SENDER-Met I was on Facebook looking at some pics from a dance and see say the camera man do a funeral. A young yute and me curious if me know him. Me a go trough the album and no man ….. talk truth. Them ya dressing here right for funeral? Not because it’s a young person die. Me nuh know di yute but me shame fi him. About 100 pic and only 2 people me see a bawl. Smh. People unnu do better man.




I dont know when it became vogue to go to funerals half naked but I hope in sharing my thoughts it will make a difference.

Someone saw the following pictures and brought something important to our discussion table..When did Jamaicans begin to stoop so low ? Not only is it disrespectful in church and to the dead person but going into a burial ground that houses bodies of other people, that were once living souls is equally disrespectful.

14 thoughts on “RESPECT THE DEAD

  1. If I go to church and the dress is a little above my knees I try to wear a skin tone stocking!! Them ooman yah brave.. Wonder what them wear to a job interview??

  2. I remember days people would bawl till dem weak can’t stand much less to pose for pictures with a smile. It’s just another event to go and dress and look who nuh look good. Half the time they don’t know who dead the just want to go drink the people dem goat head soup.

  3. It started from in the 90s. Dem ppl here a di minority, di majority a folks know how to dress for the settings.

  4. This is disgusting, to even bring a party flyer to the funeral to promote is disgusting. These outfits are disgusting. I blame the church too, they shouldn’t even allow them inside, I don’t care because these are clearly lost souls who cannot be reached. All now as grown as I am my granny nah let mi walk in a church with my shoulders showing much less having on a belly shirt or see thru. Everyone mourns differently but these people weren’t in mourning, this was a fashion show, a man dem guh deh a look

  5. mi guh one funeral fi a yung yute and one a him fren dem walk in and deh pon “skippo to the wurrrlll,” inna di church while the pastor a pray, so everybaddie look pan him, wen we tun roun’ dis idiot inna one blazer with no shirt under it, one a di church members had to nicely escort him out a di service. no respect dem nuh have fi di living, dem selves, much less the dead

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