0 thoughts on “PUSS A BURY CHEESE

  1. This longtime big woman shape bad nuh rass. U should carry somebody to bury you instead yuh dunce nuh rass kmft u more look n sound like the man how your belly bang suh? No Mon gwaan guh buy a ABC book Mon cho

  2. Cheese need fi go clean her back yard up. Look how she stay bad. She look hungry. Go download a life cheese and stop look hype, cause puss used to be you best friend. And all of a sudden you start disrespect the woman.You no good people like hunny with poison people.

    1. They were besties?????..and yuh know funny enough when dem ooman ya carry on suh, that is just their way of showing each other how much they care and really miss dem one anedda; dem probably just venting…why women just can’t behave demselves and get along?..everybody is not gonna get along, and we all know that in every girl crew there has to be an ugly friend, one weh help carry off everybody else looks; you girls had something in common *which is why you were once bests, as sofass stated..get over it and make amends already, damn!!

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