I am on the left in the jersey (samantha) and debbie, di suck out, bawga dung gyal is on the right. So this gyal made a post about me and my son earlier today. Debbie me ago make you see jamaica and wish it well !! you meet d man wid him babymother/woman back home in jamaica and take it up on yourself fi a take set pan d ooman, making threats, an a tell di man fi no mine him pickney and how the lil girl is not his when you come see the man with his child. what you need fi do is come out a d co-parenting relationship they got going on stop making it your point of duty to be the middleman in the relationship between the man and his child. yuh sidung a worry bout my life and my man whe a send me my pounds, worry bout yuhself yuh no see how yuh maaga dung an suck out cause ya fren pan d man babymada whe him no see fi years, an d hottest ting she not even want yuh man cause she move on yuh need fi get a life and eat some food fi gain back d weight whe yuh fret over d man baby mother an lose. You deh a farin an me deh jamaica an me look way betta dan you . my man a send pound come gi me while your man a sen 120dala come gi him pickney a month, talk bout dat!!! and she moving on to highschool now 120US cant do nothing yuh fi talk bout dat! You a fret over my (zinc one room) but we comfortable, we belly well full and we happy an yuh wa see me house now man clown!! you live a farin an you a dead fi hungry an a stress over man. Please get a life an stop watch me cyber bully!. you live wid your husband and your so lonely. Dont you have a job? i have to wonder cause you make it a 9-5 and overtime fi watch yuh husband, him baby mada, and go search fi pics fi put up pan this website but no worry yourself cause ya pitbull over ina text and fonecall and online but ya puppy in person. Yuh try no turn up a no graduation cause is not ur child, u dont like the child and u not welcome. You promising me a beaten but when you come here u ago get it an fraid fi come back a ja! Worse you got my son involved? Dont try that stunt again ole witch. Cuss me all u want bout dont u dare drag my son in it.

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  1. Samantha, yesterday mi di agree seh yuh fi beat har wen yuh ketch har….but after much contemplation tideh mi hav a change ah heart. Shi wrong fi class yuh up dem way deh, especially yuh baby…but nuh rush har wen yuh si har. But ef shi rush yuh…den yuh affi defen it. Mi nuh want yuh hab record cah ef di London man ago file fi yuh den wi nuh need no problems wid di police record. Big up yuhself, gwaan run tings wid yuh baby, zinc roof or no zinc roof. Ah di pounds weh yuh a get ah give har acid reflux…

  2. nasty crawny Samantha, Debbie nah trouble u, u want miss up inah people business, guh weh a weh u want do deh wid u cousin. Debbie take care a di bastard like the Pinckney a fi har, u nuh know shit suh go sit dung. Oh and u can never walk inah Debbie shoes, u can only dream. dem girl deh have up dem money from long time suh hungry is a never. When unuh nuh know people lifestyle unuh chat shit. She fat unuh chat now the gyal slim up and look gud unuh a dead. Debbie man treat her like queen suh guh weh.

    1. Oh and u think she a bait and push over weh u can beat, a put them girl deh put weh badness and a live right, a u jealous u a u nasty friend weh u and har a tek the same man a England . Guh worry bout ur Pinckney weh nah get nuh mining . The time weh u deh deh a f**k round people guh clean the zinc house weh magics a draw weh a louh the girl. U an u dutty friend send en things a bait up the girl cas tru them know she u luv buy out people argument. Di 120 better than u weh nah get nun fi u monkey. Di girl pack barrel an wul heep a shit u nuh si dat….bout u a buy out argument a tru Debbie a cool a shoulda Queens Days and u kno which God u a serve. all u fi glad she she change cause u woulda sorry.

      1. a which nasty shit this a style people pitney as monkey??? no sah fi unuh life miserable suh til unuh all a mix-up innocent children in a unuh pit toilet mouth.
        Go bade an come off a pink wall ol crosses

  3. Okay now! Me have di full 10000000 mi blood a boil because truth is truth and wrong is wrong.
    First off when di Man never did a mek no money who unnu think did a send 150 every week fi support di Man kids? Debbie that’s who!
    The gal eena di jersey look like a character from di walking dead……check een wid yuh family before yuh tek di worthless gal side.

  4. Fi real my girl cas if the nasty gyal never suh greedy she wouldn’t get cut to 120 a month.. But want all loose all. But this nasty Samantha a come buy out, she nuh see say a di idiot bitch send en her pic fi try bait up di girl. Why the baby mumma file nuh up yah.

  5. And if yuh bad touch a button caws Uncle Sam jail more comfortable than Jamaican jail………a true di baby maddda greedy a call di Man place of employment and a comllain to him boss that tell her to stop calling a dat mash up har head when di boss tell her she is, was and never will be wife so dem nuh response a das why she mek ficticious post bout you Samantha…pick sense outta nonsense…Das why di money chop

    1. Suh Debbie…when yuh guh dung go bus fight wid Samantha, yuh ago run guh back ah Merica an duh jail time deh???? Yuh ah frequent flyer ah jailhouse das why yuh know which one more comfortable?? My girl dem reasoning deh nuh add up, suh dus low di waste talk an tell yuh alliance uppa top fi stop class up yuh stepchild dem way deh.

  6. Unnu see how unnu out a order she deh wid the man n a call him pikney bastard a so mi know mi no cut out fi dem ting here enuh cause a mi 2×4 iron pipe woulda a tawk to all unnu when we buck fuxxin bright

  7. If yuh look eena di dictionary the meaning of bastard is a child born out of Wedlock……why your 2 x 4 and iron pipe never tell yuh dat?

    1. A bright u bloodclaaaat bright cause mi n u u mrs dilapidated ruined shithouse say u were using the word in a derogatory manner so mi 2×4 woulda bark up u rawseeee unnu too out a order argue with adults n leave innocent kids outta unnu argument cause me sure the goat whey breed u muuma no marry har all now FOH

    2. But ah weh di mongrel gyal ah deal wid. Ah weh yuh hear bout dictionary scholar???? Yuh deh ah foreign mash up an pap dung wrersa dan Riverton dump site, an yuh hab di nerve ah wrenk yuh self wid decent people. Mind yuh get yuh beatin sooner dan yuh expect. Stop class di child as bastard, cah wen yuh did a run dung di father it was neva ah problem. Nuh mek di wife title frighten yuh.

      1. But weh mi did tell unu bout di new ooman/ wife dem….the pupa isn’t much better for even allowing her to utter those words out of her mouth, much less to even think about classing his own child as bastard…

  8. People weh unuh nuh know Debbie treat dat deh pickney like a fi har own,anytime she come a Jamaica if she stay 5 day she a tek the pickney fi di whole 5. suh which door dunce head Samantha come tru. Why she mek the gyal a bait har up. And u weh a talk bout lick, guh sit dung cas Bastard mean born out of wedlock. Pure dunce head people deh pan yah a run up them mouth.

    1. Anon, whatever the word bastard means and whatever context it is being used…it is still a very disrespectful word to use in describing a child, much less from the step mother of that child. I know of a woman whose husband gi ar bun after 14 years of marriage, and to how she hate the likkle yute and talk bout im like she wa try rub im out, is the same way she class im as bastard dis and dat. Dem deh typa ah people carry hate and animosity inna dem heart if ano fidem pickney…yea baby moms, if I were you I’d keep a close eye on this chick around my child…not cool lady…not cool :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown

  9. Real story weh cas this saga a cas the pickney filing cum tru and the gyal money three a pop dung suh she a creat havac. U nah get nuh more money lol

  10. all a debbie nasty fren dem a buy out argument because 1. big pussy debbie no come jamaica an tek d lil girl mfi no 5 day nothin. When she cum a ja all she do a watch di husband day an night and no filing no come thru fi di lil goirl an me was d bbymada me na sen my pickney up deh cause debbie hate d likkle girl. she hate r to d point where is d fada a sen d clothes a debbie affi buy it an mek sure she buy it 2size smaller so none a dem cya fit di gyal. anybody whe know debbis from longtime know say she mash up an stress out tru she fret pan d husband cocky she maaga dung. when debbie did a look d husband d lil gurl was not a problem but now tru she get d ring so dat d husband can get him str8 she feel like she can cum take step a d baby mada an just get whe wid it just so. no argument na buy out yasso because d ole a uno ung pan d babymada uno mus listen two side a story and be fair. debbie is a bitch yuh cant love d husband and not love his child when you dont even know the child. an dutty debbie when yuh get d beaten all u can do a tek it an go jailhouse no have ntn fi do wid dis cause u an yuh laga head fren dem a ediat.

    1. lyad ppl unuh nuh know shit di man coulda travel? Suh how she fi a watch him and him deh a US when Debbie go a Jamaica and up and dung with di likkle girl? Unuh fi stop lye cas the man never a spend no money a di girl money…. Him use to send money by Friday and by Tuesday the next week she say” she pay her bills and money done… And a Debbie send her money….Them fi guh weh and stop gi di gyal bucket fi carry water

  11. 5yrs now d man deh a farin an no see d babymada, dem not even talk to eachother d girl move on, u was 300lb an gone dung to 101 pound cause yuh have sleepless night a pine over yuh husband an d gyal de whe him av an d baby mada whe him tex bout him miss ar . whe yuh boda married fa an yuh no happy? u an yuh idiot friends a hypocrite cause yuh fren dem know say yuh hate d likkle girl an pray d lil girl dead. d lil girl dead stamp a har fada an you an d husband never deh, him neva even know you an yuh never ina d bed when dem a grind a make d lil gurl but yuh quick tell d man say d pickney ano fi him.

    1. How can a woman despise a child, whether it be your biological child, step child or adopted child??????? Evil Varmit!!! Just plain evil!!! Any sins committed against a child, is an abomination in the eyes of The Lord, unu watch ah see!!

      1. Same so yep! It all worst when the children dem de bout before de jezebel dem come bout.

        Cheut… dem tough head yah we ben up yu pipe.

    2. Lol at unuh weh nuh know shit,,,,,Big up me friend Debbie weh a celebrate her Anniversary in cancuun 6 yrs Marital bliss suh unuh a go drop dead lol.

  12. dis filing ting???? no filing no come tru liad dutty gyal, it a process now but in d mean time yuh man fi still mine him pickney an a dat him na do but God na sleep. an gyal no wa none a uno money is r pickney she wa take care a cause it take two to make a f*kin baby bitch!debbie yuh need fi post now how much ya text dung d baby mada everyday like yuh f**k gyal an she na reply but yet still yuh make it yuh point a duty an headache, heartache an misery fi text dung an whats app d gyal phone. an when samantha or d baby mada beat yuh na go have one f**k to say cause yuh know a u bring it upon yourself.

    1. Doe even waste unu time stooping to her extremely low level cause ah company she ah look dung deh…just tek the matta to the police suh once dem know and document the problem, every and anyting afta dat ah self defense..mek dat deh crab louse choke pan ar owna vomit and dead!!! Bout people pickney ah bastard…BRITE!!

  13. u people are so low.
    why would you bring a child into the argument to refer to her as bastard and such? yes i know the definition of baster but it is the context in which it is used.

  14. is that debbie? lol no no no seriously this is debbie from queens high school?
    she well skinny and looking someone with aids i must say.

    i know debbie from queens and this bitch has always been this way. always wants attention, always in people business, wanting to control people and always trying to make the lives of her spouse’s exes a living hell.

    Debbie just mad because the young lady in the picture is taking her husband’s babymother’s side. i thought debbie’s nasty attitude, manipulative mentality and childish ways would be put to rest but i see maturity does not come with age, or motherhood at all. aah boi

  15. beat d dutty pussy gyal samantha !!!!! debbie love gwaan like d world revolve roun she . she a trouble maker she need fi seek God an come outta people life.

  16. The girl can love the man and not the child. After she never marry the child or tell them fi breed. the child is his baby mother and his business. I am a wife and my husband has kids and I dont pay them a mind. No filing, Not spending my money, not attending any graduations, not buying no clother not a penny to them name. Him on the other hand has to take care of all his kids and wife. My advise to you young lady keep your money. Let him go sho for his kids. If he does not have any money to send for his child… dont lend him your money. Mind your business. Breed and mad them.

    1. jus like a ratchet dirty ass ghetto mentality no good hood rat like you to think the way you do. no surprise here at all. you are the epitome of n.i.g.g.e.r.

    2. You are not a good person…pity pon yu sick bed and a dead fi water is one a dem outside pickney de hand you a cup of water and justice all the same if them deprive you of a taste of that water.

      ALL women who deprive children are inherently EVIL!

    3. You are not a good person…pity pon yu sick bed and a dead fi water is one a dem outside pickney de hand you a cup of water and justice all the same if them deprive you of a taste of that water.

      ALL women who deprive children are inherently EVIL!

    4. It doesn’t matter because it sounds as if he is married ti her for his papers. She will be single soon. Don’t be surprize if babybadda and daugher end up same place in queens.

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