Busta Rhymes owes Uncle Sam exactly $789,577.90 in back taxes. That amount is a combination of of taxes Busta neglected to pay for two different years. In 2008, Busta didn’t pay $611,000 in taxes. A few years later in 2012, the YMCMB artist failed to fork over $178,000.


  1. Well, well, well!! Busta, da bad investment u made in Jamaica could do u well right now. A Wanda if shorty have anything left ova can send his way?

  2. Lock up him backside, He thought the Jamaican Judicial system would take His money and free the murdera, brite and fiesty. Make him pay up or gwan a Jail. Busta Buss You sin a go bite out you clwaaaat.

    1. mi seh di way him run come a jamaica a try collect up money and all a tell lie bout him a run di cut a farrin ………..lawd woie a gwine talk di tings monday busta u luddy

  3. When we were stating that he’s having financial difficulties, didn’t they scream how many franchises he owns and is far from broke? Kartel was supposed to be his meal ticket to resurrection.
    Moral of the story: Never throw good money after bad.

  4. Met, siddung pon da case ya like a CIB agent, and talk out de tings dem mek people know a wah a gwaan. Mi inna de front row. Mi a wait fe Monday.

    1. no mi sidung pan it lakka lizard pan a limb..monday mi a go ride it like a jockey and chuck off like phelps :angel

  5. Wait, you full up a nuff lyrics today Mums. I can see it’s a happy Friday fe yu. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  6. That anno nothing look it up Busta worth 20 million dollars easy…. Him get nuff money fi just a do a show…. Mi sure im can just pay them one time…. Remember Busta is not dem likkle rappers weh just have a couple a millions im inna di double digits….. Him can pay that and mek back the moeny just by doing more shows or songs inna month time….. 1 million anno nothing to Busta…..

    1. The information online has no legitimacy as the two most popular celebrity net worth sites conflict in their estimation of worth. One site reports $20 and another $60 million, neither of which should be misconstrued for factual. These people guesstimate who a celebrity should be worth based on record sales and industry work. It’s a known fact that Soldier boy is broke, yet his net worth is reported as $23 million dollars. Soldier boy had one hit and you think he’s worth any where near that? These sites have no idea what these people spending habits and obligations are so I would think twice about accept this information as fact.

      The tell tale signs of financial trouble is generally IRS tax bills, especially when they are unsettled. Mary J Blige who recently filed bankruptcy and has a $3.4 million tax bill and defaulted on a bank loan of $2.2 million is also listed of having a net worth of $10 million dollars.

      Black celebrities should be required to take business, finance and money management classes. There is no way a veteran like Mary who sold over 50 million records should be broke. To purchase a $12 million home with a mere 150,000 down payment is idiocy at best.
      I’d be willing to wager anything that Busta is legitimately broke.

  7. He just never pay it nuff ppl do it such as Wesley Snipes that nuh mean say im broke….. Nuff other rappers that mek millions had the same poblem and pay it off and still a mek millions…. Them just party and lazy im cars alone worth couple a millions

  8. Unlike Lauren Hill him still relevant…… Him still inna di spot light so that should be no problem….. Just wish mi did have money like dem lol

  9. Poor BUSTED RHYMES….come a Jamaica a do song wid CURRY and a look fi dem free di next SAWLT one and now him literally want A MILLION DOLLAR BY A MANIN

  10. why is it always black ppl with poor money management ffirst record deal before the ink dry them go buy Bentley kmft niggas

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