Ok met tell me know this girl shev say she a walk a take way people man and a dance hall mattress this everybody she been with a dance . She say do surgery body and no fix belly skin fold up like old potatoe skin. She need to easy now every dancehall man know bout her . All her husband a rub her how she bad . Every crew u take a man. Easy u self never look good yet hair never fix same wigs and cheap clothes and a argue with ladies that have them good things and do hair and make up regular shev u face look old and u breast them drop and u belly skin stay bad. Foot them full a cellulite long clothes u must live in a not naked things .Dancehall mattress all u a take no man never give u first lady yet . If a husband u can say give u first lady him a rub u now . U party is for u and the bag a man u sleep with to go nobody a support u shev name stink a road all u husband say u no good . Who u can argue with u a push hype and it a run leave u .


  1. No to bloodclaat the summer tun up in a London. Dirty Trudy u big mad tru Pele nah stop f**k Shev good pussy. Shev nah no clothes and har skin full a cellulite and she a dancehall mattress but yet still she still tek u man. So that mean she still better than u. Trudy u nuh fi call no gal dancehall mattress ca u is a undercover old whore. Thank god fi DNA Tell the people them say if it wasn’t for DNA Pele wouldn’t accept u pickney and d whole 9 months u a breed Pele never look at u due to how u was a f**k box. First Lady Trudy why u nuh tell the people dem how The whole a Pele family hate u and nuh have a use fi u. F**k out a here nah no shame bitch!

  2. Three lovely set of breastisis are on display here…all of di owners of same can get IT!!

  3. Trudy run go do batty and don’t stay right. She favour the bugs from bugs life wid har big drop batty and fine foot. Shev body look better than yours Trudy inna real life all when she nuh have no clothes.

  4. Shev u need DNA a Knox pickney u give ur husband u a nastiness dancehall hall and drag trudy a goodaazz fi u pele will never leave trudy for a thing like u

  5. That wig look a way just saying why open your mouth so wide can tell things u do u look older than my granny

  6. Shev broke like neva buy drinks a dance yet always in a people bucket and same old clothes ann Summer’s alone u know

  7. If the girl have 5 kids unnuh nuh expect her belly fi firm …Trudy nutting nuh wrong if husband get 3 kids an one a jacket cas u did rely on dna to ….before u argue WID Pele u call dung d nation a seek out the girl file unuh is a whole set of roaches…

  8. Trudy all if Pele don’t leave you him still f**k Shev so cum on him give yuh bun like dog, u hype up over Pele cos yuh next baby father don’t want u, Trudy all the hype n yuh body still look shit u got a man body, Shev sexy n yuh good baby father want her so don’t listen to yuh baby father cos him f**k nuff gal Pon yuh

  9. Trudy stop bleach your not Brown like Shev n Pele family don’t like you dem hate you. Stop chat Shev cos your a Dancehall dutty gal don’t forget pele did ah hind n f**k you with his pretty coolie baby mother u run in like dog shit

  10. Stretch out hole shev muss tink mama bird is her frien she no stop chat u if u never did a give her a ting tink mama big crawny bird would talk to u so long duppy bat big bird a push shev yh we all kno she no like trudy but shev u go drop in it no defenders to bk u very soon

  11. Shev u can’t make somebody talk for u just u a reply so about family who cares is where pele live and him clothes at trudy house so u actually just a f**k on the side

  12. But a wha do dancehall rat Trudy u fren poochie and f**k har baby father. Which part pon u a goodaz. U pussy have high mileage Shameless Trudy every year yu hutch up a Kim bbq and Kim hate u bad bad badddddd. Pele family say u is d worst dog shit him ever pick up. Dem hate u like poison U a d first gyal inna england me see a bwoy family nuh rate and u nuh stop kill up u self fi dem gi u little ratings and fi dem invite u no where. Mi nuh understand how u a play happy family when u can’t even attend no family gatherings with Pele a year time. A only dance Pele can carry u

  13. Since germsy body Trudy fight off Tamara fi Pele and do surgery she gwaan like she a somebody. since u stop hide and f**k Pele u acting like u decent. Trudy stop it. Trudy not bc u start wear 2 likkle piece a cloths fi pose pon social media mean say u rich memba say u shoplift u cloths them and u always wha barrow ppl money an u an pele so rich. U just as broke as Shev. Wearing cloths hairstyle makeup no mean u is rich.

  14. Unu neva see at hedfone parti her black friend them cum next to the girl after shev leave to do wat well warn ur ediat friend dem it wouldn’t go so dem fi go siddung. All next ediat message trudy say u pregnant a gwarn like she bad no man not even a look pan she whole a Unu faviour gully rat

  15. Y wen dem ediat gyal yah man go f**k next gyal Unu quick fi cuss di gyal dem say dem done out and dem f**k nuff man.Bitch a u man U fi go done cah him nah stop f**k d done out gyal weh tek u claim tek nuff man! Full time u bitches stop cuss next gyal fi man. D man continue to sleep wid har that mean there is something about her that he really likes why he keep going back all when him still nah lef u And the man probably nah leave u because u put up wid d whole heap a bun an disrespek. Full time now unuh man mascot fi stop it.

  16. It’s not now pele family don’t like her and where is trudy still with him watch the dance videos shev face spotty like bees no stop bite it !!!! go do good make up trudy bleaching look good . Shev only man like u at party yes because they know u easy to get no girl no like u and u very mix up chat everybody all u friends u chat

  17. No to bloodclaat den trudy bc pele clothes in ur house u a gwaan like u win a prize. No goodie u really frighten because a far u a cum from fi tru, bc pele use to hide n f**k u n neva use to own u. Shev dont care where pele live, she already kno bout u an still tek him and it a bun u real bad. Abayyy go drink bleach an die bitch

  18. Shev we all know it’s u a comment on your self u no have friend can defend u drink bleach shev when the day come and a pele and trudy still and u out the pic shev u need fix ugly big woman look 40 odd u no drive trudy drive u bruk and look bruk trudy full a brand that pele buy what u have crawny body shev

  19. Shev affi wait a bus stop fi d bus are beg a drive wen dance done shev u is a long fuk out big woman bout u wan young boy gweh n move yo old grey rotton pussy yo pussy big and old lik lady gansta own dwl shev u bruk and hungry and ever look dutty with yo zero frens dem pele neva did ago leave trudy fi u all d fuk him fuk u still cant be wife type dutty fuk pon d side u only get stress fuk wen trudy dnt let pele in her house move and goh tek care a yo 5 hungry belly dutty pickney them trudy isnt my fren but wi chat and she an her kids them alway look like u dnt do kids nobody never see you an your pickney them yet shev yo body untidy no bloodcart member a fuk n sell u sell pussy fi du that big belly u had eno caz no man nah pick up dem money gi u fuka gyal u comin lik mama bird all u gud fa a one an beg ina dancehall n u have paper goh look a job lik trudy u no see trudy a hard working girl shev com outta d 2bedroom house over dageham rotten face bleach out body shev u brown an ugly suppose u did black knock knee gyal al u du a walk ina dance now half naked a look man an u have 5 young pickney no shame nasty gal coward gyal wi neva here bout u beat nobody trudy gon beat yo wid d bat lik how she beat tamara everytin u a chat bout family lik trudy a fuk pele family dem dem no supppose to lik her from her man want her who cares bout family kmt shev goh sort out yo rotton hole an find yoself yo own man u see how far u run fi find a man Jamaica n u dnt liv deh move yo bludcart n gweh old front granny loool

  20. Shev shev how u never tell mi sey a 3some u a du wid mama bird n a mine mama bird why she a run backa yo soh shev u really nah no abition inna life thats y pele like you caz u freaky bad all gyal shev fuk no sah lol

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