Dear met We are sick and tired of this man ( Prince/Briggie) a call wi pon Facebook messenger ,tango and sending constant text Messages to send pumpum pictures or go on tango and show him private parts any hours a di day or nite you go pon Facebook a him dat. He use to live a Central Village and was one of the top man here but him live a Cleveland Ohio where it is said nothing nah Gwan fi him ova deh. ( about 5 years now him nuh come a yard). Him live wid him babymother wan american girl so I don’t know how him get all the time to live on Facebook to bother people. He is a big man and need to get a life and stop annoy people on the net with him perverted self and fi candy Crush life. And another thing him lie like a horse and a tell you him coming for Christmas and going to send barrel so him a try use that fi catch you. Everybody a talk bout him down ya sick and tired a him man.



  1. Seeeeet deh now………..if u did keep up ur part a di bargin and send di barrel after u get the punany shots ….dem wouldn’t put u pon blast :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    Barrel a big ting Xmas time a yard yo… U shoulda send it if a even di likkle one :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  2. Senda, what the real his sue ere? Cause from reading your statement, sounds to me like your gripe is over the fact that him always ah promise promise unu big barrel an ting fidi Christmas and all nung none nuh reach jam town yet…if yuh seh dat is usually the decoy whem use fe trick and catch unu, then the real problem here is your tongue….yes, your tongue ma’am!!! Yuh too licky licky! :p

    1. @ Yep! nuttin more dan Prince aka Briggie show dem di pitcho ah di “promised” barrel pon Tango an ah dat ketch dem. Dem sen een punny pitchos…Christmus cum an gaan whole heap ah times an still no barrel. Senda here is di lesson you should learn…..mek sure yuh get di barrel fus, den di rest is up tuh yuh :ngakak

  3. A true prince is a big freak!!! Him and him ex-friend Steve aka Saw Foot use to gwaan wid bare 3 sums and the most nastiness wid di yankee gal dem a Cleveland. Him of all people should not be talking bout barrel because him get inna trouble wid the FEDS before for sending barrels to Jamaica only thing a never food or clothes inna di barrel. Yankee baby mother nuh know bout di dutty tings him a duh pon social media she busy busting her ass working to take care of the child they have together cause him bruk him thief too many people things so nuh man won’t deal wid him…

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