Dear Met,

MawlaCalaloo really Done did it this time.This won’t be our typical 9day wonder becuz the big bad wolf Merica is involved and dem making demands!In the interest of fairness there are arguments in support of her,so here are the pros and cons.

1)The attorney general is the country’s leading advice lawyer.How chupid is it to appoint someone who doesn’t know the law or bother to research it that embassies are declared thier soveriegn lands?


2)She is yet to clarify what laws were broken/disrespected.Dont expect her to cuz the fact is none were broken in the flying of the flag.

3)Many pressing issues are impacting Jamaica,even within the Orlando tragedy 2 Jamaicans were killed so why haven’t we heard mawhla on our issues 100days+ now??

4)Why go bring unnecessary attention to our country for the gay lobby to pressure our tourism that we homophobic.She MUSTVE known it was gonna pissed them off,either she doesn’t care or can she really be THAT stupid??

1)‎Something can be legal but still immoral.It may be legal to fly that flag but most Jamaicans would agree it rubs dem the wrong way morally.

2)Why didn’t Merica fly the rainbow flag in any other country?Not russia,the middle east,Africa,they didn’t even flew it in the USA?!!Duppy know who fi frighten huh.

3)Many Christians are commending her for speaking up for Christian values and principles.

4)All embassies function along the lines of respecting their host countries sensibilities,culture,nuances.The Ambassador to a Muslim country wouldn’t dare show the sole of his shoes to a Muslim.It is not illegal to do so esp at their embassy but they won’t do it out of respect for them.Oh but true we need the Lil IMF pittance we haffi hug up the disrespect hu?

She is being pressured to retract and apologize by no less than the PM Anju.Anju remember you still have her pre-signed resignation letter from the senate,Use it and put today date and solve the problem dwrcl!!!

40 thoughts on “REVISITING MALALOO

  1. Morning. Writer you know me live you…,but she in her rights as a citizen to as question the actions of a foreign entity within the boundaries of her nation….no matter how we small and poor.

    The embassy violated their own flag code. If they want to argue with someone they can go argue with Alabama who refuse to half mast the flag and the white house for not flying the fag flag. Is jfag creating mischief by playing dandy shandy with her statement.

  2. Love u too Phantomphoenix.I saw that battyringMonger d Lewis @ soveriegn last week and him sick my stomach.Jflag is largely responsible for unfairly stirring up bout Jamaica is the most homophobic.

    They mislead the world abt gay crisis a Jamaica to secure funding for them battyism.I’m just stating the sentiments on both sides of the Divide but I’m leaning more with your views.All I know is any day name day the ppl rinse fishleader Lewis files eeh see!

    1. :peluk :kiss yu done know me love you. Btw, tell de bad man dem fi calm dung in a you zone so me can go visit the soup man. Me look fi come in early April and second to last week a May and both driver and hubby say is a No go zone :cd me soon come back again.

      Any how me intellectual bredren,

      Is a jfag advocate associated a with the U.S.embassy administration encourage that flag debacle. If me and uncle Sam wasn’t at crossroads me tek it to them; if the AG need assistance me will anonymously assist her because there are rabid US patriots who bringle about this flag thing. Is US flag law the AG intended to cite, but backed off.

  3. Listen, the embassy is not on sovereign American land/soil or territory–please reference the Vienna Convention he Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961. Also, the AG don’t need to state which law(s) was/were broken and she used the word disrespect. The flying of that flag on Jamaican soil is disrespectful in that said flag represent individuals who participate in ‘practices’ that are in conflict with Jamaica’s anti-buggery law(s) and that is it in a nutshell.

    Leave the woman alone. She emphatically expressed her dismay for the massacre and also displayed empathy for the grieving families; hence, I don’t know why this is an issue.

    1. Hi Nile, add that the same U.S. flag code states that it’s only to be flown with a state flag or one of a national organization. For instance, the only other flags that are legit are: Coast Guard, Marines, Army,Air Force, FBI, CIA…and the blackout MIA/POW flag, anything outside a that is bogus.

      Not even the Klan fly the Confederate with the US flag. They more do the yellow ‘don’t thread on me’ Ben Franklin chop up snake and they don’t.

      That Popeye ambassador did it out of spite! If AG go him can go too.

  4. There was a guy who was deported to Jamaica some years ago that was fighting hard to go back to America. His claimed right to go back included:

    1) He was the child of naturalized US citizens, one of which (his father) served in the US Army.

    2) He was born on a US Army base in Germany & therefore IS a US citizen by virtue of that fact alone, notwithstanding the fact that his parents were naturalized.

    He did some crime & the US tried to deport him to Germany, who promptly & rightfully refused to accept him on the fact that he IS a US citizen born on their base.

    Then they deported him to weak, weak, spineless Jamaica, simply because his parents were born in Jamaica.

    Now, I say all of that to say this, the US uses the theory of a base or embassy occupied by them being basically US territory conveniently & subjectively. Because if that man was not deemed a US citizen by them after being born on their base, what are they talking about now?

    Also, I’m no fan of Mallahoo-Forte & social media is not the place I deem appropriate for certain interaction by government officials, but Jamaica is her country & she should have the right to question anything that seems odd. Yes odd. Because wouldn’t the lowering of the US flag suffice rather than the raising of the other flag? Is what, gay lives matter more than other lives?

  5. Can’t stand this liad duppy. She did lie bout Zik V a kill out the whole country & when Tufton reach MOH him never see nutn like that. She did lie bout she gone a bathroom when she did in the lunchroom.

    But them fly that frigging flag here to prove them b@ttyman point. And now see it seem like is gay on gay crime. Nothing to see there

    1. Like her or not doesn’t take away from the fact that she call out a slight against we nation, and she get my support. She being vigilant unlike many.

  6. People uno stop getting it twisted…The embassy or consulate or high commission of any any country in Jamaica or anywhere else in the world is NOT SOVEREIGN SOIL..they are a guest in the host country….its simple as that…meaning that if they do offend us we can kick them out.

    However would it be worthwhile to kick them out when so much of our citizens are trying to get visa from these guest?

  7. Gwan through CindyR! :kiss

    Malahoo-forte have a devine right to voice what she, a patriot and front line person deem a threat or disrespect to her sovereign nation…not one she aquired by oath and paper, but by BIRTH.

    Her job as AG is make sure no one breech the laws of the nation…and homosexually is NOT on the books as lawful, neither is it lawful within the 50 states and it’s territories.. recognize a one thing lawful is another.

  8. U floored me with the Popeye comment and indeed he has a striking resemblance to the sailor man.Ironically homesexuality ISNT illegal is the buggery act that is illegal that’s why some ppl wanna repeal it to free up anal sex. A man and his wife having anal sex is committing a crime under the act.

    1. Anon, you right about the use of the word ‘homosexual’ and the law. Imagine that all ‘suck hood’ on the books as an illegal activity along with missionary being the legal position :ngakak :ngakak

      I can’t stand that ambassador…dem Fi reassign him to Russia, Syria, Iraq or Mexico *wink, wink*

  9. She did backpedalled,she claimed her words were “misconstrued”.i would give her likkle credit since USA officials says they are awaiting an apology but all now!

    I suppose it is not much of an apology if one were to say I never meant what I said and is your fault for misunderstanding me.

    1. Observer suckass headline that bout she back pedal! They misconstrued her…she actually said “whey de bumboblo%%%$@dclat onu a try” :ngakak

      1. Dem love chat bout people fi apologize u si like a mallalieandrungowiddy ina fi dem country and not the other way around

        1. TRUST MI, UTTER RUBBISH. APOLOGIZE FOR WHAT? People need fi learn form the AG’s actions and courage. That is the kind of AG that we need–may God continue to guide and bless her.

          1. Lali nuh seh dat oo…she step foot but mallaloolieandrunwiddy is very lie we nuh need dem level ah deceit deh ina politics..Lali you forgot what she did last year?

  10. PhantomPhoenix, the AG is not wrong, they misconstrued her. She carefully selected and the agenda oriented idiot run wit di thing before they actually checked to see what she actually said. Her stock went up in my book; she is one to watch, I how that she has the requisite aspirations to match her intellect and courage.

    The person who bothered me the most is KD Knight–he really formed a fool of himself.

    In lieu of Socialism, the PNP party seem to be peddling homosexuality nowadays. What’s funny, if my general Michael Manley were around, he would be the biggest homosexual advocate…

    1. A wha do Lali bout stocks wenup :ngakak ..Mi seh from Malacalaloo talk di amount a gay article dem mek to PNP dem known fi dat long time but mi hear seh dem give one a dem biggest fish a wife oo :angel ..tings a gwaan ina Comrade land

      1. When dah MARRIAGE====ED deh happen mi think Clovis dus a go color one piece a paper…nuh cartoon nah go able fi draw

        1. Lali when mi hear I laughed my ass off…Due to how dem know di fishing nuff ina PNP dem a contract ooman fi married dem forgetting dat one did haffi run lef Paulwell she :hammer ……………

          1. Well being a beard is being a beard but knowing that your man is a fish and marrying him..that one priceless Lali. Jamaica is in a sad state..Remember that fish cannot hide, clovis draw him as a fish and as he went in ,he was trying to get the buggery law revoked..It shows how sad Jamaica has become. There are more Comrades on the Peter King tape than laborite and the comrade with the wife that ran away was asking the man fi breed him. That is why dem tek up Malacalaloo case so because dem sitting pan bay rotten egg..But let stick a pin there…dem seh Portia brain not all there u hear?

      2. Girl! Yu know bunting beard stick out like miss kitty box side! :ngakak :ngakak

        You never notice that Lucretia behavior when giving speeches were emotional and disconnected? A pure mad people come from up a country love :hammer

    1. Dem a try clean up man Lali u nuh hear mi seh di men are being married off ? :nerd By next year dem clean…Dem only problem will be Portia who dont want to step down

      1. That is problem Met, getting married will not change their appetite!!! Here is Portia’s latest problem. Andrew just declared his assets and Portia won’t be willing to do that, as such, she will have transparency issues nest time around… …and wi nuh touch the scandal dem yet…

    2. You notice is the back benchers going hard against malahoo-forte? If Warrington never get position she would a have back up :hammer

      Monteque batty dusty…lol

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