Met dah gal yah wicked in a way she use to got her two sister dem fi wuk inna di housebwey she live wid one whiteman an she tell people all her closest friends at the time that they were helpers. It was long after ppl realise they were her sisters all because dem black an she bleach out and she walk an friend all the natural brown skin girl an tell people they are her sisters
Now i hear is di same two sisters she got in the store she open ..met debbie use to mine one red buoy from canada name roman she use to get di pic dem a show everybody an she whore an mine him i dont know what kind of work she tell these men she does but they are all full of some desease or di odda plus is dat dem get when dem love woman money, so any gal or boy wey use to or still is an dem baby mada wife sweetheart unu at risk cause inna dem ya day an age people still fraid a condom , an is nuff girl i hear debbie introduce to her lifestyle mainly girls she meet while clubbing from montego bay to kingston .loll di white man mek di dog grine dem den beat dem an no pay yuh have sum pple wey love run in bout haters if unu have nutten fi say look an learn an go ina unu family cause there is an epidemic inna dance hall circles an it very ugly she use to mine all lexus an she give him a bounce checque cause his demand did get very high loll…she love buy plane ticket an send wey man a foreign to


  1. Some how mi spirit tek Debbie enuh, she nuh too hype she easy going to me although mi hear she a war monger. I like sense of style, but when she open her mouth fi talk a murder. Now as fi the man GQ Fivestar why him affi hype so metters ? and we all know a she a mine him.

  2. Met I know you welcome the stories, we all do but damn it man recommend these senders proof read etc before they click send, or since a 2014 record the message and disguise the voices . Just maybe I will understand it better. I feel fking retarded trying to read dis shit smh so annoyed I’m not even gonna try to finish it. It’s 2014 grown people must to better man

    1. @ dwrl sometimes i feel is a disguise to throw off the intended target to mek dem feel is a dunce send it in enuh.. whoieeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. But nuh GQ five star nice nice wife this . Thought she lived in Jamaica , always see them together in pics .

  4. What else is new? Everyone know Debbie a old stripper. Why you think she and Petrone couldn’t gree is because the one crown of “Five Star First lady” couldn’t fit the two a dem. She and GQ both need a dentist, GQ have 33 white teeth and one brown one in a di front a him mouth. As for Debbie she needs braces or retainers.

    1. weh yuh seh @ #Change Name ?
      But what a way the Andy him look hungry and mash up now, yeah man di too hype wid the gyal things anyways that is all five star man dem good for fi hype and woman mining dem.

  5. Leave which lady alone debbie wey a walka spread germs topeople unsuspecting boy pickney an god knows who else

    1. what is GQ claim to fame other than being a deportee and hitch up off Konshen success anyone and managing Oneil’s place ?
      Him affi gwaan too much love lick lick up him lip.

  6. Lookhere who a talk bout dunce de email send off a phone an all who use to phone kno say theres lots of typo when using a phone an blogger no throw off here it is what it is

    1. It may happen to us all from time to time, yes.

      However, more time, those of us who can spell, will proof read and correct what’s written, because we have the literacy skills to do so.

      You not supposed to depend on phone to spell properly, you are supposed to use your brain!

      Anyway, I suspect that spelling is the least of your worries, because it come like you can’t even string a proper coherent sentence together – re-read your post – it’s clear grammar and punctuation are two words you can’t spell, or at least, don’t consider before you comment.
      I guess that’s the phone’s fault too?

  7. The whole a dem tired. When GQ get dip a up a Andy yard him did a kotch in a Andy underpants a drive the black Hinda Civi. Den miss Debby start give him things a Andy wasn’t the only one “ballin” feelings start carry and man start act like bith. Marvin a nyam oit the old gyal weh name Jean, Marky lapp up undrr the missis weh work pon di wharf while visiting him baby mother Nesha every night, Simone did a prostitute out harself fi mine David, the puss yeye one up pon di hill Shawn do him yearly visit to Canada go scam and clutch, the long time big man one weh name wife cancel the filing cause she caught him cheating. Debbie can’t gwane like she a no goodas cause she spent the better half of her life on the pole, she ever look lile she a sleep when u see har inna dance. Face hard like wha

  8. This story was sent in because that tazz girl was up and its the same line of bussiness an debbie caan read or write but someone can see the story an tell her an maybe she got a reality check look here a noh dunce sen in the story is me its jus patwah an unu kno apatwah everything unu run in bout dunce…i read story on this site aready where someone says they reach the pink wall an dem shame an change dem life so unu stop divert de post

  9. Gual nasty an hate her grandchild like wow debbie is a very wicked evil old bark smady caan live soh de whole a de obeah tan up inna har an de numerous abortion backa one a nedda

  10. @change name its nothing personal it is plain an straight shefe tap spread germs an pple needs to kno who an what debbie is just like how tazz get dash out dem tings dey no normal

  11. I spy because debbie was all ova de place a look money fe mine man the little girl use to run away a lot and thats how she got pregant ..debbie hate the little girl cause she black debbie is the epitone of evil yuh see her tuff face

  12. Oh me get weh u a say, in a har mind she in a world by herself thats all me know. But seriously if di whole a dem have store, botique and whatever who are the buyers?. Maybe dem do it lile round robin

  13. Certain tings i caan even write pon ya if unu kno unu heart bleed fe debbie 2 gual pickney dem but me ago page met ..narcistic mad gual selfish an wicked she never got one man amine yet like is a mental disorder if a woman ago walk an all sleep wid dog since is dat job yuh choose yuh children an granchildren supose to come first

  14. Cho a angell she a falla look here when dat gual get the opportunity to open an run a whole plaza she tun it dung flat fe go walk an mek dog abuse her body ..she did got the whiteman lock dem time any sensible gual wuda tidy up dem act

  15. Not a buyer @ Change Name, dem a rent out dem clothes to di employees and groupie gyal dem oh and nuh stop promote dem pon Instagram that is the new trend a Jamdung.
    The groupie dem a clothes celebrity. kmft two three moths the store dem lunch down.
    Met. see Sandy Buckas gone open store ina Bargain Mall deh and dat place rent aint cheap a 200,000 a month the least and they gots to pay in US Dollars.

    Question I want fi ask the metters is how much store inna Royas Fashion ?
    cah about five different ppl a sell things in deh mi a wonder ?

      1. dont ride away Met, mi need dem fi tap it monnnnnn, all di Nadine she weh a mine Hulu weh could be her son.

  16. Before shexsave the money fe doctor bill an go get rid a dat stinkness wey a come from her mouth an private parts

  17. No me love, Nadine can’t stop mind Hullu cause not another man ago look at she. You ever see Nadine mouth shet yet? and she have a nasty habbit fi chaw-bubble gum with that deh mouth deh. She teef as f**k with har raibow clothes dem a gwane like a paris or milan she shop. Girl bye

  18. Ride very fast Met, oh lord Nadine is not pretty at all and she and Doneisha love go China town a New York.
    @Change Name mi like yuh …Hulu did a look mi fren and mi tell har fi run.
    Why Davia love wear the clothes dem go party and carry dem back..unnu fi stop it mon.
    A four a dem have clothes a sell inna one store.
    Hello @Change yuh name she affi sell expensive a over $2000USD, she gots to pay a month enuh. why yuh think Trisha had to run for over and leave ?

  19. GQ nuh stop walk and nam down the place all when she deh a foringe my friend nuh stop go up a dem yard and him send her pure picture with his Bogaroe the peircings on his dick….. Him love likes that’s y he end up with chun when he just gat dip he was with a nice girl, him start get things from chun and go mobay for weekend and come back and tell the girl that they are not “comparable” licky-licky not just him most boy in dancehall. These grown ass women gat kids and grandkids y can’t they invest in them and give them a better future rather than hype these waste fags

  20. Nadine a wicked, if me have store and u have store how u fi gi me money fi shop fi di two a we? Me no must look better bargain fi meself. well a dat she did a do wid Simone and a hike up the gyal bill. Nadine a pay very dear fi big life. The same “five star” dem same one say how she and har man mean when dem go out cause dem no want contribute to liquor but she ever thirsty. All the one shit belly Julius or father J, me fren have u buddy pon picha ooh and it look disfunctional to say the least

  21. GQ love off Doneisha gone to bed so dont mek Debbie money fool unuh mi hear bout him eating habits yes oh

  22. GQ have three likkle round ball inna him buddy, the sex a no ntn fi write home about a just the additives ooii

  23. Oh boy GQ a real house husband of dancehall and mr hype in dancehall if you follow me, yea we all know him in love with donisha ain’t nothing new. Any time board face chun sto spend he ganna get another walking manmascot bank to thrive off of

  24. If de tieing wuk him never go no where than prison most man debbie dey wid go prison a real ting

  25. Him stomach strong fe de way debbie smell him brave een man ..dem look like dem dnt care what the woman do to get the money as long as it spending on dem him getting more looking after than her grandchild

  26. why is it that every time a white man deh wid a dancehall woman it has to be the most despicable acts possibe….last week it was the scat story and this week its a bestiality story…….i find it ludicrous to think that all these dancehall ratchets can find are white men this perverted and i do feel sometimes this shit is made up……

  27. A mobay she come from she Marcia (demecia mom) was rolling back in the days .so what you expect met ade sell pu$$y crew .. But met how you no run Marcia and her daughter story dem still at war .. Run de floe met

    1. Yes but they are mother and daughter at the end of the day..I know Marcia dont mean Demecia any ill will and both of them should think about if anyone of them should die at the moment how it would feel to know that there was no reconciliation

  28. @ blogger up top nutten noh made up wake up an fae reaity some tings dem gual a do fe money an beastiality is one of the top trend for white men with money so yuh stay dey no made up story

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