Veteran sound system selector Ricky Trooper has released scathing remarks against leader of the Alliance, Bounty Killer.

According to Ricky Trooper, in a recent interview, Bounty Killer made disparaging comments about his character, labelling him as a ‘sell out’.

“Mi nuh trouble Killa. All a dis a come from a prank call that was circulated last year with me stating that I will play music for everybody, regardless of dem sexuality. Mi go pon On Stage and clear up di issue and Bounty Killer still a live pon me name. Bounty Killer look like him want me stay like him and cuss everybody and den stuck a Jamaica,” Trooper said.

He added that Bounty Killer, should instead focus on fixing his own life, before calling out other celebrities.

“Killa mash up nuff people career. Him put a stigma pon Lexxus, Vegas, Mavado and now me. Mi a di wrong person fi Killa chuck pon. Mi nuh fraid a him. Leave me alone Bounty Killer. If you were such a great artiste, how come yuh nah fly? Mi go pon more tour than Killa, a swear.”

To drive home his point, Trooper then sent out a broadcast, accusing Bounty Killer of ‘bad minding’ his fellow artistes for their houses and cars.

“Killa yuh ole inna di bizniz, you nuh have no buss a buss back. You time expire suh low the yutes dem mek dem eat a food. You get your run and yuh nuh do nutten wid it. Him nuh own no house pon the hill. Killa you and me deh pon the same level. You live pon the flat just like me so go fix yuh life and low people,” the broadcast read.

The selector told THE STAR that Bounty Killer was in no position to judge anyone, since he too is guilty of taboo practices.

“A music mi play and mi play fi everybody. Anybody whe waan see me play music can come. A dat mi do for a living. Killa want we stay like him and cuss people and den caan fly out. Him a cuss people bout dem life and him same one a live dirty life. Di woman dem a road a talk bout him,” Trooper said.


    1. Trooper wrong fi talk bout him will play fi anybody at anytime cause dat show seh him moral level low but bounty nuh much better.

      Everybody know seh killa a d biggest freak inna dancehall but him a lick out pon other djs.

      Mi been a seh killa badmind and a try hold down everybody a Jamaica wid him. fi him time up and him need fi mek d little yutes eat a food. Him squander him money and a look back visa now from america bout him cant launch album without visa.

      Eveybody except lexus wha him diss career a do better than before check the facts.

      1. I not even a go comment ..trooper whey go pan youtube wid di gun mek feds spotlight dancehall needs to go sitdown

  1. Killer a mi deejay from mawnin’. Not only because him make music that I like but also because him stand firm fi what him believe in- whether his beliefs are good or bad is up for dicussion. Killer a di only artiste that sacrifice fame, money and international noteriety (wid no doubt) because him say it against the standards him set fi himself. I would have to look hard to find another dancehall artiste I can say the same about. Ricky trooper a try tek focus off him hypocrisy and and try spotlight killa visa & financial situation but the reality is him trooper say him will play at BATTYMAN event (an mi hear it wid mi owna ears). Yuh caan fly guh foreign guh mix wid batteyman and then come come and bun dem out a dance and tek Jamaican people fi fool. Furthermore a HIM make nuff artiste visa get deny through him f**kery and the gun pon youtube suh him nuh even supposed to talk bout who caan fly from who can fly. A him caan guh USA make nuh money suh him willing fi guh take even Doo Doo money a europe!!!

  2. Killa need fi focus pon him own life and dat is true. Him always pointing fingers at someone else. When your life good, happy, prosperous, spiritually elevated, you nuh hab no time fi see nobody and wah dem a do, you too happy and joyful fi siddung a watch ppl day in day out. Killa a focus pon people because him is miserable deep within, cause wi all know every artiste hab a certian amount of ego and when dat spotlight gone it hawd fi many a dem deal wid it. Killa need fi focus pon him music, songwriting or producing. Him is a middle-aged man now, and him legacy is not dat great because him always di author of friction, and a him come bring Vybz Kartel come gi wi, suh him fi guh sawt out him spirit and mind.

    1. Agree 100% wid what you said about Bounty.

      I’m glad trooper said what he said but I don’t think he is the one to say it. He is the prime example of someone who will do anything for money, and to give bounty credit, he won’t sell his self for money.

      1. Bounty need fi sell him stuff cause him have him children fi mind, and him haffi hab a retirement fund fi him fucha, him a self-employed person suh him nuh hab no 9-5 fi provide medical insurance if sickness teck him, and a doubt him hab a pension to look forward to cause him nuh pay into none.

        Him free fi hab him beliefs and stick wid dem cause a him haffi wake up and be Bounty Killa everyday, not a soul else.

  3. TROOPA lickout pon gays numerous times den bow back to dem wen him visa cancel suh him nuh hav nuh chat, bounty fi dun him…..fish selecta dat

  4. Big up Bounty killa a mi dj fi LOIFE…anyway if killa eat a fi him business dat ..mi neva si and I dont know…one ting mi know seh killa stand up fi weh him believe him also improve himself in terms of knowledgw

  5. ricky trooper need fi guh sidung & stop call up BOUNTY KILLA name,nuh body nuh suck pussy like ricky trooper,and a nuh ask mi ask nuh body a tell mi a tell uno dis,suck pussy ricky trooper when yu live inna glass house don’t throw stone! ricky trooper i wouldn’t be surprise fi know sey man a bend yu over,cah yu licky licky & love like’s cah yu nevea know me fi a week good,when yu did a suck down mi womb,and a tell mi bout a de first time yu suck pussy,and a true yu love mi and know seh mi a clean girl!! RICKY TROOPER MI MISS FI WINE UP INNA YU FACE! AND IF YU THINK YU BLOODCLAAT BAD CALL MI PHONE AN SI IF MI NUH MEK POLICE MI YU UP ANY WEH YU DEH,CAH YU LOVE BEAT WOMAN BUT MI A WAIT PON YU SUCK PUSSY BOY!

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