why I can’t wait to find out I feel sorry for her

  8. Why do these women followed up dance when they are pregnant, I think it is unbecoming, go to nice, clean places if you wanna have fun, dance he’ll no. Date man soon get him just reward for doing such a disgusting thing

  9. Nichie a dutty dog that what she get run go breed fi the ppl them man nasty duttyness f**k that hoe she deserve a beating Monning even noon and night the man dat breed she should be ashamed of his dick every one of them is nasty doggggggggggggggg

  10. A same thing me say @7:47 but a which 1 a the many man a really the father because me hear a 7 man name a call pon the belly and a which 1 beat har

  11. @ 12:32 am A boom beat her him nasty a dutty man that him just walk and
    F**k with out condoms A good fi him and now him a deny the belly
    That why him a beat her cause she a call up him name and him don’t want that
    Boom u don’t want nikkie to know cause she pregnant fi u all so and him tell people
    Him not with nikkie any more bowy boom u pick the wrong bitch fi breed fi u but
    When u nasty u just nasty any thing come ur way you f**k it cow cash butty ugly man

  12. @6:29 I am nikki friend you see them a write over here say boom lef nickki that’s a lie nickki lef boom she tired a him and him dutty life and she pregnant fi true but nickki and boom not together and yes him a beg nickki fi take him back and him tell nickki that nichie pickney a no Fi him I know that for a fact him nasty fi true boom go clean up your dutty life

  13. Oh so a that’s why him beat har but somebody tell me say a because she pregnant and in a party so him a beat har say how she pregnant and in a party so what’s the real reason I want to know please and thank you

  14. Smfh boom like to keep dem pon a leach cause him nuh like when them call up him name him like di hush puppies dem. A so him did go beat up Candice. He sleeping with tracy campman,nechie, kay dat a sexclips sista jus to name a few n afta di beatin Candice poup still go back go sleep with him.him luv lik fi tru him beat Candice cause afta nikki find out bout har shi tell nikki all a who him dae wid

  15. Pearl a true you a talk me a nickki friend you no say a word a lie bout we never know bout them new gal here , but that’s why him beat candice fi real she tell nikki everything

  16. Candice a mad woman wid that beaten wey she get me can’t believe she f**k him back and the last time me hear a monifa and paula him did a f**k so him move on fast but that’s no surprise him a clean up the place him mentally sick

  17. Smfh boom you bad you not good you too nasty any one talk to you should be a shame u just really bust out like 4-5 years and u clean up the place with u dutty dick u nasty and nikkie you should be ashamed of ur self u a tell ppl u left boom but u went and got pregnant for him a you nasty you talk about ppl and you don’t have anything about u all so we all know that nichie a Johncrow dog shit dutty stinking nasty don’t even have anything dutty hoe boom I can’t you f**k nichie with out condoms nasty dutty man cow cash ugly face man

  18. What the bloodclot is this boom u really f**k back Candice you are a low life nasty nasty u belong with nichie 2 dog shit together perfect much

  19. Boom a good fi you all you do is stay making people have enemies you mix-up for a man every body know say you is a nasty dog you love call up people name and you lie till it look bad you a walk and a tell people that nichie baby is not yours and you know you did a f**k her this is what you get you big pussy hole u f**k batty nasty ugly monkey Man the woman than that f**k u should beat them pussy no joke seriously

  20. Boom boom boom boom no man you bad you pick and pick till u pick shit who would want to get nichie pregnant but u classless no life only nichie one and fool fool nikkie would get pregnant fi u cause no one out of they right mind would want to breed for you u don’t take care of you kids you have them all over and you don’t mine them how much u have now what 8 or 9 me madda bloodclot no this is bad

  21. Honestly speaking I know boom through my friend she speaks so highly of him I respected him she seems as if she was in love with him but when I heard about
    Him getting nichie pregnant I was sick to my stomach I had to tell my friend boy that was so disappointed she was hurt boom you can’t keep going around and hurting people like that you are worthless I lost all respect for you of all the people in the world you chose to f*k without a condom is nichie man I feel sorry for u you are a lowlife I told my friend to leave you alone because she pretty and I would hate for someone to cut her in her face Marie and her dutty family then boom you can’t say anything to me ever I lose off you remember in life what goes around comes around you should feel ashamed and hide your face

  22. Boom is a liar tell your friend to run he come in like he means well but when you get to know him you will find out who he really is he has 5 kids maybe more because he lies alot so you never know females beware take it from someone who knows him personally

  23. To sexy move u stinking bloodclot who give a f**k if she a breed a ppl man she a breed for boom not leaving nikkie and him don’t want stinking pussy nichie
    Nasty bitch a what u a f**k him too bitch dutty dog bitch every time she breed a ppl man
    And them always a deny her bitch u think u know boom you soon see who he really is dutty bitch go suck u madda who so ever u are sexy a u friend nichie a jankor dog shit

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