Who know him ? Omar from standpipe…
This man a look mi but wah know bout him file… So far mi hear him f**k everybody…
Who a him woman tho? How many him have?
Cause him always single, never have a woman yet


12 thoughts on “PUT ME ON THE LIST

    1. Deadddding! It Tooooo early :hammer :hammer :ngakak

      Ms. Too rass and chat too much you’ll never conquer Omar :alay Omar check de new gal dem browser!

  1. Me kno him did a f**k @ShayShay_Presidential wa day nuh kno if him bench r like all the others weh jus give are a f**k an cut

  2. All u seem interested in is finding out abt ur mateys,why not focus on knowing him for the type of person HE IS?

    For example u could pick up that he most likely is not an alcoholic,judging from the case a water,cranberry n lucozade him a hold.you are welcome Sender so now stop watch the man koki n the girls dem loveboxes,Go forth!

  3. Sender the only way to truly find out yourself is to go to the horse himself and ask him straight up, you would know if his telling you the truth or not… Since he a look you maybe you could be the one that stop his nasty ways and he only would start be with you… The case his carrying is to use for the liquor dem bought as well… Good luck sender in your search for answers… And when you find out it’s up to you if you want to deal with whatever he brings to the table…

  4. You can tell the sender is one real bytch. She contacts pink wall in order to help her conjure up a strategy on whether it would be worthwhile to give this man she obviously doesn’t trust a phuck. Only a selfish bytch who’s looking something to teef holds a round able about the pros and cons of messing with a guy. I thought interacting with him directly via phone call or text was the way most people find out all pertinent information about a person. Sender you need to grow up, seems like you’re too childish to be into anything with a man.

    1. She too was damn mix-up. Poor youth may live a humble life and not into social media and here comes this conniving wretch putting him out there.

  5. Hold on deh put a pause pan dis stick some pin so di man f**k everything an yuh still wah know?…. think yuh bloodclawt easy

  6. Yes girl him f**k all a di gal dem a standpipe tallis a hore! Him use to f**k nicky, kim, shelly an har madda! Mi hear seh him all a put argument to di odda sista lol but him nuh live wid him woman to..

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