24 thoughts on “USAIN SEH RIHANNA FI HIT HIM UP -_-

  1. But him know ppl in high places….suh why tek it public. If him did want di digits mi sure him have odda ways fi get it. Den when she shame him now di whole world know. Kmt. So lame. Loww di likkle girl an gweh….cause even if yuh get a one slam …she nuh want uuuuu oooo. Kmt

  2. bolt yuh a boss. all a who a cus an a seh negative a cause uno nah get nuh forward. di man ask di man a question an him ansa. how yuh mean bolt, one ting mi lways rate bout yuh, yuh just straight up. only ting rihanna can do is accept or dismiss. afta data…di two a uno still rich. wish mi did even in a position fi even tweet her and she nnotice mi tweet.

    1. some people cant see that… like bolt give two shit he want the pum pum like all the rest!! them nuh hear the man a dead wid laugh….

  3. gwaan bolt aftah a gyal no mor dan yuh not a ting rong fi weh em seh..riri hit up bolt oooooooooooo n run di coochie backah dat

      1. @Chuety mek shi move har hoover mouth Happle clit grabber @ dutty Bitch of all Media. Guh wash out the 5 day worth a cum and $hit outta yuh dutty mouth Happle and Jaden batty swiper and lowe Usain. dutty puxxy and batty mouth retrobate parasite ole garbage. I bet yuh mouth smell like 14 day cabbage water outta market. Guh gobble Jaden balls dem before him piss and labajuice happle hole when shi a piss. Yuh mouth waan bathe more dan Usain. Sorry Ms Met but shi rude and wrenk nuh bloodclaat

  4. She deh wid dark skin man, the love har life from Barbados a one dark skin rude bwoy plat/rasta looking dude, them name him something like cocktail God over deh, but Done know the Brown one dem weh a link now just rich

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