what a way craig from voicemail have him baby madda a get friendly wid har matey ms raine sevile….lord man dem fi do bettea…d baby mada all av up raine pic pon har insta….wa mek she one suh bold


  1. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd others….
    raine a dawg from mawnin nd nung a evening suh anything wid she is ‘pussiable’…. …”gal yuh baydaddy wuda still deh wid yuh but nuh worth it ” :kr

  2. Raine a one likkle bitch long enuh mety once she feel like she can get a ting she ago hang on di stationary ting naah work out so she a use di punny real talk dis it matter if di man married she just a look fi. Har own caaz di carrier naah go nuh weh

  3. And she gwaan like she a ginal if u nuh smart she hustle u too lol mi experience it mety right nung she a look a man fi buy Har a car

  4. Hey mety When u touch dem name deh mi get dawk enuh caaz dem gal deh fi gweh she a hustle di punny di artist fi tek him daughter

  5. But Met, mi personally know dis girl Bugle used to deh wid…nyam out di girl before him buss…..while him did deh wid Raine. So I wouldn’t blame Raine. Also heard she if from a family with likkle money. Met mi an u a guh fight altho we a sister…..BUT…what a way u a ignore dis SUSS….TOYA from Downsound records is blind….so maybe there is a hint of truth wid d Ishawna story wid Joe…mi know u rate Joe mi sis but memba expect the unepected in entertainment world

    1. If there was any truth to it I wouldnt say a word. I do not go into details wid it because it will stir up ants nest but Toya not fully blind one and two a nuh true bout Joe part..Foota is upset seh Joe jump ina di middle a di stab up, he had no proof about anything else..If u did a follow why mi did a write u wudda have di story locked..Foota know bout she n skatta because him trail dem and then confronted them. I know whats going on behind the scenes. And a nuh one or two people foota walk to a complain him too deceitful . Wha mi a ignore now?

      1. met I feel so hurt what is happening to toya, what kind of sickness she had made her had low vision? did the doctor found out what happen? I hope she get well soon

    1. If she was well and good it would be suss to run but suss cannot run whey someone so sick n a recover a nuh play thing but Im sure she soon forward . Yuh fi read di post dem when mi put dem because when foota got suspended mi put allllllllll a dat u nah read

  6. I don’t know much abt Raine but is who seh Raine cum from family with money? last I heard her mom does talent work and is retired #facts, btw overheard her mom say if only Raine would tek smaddy wid class but she appears to love a certain kinda man d one dem weh usually cyah help her and Raine really gone deh wid Craig, sender u info correct?

      1. lawd jesus a kaint.. mek u husband bad so? every likkle pums him wan wine.. no sah met you caah control u husband? put him inna the dog house fi sleep.. but den again a him sing say old dwag like him? me wan know if she really fool fi go pick up beanie when she see beanie doe want nobody dem gal yaa naa learn.

  7. Nobody nuh suppose to blame Raine when it come on to Bugle!. Bugle is a womanizer and user. Him love woman money #facts! She should bun him under him ass yes. Wid him ugly looking self. Dem man deh cheat from left to right and have pure tango sex with woman. Mi know because him do it with my friend. Mi surprised him babymother weh him live wid nuh find him out yet.

    1. Seriously? This is almost laughable. Though I owe you no explanations, I’ve always posted on here as KK- matter of fact, it’s stored in my computer. Once you patent KK, I’ll stop using it. Carry on!

      1. Add something else beside your name please please :kiss KK been here for 5 years using that name fi true and a lot of times double names cause problems

  8. Raine a tek di music fraternity har madda use to work a water commission fi years so she retire and get a likkle money so a it raine did a live off a but mommy mek she it can’t continue so she a bruk out yah now and dash it pon di artist dem DWL but it nuh good caa hold nuh man

  9. Raine should come out and defend herself. She seems to suffer from low self-esteem or something. For someone who claim to have her degree in marketing or did her masters, she seems like a dunce.
    No hard feelings though. Everyone deserves a chance but she’s not using her education to promote herself musically. Her mother seem to be smart by putting a stop to this. Does Raine have any siblings? If so, what do they think of her choices and actions

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