18 thoughts on “RIDING DI WALL

  1. You know exactly who him is. Sikes a use fi ppl come dash out weh dem know bout him. Goodly deh wid him already and just waan know if anybody know say uno deh. :siul :siul
    Ppl uno come dash out for sender please.

  2. Lol… Sender u tek pink wall fi fool. We aint dumb Hun!!!! Before u just say u ago want him file. Dis Ano dating site. U nah go find the love of u life here… U might find out enough to make u stop want him though…

  3. Gm all,special gm sender,

    Needs are ALWAYS more important n greater than wants!Thus as much as u want him..yuh NEED fi want guh JAMAL/JFLL more!!!!!

    Grammar police haffi charge yuh because a di first I’ve seen one sentence with so many wtf errors! !histrie TPC!!

    1)yuh miss out di I fi go front of always.

    2)seeing* not see..active past participle!

    3)ON* not In based on ur next error which is….

    4) Scene* n not sense!!

    5)ago!!??yuh really sey ago!!??but what the BBC #$@!&$ wrang with yuh senda!!?? Yuh don’t know the difference btw ago and a guh/ a go…how long AGO yuh left school because me A GUH need yuh fi go back like tiday tiday! !

    6)TEll us more nuh goodie because usually a comma (,..seet deh ,a dat name comma) indicates a continuation of sorts.Now if you did done u woulda use a FULLSTOP/PERIOD (.*….SEET DEH SUH DEH).HOW di phuck you use a comma fi end ur sentence eehh sender!!??

  4. Sender nuh mind yaah, sometimes dem ppl pan yah harsh. However mi agree wid dem. Mi know sey yu know who him is if yu si him so much inna dance, yu know who him is. Secondly mi tink auto correct change up some a di spelling. Him kinda look like Bill Cosby from Stone Love, maybe mi wrong but dat is as how much help me is. I tried boo. Anyways, hope it works, I am always rooting for love. Keep me updated an memba me is the first one try help out di sit-tu-hay-shan.

  5. Sender don’t worrry him already have bout 4 baby madda and 10 kids .. 6 side chicks including you. More or likely him hustle probably pretend fi have nuff money when dem pockets ever mediocre dwl him nuh cute suh try u bessss nuh breed

  6. Senda a ur cup a tea dat? anyways go chu…. yuh issa ooman or man senda?? just a question.

  7. YLT… You really correct the spelling for “ago/ ah guh?” And mi underneath a comment “ago” as an abbreviation of “ah guh?” Dwl… U really serious. Or should I say “you are really serious.” Lol… All patois and slang are corrected… Lol. Serious!

    1. Gm big up urself…remember in ur case it’s a genuine mistake plus we know yuh know better unlike the sender..so gwaan through!

      Just for laugh u have no idea how right you are. ..but it’s more than nitpicking enuh. .keeping dem honest cuz nuff lie a tell when ppl use bad grammar! Thus dem nuh care fi properly and accurately tell di truth!!

  8. Latty, you make me laugh out loud sometimes. Yardie you must read this site holding a magnifying glass in your L/hands while wearing your reading glasses…lol.

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