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  1. Mi nuh know him but based on the people I see putting up rip on FB nd IG, I’m going to assume he was just another dregs on society like Lickle Wicked et al. Some boy post up dead man more than how dem post dem woman and pikney pon social media. unn fava eediot.

  2. This man loose his life for nothing at all. All because he carried the casket of someone that tg man dem murdered in March, someone he basically raised. So the guys dem down in tg killed him because of that. Those wicked bastards in tg want to run back the whole place like dudus did. The people dem from the other communities are tired of the system down there and are standing up to them and that’s why the war is going on down there. This shit is so f**king sickening, is someone that he knows killed him and he is not even from tg him just a look stripe. Shoot the man in him leg and when the man drop him guh over the yute and shoot him in him face and mash up the man face. You see the wicked pussy dem a tg god nah sleep man. Is a bomb dem fi drop down deh pon unuh. And the f**k up part about it is, Desmond McKenzie knows ever f**king thing! You, live up, you and you son, nephew and the rest a wicked dem, unuh have a special place inah hell a wait fi unuh.

  3. Met mi hate dem! Live up send two little yute guh murder Sixie fabulous (stefon don father) just tru the man a say him want to stay neutral. Kill the man fi nothing! Liv up,Tito man,bama t, chi chix man unuh says numbered….. wicked pussyhole unuh.

  4. Unnu lucky..I made the first statement and I still don’t care.. unnu worship badness and gunman until it reach unnu door. Some a dem nuh fi even bury or get a RIP but unnu too quick fi show fake loyalty to to some bwoy weh shoulda dead from Inna belly..mi dun talk. If yuh push up yuhself a gunman funeral and post rip my friend and then get targeted after, your the author of your own story..sorry not sorry.

  5. Sad about sterfflondon dad. She jus step off the plane in Jamaica to shoot video, and get the news he had been killed. He was a peacemaker and them kill him. No one is safe

  6. every f**king thing happen in kingston a tivoli man and live up uno must stop it man god naah sleep if we did suh evil god would a been deal with us but we are not kmft evil ppl stop call liv up name a same weh day he was at the station a talk to the police them fi bout 3 hour and ppl a call een and seh him just shoot up place so now the police know a pure lies uno tell this man is from jungle look how far that deh from tivoli stop it man. we need to come together and pray as a nation and pray fi some a uno bad breed sons weh a mash up the place and stop point fingers on my family. half the time we not even know the ppl them

  7. Dean killed the yute fi look stripe off a tg man dem. Live up ordered the elder man killed and speaking facts! If I never heard it from the horses mouth i wouldn’t say. Little Pete is NOT from jungle he is an original Denhamtown man. He was killed because he carried a yute that died in March casket from Denhamtown. Leighton coke order the elder killed. Met if it you want to talk we can talk there’s so much to say. Bitch up top it better huh quat! Nuh make me open mi mouth today.

  8. Live up fi dead! He is one of the evilest pussyhole pon god land! Him kill and brock up nuff manfrom dem time deh. What a way yah cover fi him.he may not be physically doing the work now. But he is responsible. As him son and nephew say him old and get cold. Suh dem pick it up. You think dem aguh fer wah with the amount of people dem kill? Death is for all of us but me sorry him never dead last year. Dont come over yah a try make him look innocent bitch! All man from outage port dem have a fight dem war. Now guh suck the whole a coke family! Jamaica don’t already have government? Suh how dem suh pussyclaat power hungry? Dem fi low the people dem.

  9. Go suck unu stinking mumma and stop call up LIV UP name, everything gwan a Town unu involve the f**king man chooooo. You all need to get unu fax f**king right the man is a business man that is building his empire for his children n there children. The last time I heard the many busy building some new building near the wharf and giving poor inner city youths work to look after their kids. We all need to come together and fight crime all around Jamaica not just West Kingston. The man don’t even come in the TG regular because as soon as him come the informer then call police. Don’t think PETE is innocent he is not if you lay with dog you rise with flea. He is a instigator and also a known person to buy gun for triple six man dem in Denham Town.

  10. Liv Up ah business man??!!!!! DWRCLLLLLL!!!! ok. If yu tink di whole a Pink Wall a eeediat, and bawn behind cow, continue.

  11. Anonymous 2:07 ask dem again. That dem use fi cover up them extortion and wicked deeds. Dem dont like when people call dem out. Duck outages here! Beat up your gums pon dem and dem cronies a dem a chat dem business. The whole a west Kingston know what the f**king deal is.

  12. Just out of interest if LIV UP was such a threat to the Jamaican public wouldn’t the police kill him already. After all they know exactly were he lives and were is business place is just saying.

  13. I could a swear is the same TRIPPLE SIX (666) gang from Denham Town shoot LIV UP and his female fren nearly kill them, I think that woman hasn’t recovered from her enjuries. The people them say a PETE sponsor TRIPPLE SIX (666) man them gun and aminnition. So why everybody acting like this man is innocent I don’t really know.

  14. Take my silly advice a PETE same fren dem kill him, cause if TG man dem kill him s must somebody round him tell dem were he s nobody a nuh fool. Further more Look how far Jungle deh from TG Jumgle & TG is not like dat worst DUDUS not on the scene so put two & two together.

  15. Dean killed Pete. They were once “friends” pete is from Denhamtown but mostly stay in jungle. Dean and tg man dem a link, he killed dean fi look a stripe. Them down a tg think say pete a sponsor the man dem a Denhamtown especially since he carried the casket of the yute dem kill in March. Pete is an original Denhamtown man. So you take my foolish advice, I can go deep into this but I dont want to put nobody life in jeopardy. And it’s so f**ked up because he is not even into badness. #allfacts

  16. And my deepest sympathy to his mom joy,his son young king and his wife who witnessed his brutal slayings.

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