1. All Dem RASS cltt itch call up the man name bet SMADDY Tell him WIFE effin groupie…a SELL she sell? Jashie? Fully bad WA no reach NOWEH HOW BOP NAME NO PON IT

  1. u suppose to be a rich bitch, u need fi shut up , u chat too fukkkin much , same like how u use u can’t. U use u mout

  2. This reminds me of chinny unique. She spread her front a lot for the artist them she used to do promotion for.

  3. Sis you should be taking that body count to the grave . Live your life and enjoy to the fullest but I don’t know a man that would know that age take you serious .

  4. Mi can si why yuh still haffi work (yuh slow)
    Wid a body count like that yuh should be a retired whore by now .
    Anyway, miss fcuk, suck an bruk yuh shoulda kept yuh trap shut.

  5. Gurl if yuh comfortable fucking fck dhat yuh get it fah sum weh a bash yuh guh see fi dem stretch out front weh one man a guh and still nah get one fck kmt

  6. A weh di bloodclaat 😆🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 23 artistes is a few? 🤔🤣🤣🤣🙈 Wah kinda maths dis 🤣😂😂

  7. nuff man meds woulda mash up if dem hear dat, but such is life, he wanted to know…..I have to commend you for being honest with him & keeping it real….body count doe phase me, I’m a guy & my body count is way over 500, in 2021 it was over 50

  8. Is what kind a mix up this… Some talking no fit fi air play.. anyhow… Delilah… My stupid advice is be still.. you lucky you no get nutting.. correction nothing.. cause a whole heap a oil dat…in the process.. live and let live.. love endless and most of all don’t make the same mistakes again…

  9. Even prostitute change got married and living the best of life. If he was meant for you nothing or anyone would come between u guys. Honesty is good, u feel bad because of ur guilty conscience but ur past made u who u are don’t feel bad about being honest. Accept it and move. And as to the mother of course she’s going to want someone she think is perfect for her son that’s what mothers do but in real life it’s whoever the man wants to be with. You’re being ur true self and he has to respect that. If not he’s not for you. Hope everything works out for you.

  10. Stories like this just screams attention seeking. You pussy nah no class no category? A list to Z list? Sumn nuh right bout this

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