7 thoughts on “PRETTY PRETTY MAN

  1. Dem germs 🦠 ya pretty go pick up, pretty if you reading this you deserve better, you’ll heal from this, use this and put in a song like Eve did in “Love is blind”. I had 2 friends die from domestic violence it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Advocate for women who don’t have the voice you do. Sending you love and healing ❤️‍🩹

  2. Him a work offa daddy strength, nuh even like woman, but anyway you miss pretty ugly, yuh too waah luv kick whey gal foot and play own di man first, look at you now yuh can’t even dance and be yourself again too much head lick yuh confuse. (Pretty voice) yuh understand mi! di dolly dem come out and we nuh get budufbaf yuh understand mi. 😂😂😂 move yah.

  3. But according to people rund pretty a shi run inna the people them life , him nit leaving him x an it a cause problem, him post pictures with the x , but won’t with pretty pretty . Plus I heard is pretty abd support him. Him not giving her shut ., is not the first him beat pretty

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