0 thoughts on “REALLY?

  1. you sizing up your dawtah for all the pedophile out there to get a kick..bout yu cute face and sexy body dawtah, poor baby cant even crawl yet but yu selling her

  2. I kaint. Really Samar. Smh. Plussss…… Almost every chunky baby mi know boy or girl, look di same way ina diapers. I guess yuh spon start put waist trainer pon har. Smh. Dumb broads. :siul :siul

  3. Added to the sheer stupidity of this post…dem crusty looking toes nah help… #herpostislikeherfeet #sizzlingmess

  4. …i have heard of pretty, cute and wonderful babies but never a sexy one…and dis bitch post a pic of di baby bottom in diapers….so by the time she is 10 she will be dressed like an 18 yr old and mamma still saying sexy daughter……bitch you’s a ho and unfortunately your child may very well grow up to be a ho…..which will be your fault of course…..smaddy call child protective services quick…..and di dept of mental health because dis ediat gyal need to be sterilized..

  5. Samar you r a hot mess. Really go get job or something. It’s clear u have nothing to do with ur time. U r a true ass. Be thankful you have a normal and healthy baby. U always a talk bout your baby pretty an this and that. But the truth is u r so ugly anything next to you is pretty. Lol

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