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  1. In the words of Peter Bunting “crime is down”. Anyone still believe that?……..Hmmmmm…..Such a pretty girl! RIP Dear Lady with the sweet smile.

  2. Rip what a sweet looking girl. I’m angry this could be anyone of us child. Pussy a stone dog a Jamaica an man still a rape? And then if tale Her life pin top a it. Hold the monster or monsters, tie dem up. Cut off dem hood, and mek dem bleed to death. Dem too evil.

  3. She was raped by her ex and her genitals was cut out. It’s Such A Wicked act. She just turned 18 trying to get her life in order. Started a bar for herself, the guy has been arrested. Sip tia

  4. Why wont these ex’s , move on with there lives after the relationship ends? The pictures of her body are very disturbing RIP tia

  5. Olympic Gardens teen body found
    The police have commenced an investigation into the death of a 17-year-old girl whose body was found in the Sandy Gully in St Andrew on Saturday.
    The dead teen, identified as Tia Warren, is believed to be a bar operator from Olympic Gardens, Kingston 11.
    Reports from the Duhaney Park Police Station are that residents stumbled upon the teen’s body and summoned the police.
    Upon the arrival of the lawmen, the body was seen with stab wounds. The scene was processed and the body removed to the morgue.
    Investigations continue into the incident.

  6. set up by the ex, gang raped by him and his two other friends, buggered etc stabbed, cut her throat. her father died recently tragically by gun violence and mother has been in hospital since. Such a sad series of events. When the police arrested the ex his mother had the nerve to say he was innocent even after he confess.

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