17 thoughts on “READ MORE PAN DI COURT PAGE YAW =_+

  1. but dat embassy official plea guilty and suppose to a serve out at least quarter a him sentence now. Since he was one of the subjects in the matter and him plea guilty? in a case like this. That mean the other two subjects a most likely guilty as well, for bribing a public official and for falsely obtaining entry to the U.S….but neither subjects has been arrested on the matter nor their name publicly disclosed. mi knw dem two subject deh caah sleep a nite time caah, knowing that uncle sam nuh figget nothing.

    1. one more small question..if jjg was denied entry here and den get entry choo rainsberger how is he still allowed to stay here?

      1. then nuh dat mek him caah sleep. uncle sam a move mysteriously. him probable not even waan pass thru airport fi lef. it wudda commin like if mi did associated wid doza and mi see him come a road, mi caah sleep good a nite time

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