1. QQ you need help. If you are looking for a different take on life you can contact me. This is no way to live. God bless you. There is still time.

    1. What, that you have to be careful when they give you a blow job and you are not circumcised?

  2. Wow I thought she was pretty til saw this ewwwww her teeth are messed up and I don’t kno wat to say bout her face or dat ugly ting pon her head…my girl Lowe video alone and stick to filtered pics please. .u scary looking as f…

  3. I used to want to see her win but lawd! She has a bird mentality.
    Do betta mumma, if not for yourself do for your pretty daughter.

  4. :cystg di wig a beat mi look like when dolly hair waaa comb…it nah happin at all

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