Updated: Wednesday, May 14 2014, 01:34 PM EDT Rihanna Mocks 16-Year-Old Fan’s “PromBat” Outfit A Baltimore teen who dressed as her once-idol, Rihanna, for a Hollywood themed prom has been the target of cyberbullying, including two mocking tweets from the music star herself. Sixteen-year-old Alexis Carter knew she would turn heads when she decided on a caped crusader-style prom outfit, one which was modeled after an outfit worn by Rihanna. “I was like, ‘Oh my god, I love this outfit, I wanna go with this outfit let me go show my mom,’ and I was like, ‘Mom, mom, mom, I wanna wear this, it’s cool, I love it, oh my god.'” With the help of a family friend the teenager crafted her ensemble. The dark green outfit featured a plunging neckline and “wing-like” attachments under the arms. Her prom night was a hit. “Everybody was saying, ‘Oh my god, I love it, it looks nice your body looks good it’s different,'” Alexis said. But the next day photos of some of her poses in the outfit began to spread on social media. On Twitter, the hashtag #PromBat began to trend, complete with altered photographs, mocking the young girl’s outfit. But what was, perhaps, most disturbing to Alexis was a tweet from her now former idol, Rihanna, who posted a photo of herself wearing the dress (with caption “IG”) alongside a photo of Alexis in her dress (with caption “Real Life”) and a sad face. In another tweet, Rihanna posted a photo of the teen alongside the bat-like logo of the Wu-Tang clan. “I was very offended,” Alexis said of Rihanna’s tweets. “Why throw shade on it when you had on the exact same thing. The poses was different but the outfit wasn’t.” Five days after the prom the cyberbullying showed no signs of relenting. Alexis says she is now afraid to show her face, though she’s not afraid to speak her mind, especially when it comes to Rihanna. “She don’t love her fans like she says she does,” Alexis said. Now Alexis is getting a huge following herself and next year she will be different at prom — but she won’t be going as Rihanna.



  1. Lol mi no mean fi laff but Rihanna bad no baxside eno lmaoooooo
    I don’t know if a di color n the lack of body on the fan’s side but that was a miss lol no wonder she’s called bad gal rhi rhi hush ya girl

    1. a it we jus a talk bout pan fb how she wing out but wha beat mi bad a how di same school pickney dem tell har she look nice dem call har prombat

      1. Met my one question is so because u is a fan mi caaa tell u di truth????
        Mayb she woulda feel betta if Rihanna lie to har like har friends did cho

        1. chuet u know some people think u fi agree wid dem wid everything if not u dont like them..Rihanna shudden jeer har but mi waa know if har mother comfortable wid she showing up har front end like that

        2. She did not have to lie to her but she still should not make fun of a (teen) fan. She could have just ignored it.

      2. Met we live in a world where even our best friend lied to us about our looks in person and on fb. I see it every five months I go on fb.

          1. yes a now she a go palaav pan di social media but she neva si se rihanna neva lift up fi har wing

      1. Honeybee feel good n gratification from a stranger is icing on the cake if u n ur family n close friends thought ur a hit that should b good eno but she young still hopefully in time she will learn this

        1. I tell something; she’s not going to learn, these teenagers live on social media, and every mentions and pics they post they are looking for some sort of validation from their followers. This world we live in I tell u!

  2. Rihanna is a internet bully from morning……it’s besides me how these Stan’s go hard for their idols, all thy care about is that their fans buy whatever the fu*ck they’re selling.

    I am going to reframe myself from saying anything about this girl……cause :shutup:

  3. Rhianna has bullied everyone on social media. When she starts bullying instead of encouraging a teenage fan, it’s time for her fall from grace. I’ve seen before pictures of Rhianna in Barbados before fame where she was busted as hell. The things she had to do to Kanye, Jay Z and all of Rockerfella for a career, she’s in no position to mock anyone. As Tatyana told her ” you’re worth $90 million but 90 million niggas done dive in that bitch box”.

    1. Foxy small question does the amount of sexual encounters determine the kind of woman r man you are?

      1. I personally think that’s an absolute yes and no amount of “liberation” will change my views. Did you mean ‘sexual encounters’ or ‘sexual partners’? There’s a vast difference between the two. There’s something inherently flawed and lacking in a woman that feels she is only validated by being with a man, that finds her worth in who she’s bed, who needs a man at all times despite the dysfunctionality of the relation, that has no qualms about sharing her body with every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes along.
        I’m way too nice and too special for every Mr Man come enjoy my company. Only a few lucky ones can get that benefit.
        Rhianna makes more money than I ever dream of and all these nobody rappers and ball players can call her industry chick. Anything overused loses its value.

        1. Foxy of course I meant partners not encounters my mistake was typing while working now ur belief n way of reasoning will not b everyone else’s so my opinion I would not get any form of satisfaction wit sharing my self with a lot of partners but all too many times women are left to believe that sexual partners diminishes us IT DOESNT, quite frankly we are not bars of soap that with each rub we melt away now I’m not privy to the amount of partners she has had (don’t know if u are) BUT what I do know a lot of stories are made up most times of things we don’t understand and because it is considered juicy gossip. Anyway mama use to say seven bredda seven different minds this I think is the perfect example of that.

          1. Chuet , it does to an extent but does not determine who we are. That is why mi say it is more of the personality than the persona. Any woman or any person who goes from partner to partner has a problem..maybe sexual problem or there is something they are looking for but not getting..Some women use sex as power and that is where an issue may arise … it does not make them less of a person but there is a flaw there

          2. @Cheut, there is a thing called discretion that our parents and grand parents were familiar with that is lost upon this overtly tactless generation. A woman can do her thing and do it far and wide and still appear demure and wholesome. These women brag and boast with every man they shared the goodies with, perhaps it’s a show of narcissism, delusion, gullibility or stupidity. Then the world knows all their bedroom occupants and no matter what the status quo on social media is, once your reputation goes bad, it cannot be rehabilitated. All when you join church, you’ll still be the one time whore.
            Furthermore, with the heightened rates of diseases, I’m dumbfounded how people are still so cavalier about sex.

      2. chuet mi did know smaddy whey mi nah lie she have a list of bay encounters :ngakak no relationship and when she attempted it when di man find out say she neatly do di whole building cousin man aunty man best friend man u name it she tek dem very neatly…so mi summize seh is either she have a sex problem…she is a freak or a sadamite :alay

        1. But fun and joke aside…sexuality is a great part of the person and to a lesser extent the persona…

  4. A dat she fi get bout she a idolize gyal…dwl. Guh idolize God and sidung one-side….damn fool. Rihanna coulda neva hurt my feelings cauz fi har opinion don’t mean shit to me. Yes mi luv har music but she cyaaan shame me afta she nuh name Jah, Jehovah, The Almighty….God. People need to teach children to careless what people have to say, especially uneducated people.

  5. She lucky everything dem see celebrity inna dem waan tek up and wear and ur in high which means u sudnt even b wearin a outfit like dat

  6. me say Rihanna is a mean likkle gal but a leave her to Solange me did swear say Rihanna bad but when me see how solange step to jay z me say no Rihanna just full a chat an rude but solange really don’t care about reputation dwl…. solange remind me a Lauryn hill dem mad and dem doe give a damn :ngakak


    1. Solange will take dat damn umbrella and whoop Rhianna’s asssssss wid it..Solange tried to tenderize Jay Z :ngakak

  7. Yeah, mi know seh di teen (an ole no-life dancehall crowbait tuh) luv idolize celebrity an waan inna limelight wid fashion, but ah nuh ebryting dem fi copy. Dem deh rat bat outfit deh ah fi di brave of heart an di wealthy people dem weh can wear anyting cah dem money nuh just talk….it BAWL OUT LOUD LOUD. Ah nuh suh yuh pose inna dem deh getup deh, cah shi tan up like train about tuh pass choo. Har mumma shoulda never support dat fashion statement cah shi luk :kacau:

  8. Mi nuh understand how grown ppl find this in any way funny ..
    It’s not funny at all & Though I like Ri she is a bully & like foxy said
    She bullies everyone & it’s because her life is sad & pathetic .. Rihanna
    Can’t even keep a man she just box bout from Chris to Drake & back Chris beat har & drake diss har neatly in his songs .. She need to go sit down that kid is a child
    Only 16! She know better? That’s what all 15-16 y/o do idolize celebrity & she did want something diff for prom maybe she’s into fashion but to sit & criticize & laugh is wrong!
    Rihanna should’ve at least commend her for thinking that highly of her because a lot of people don’t!!! This really turn me off she wicked bad

    1. Rihanna is a piece a shit!!! That is a little girl who chose to model her outfit after her idol. The mature thing to do as a ‘celebrity’ if compelled to respond was to thank her young fan for attempting to emulate her style; NOT humiliate the teenager. Most people (most likely the teenager) were sympathetic to Rihanna when she was at her lowest moment after the beat down by CB. They weren’t using the occasion to humiliate her; she needs to remember those times.

      The teen chose Rihanna’s outfit following the theme of the prom. That should not be a cause to suffer humiliation. Rihanna is just a shit pit low class bitch slut wid money not worthy of respect.

      1. @Kunta, I agree with every word. I’ve seen some prom outfits that I’m certain we’re bought in Mega Sex Adult Store(u know the one on 441), at least thing girl was covered up. It’s tacky on her just as it was on Rhianna. While she has a nice body, the green cat attire was hideous.
        Ms. I want to be white Rhianna needs to have several seats. She’s classless and cannot walk in Beyoncé’s shoes on a bad day.

        1. Foxy, Mi si unda beyonstray everyday ….Rihanna can sexy widout showing skin……..mi nuh falla up none a dem …but Beyostray fi shape bad ..and di skin dem a drop off a di leg hold up by two muscle ……….Memba se a tin Mackrel (dutty gyal) and wah ting name cou cou ( mad) a Barbados national dish and Rihanna a dem national star so she is just playing into those name ;….and Beyonstray is mean very mean

          1. __________________________________________ a nuh waa beyontwis neva waa walk bout and f— memba se di whole industry did seh har mouth tink bad so a only jaycamel wudda wife it

          2. well bredda camel mouth part ……….keep him at least 14 feet from fi ar mouth so him nuh smell it ….mussi das y ar mouth lock innna di elevator during di fight……..cause it woulda tek ova from solange and beat dem bad……di man dem nuh haffi go nuh strip club all dem haffi do a wait pon bredda camel wife fi strip ar self pon di music video

      2. but watch yah..no a mek yah guh suh hard babes a weak :ngakak

        yuh renk wen yuh ready enuh lol

  9. aahhh sah dem pickney deh a her school a really something else.. dem give the young lady the confidence to pose and long out her neck and left up the fabric cause dat a nuh material from it pass multiply inches it pass material and gone to fabric, ooun see how high school pickney can be terrible? Tears!!!! she in a the school a pose like she is all dat true dem tell her say she look good dem boast her up till she tun suppligent aahhh say pickney no easy at all

    1. all lef fi shi do a hang upside dung shi go haad ……………all di face faava gaga and shi black

  10. fi hear the pickney them a tell her to hold up her hands make them get a good picture of the design all when she hold up her hands them mussi say who that so unique I wish I was the one who think of that style ne know say a plan the lkkle rascal dem a plan fi her

  11. Rihanna a cyber bully fi true shi nuh wah nuh form of imitation pon ar ting..BUT mi nah lie di prom bat ting have mi a way cah wen mi si di ting earlier …mi swear seh di girl go a wah costume party as a bat mi neva know seh a prom ………I am not a Rihanna fan so mi nah tek up fi ar but some a dem likkle girl yah need a reality cheque and Rihanna look like shi sign fi ar

  12. I would never let my daughter wear that to her prom the dress have to much cloth an it luk hideous!!!

  13. met say if the little girl no see say Rihanna never left up her wings :tkp :ngakak met u are velly bad noooo saaahhhhh

  14. anytime me and my sista go out and see anyone that dress stupid she beg me not to laugh when these ppl are near. me try but me cannot hold in the laugh! LOL me have to buss out the laugh!!! so if I was near this girl I couldn’t keep my composure.. all dat deh pose deh weh she do fi the camera woulda floor me right there and den…

  15. Bwouy…when I read some a these comments…how sum a unnu knw seh De gal tek all these men…unnu did deh deh…and fe think if we fe eva open up some a unnu closet door..De amount a Skelton drip out may pen caan hol…unnu fe Lowe De gal man…she is in her 20 ‘ s and living her young life…ppl love chat and don’t knw nothing bout the girl…juss assume weh dem hear fr tabloid…and me hear sum one a top a talk bout teyana…she is who again???…A dam nobody weh a luk a rap career…kmt

  16. di lilly gal seh and i rass quote:
    “Why throw shade on it when you had on the exact same thing. The poses was different but the outfit wasn’t.”

    a di funniest statement dat mi read fi di whole day. diss rass pickney delusional, har outfit don’t luk like “di same exact outfit”. :ngakak :ngakak

    dat likkle girl outfit luk like di dressmeka neva want not even di scraps fi leff back inna har house, she use up everyting :ngakak :ngakak

    she spend too much time pon har outfit and neglect di hairstyle :ngakak

    diss shit was funny no lie!!!

      1. mi seh met!!!! di dressmekka sen no tank u. u are very kind but…mi no want none :ngakak

        all di lilly gal face fava a bat, she pick di perfect promfit :ngakak :ngakak

        1. Hey Lundie wap wap wap wap wap go a u bed too rawseeeeee bad man not even peanut trash no hab nothing pon u likkle girl TO U BED LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    1. mi de ya a wanda if di little girl come from JAMAICA…cause shi tek di term “duppy bat ” and fly wid it …nah tell nuh lie any how dem tun da pictcha de upside dung mi a run lef mi computer

      1. Real no mannnnnnn a whey di baxside a gwaan unnu no plan fi behave tinite —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–
        Real dere is God oooooooo mi woulda run toooooo

  17. riri a mi simply mi a beg yuh fi yuh email address deh a waan sen in scammina own tuh yuh :ngakak :ngakak

    she did ntn wrong de gal jus 100% real wid har sh!t,nuff celeb waan duh certain tings but fraid she riri nuh give one ounce a phuck a liokeeee

  18. Mi like riri but dis was uncalled for…..dis is a likkle girl weh nuh know nuh betta shi have a lot of growing up to do, ppl weh older dan she make bad fashion choice everyday…..di outfit terrible but dat a somn shi cudda laugh at among her frens shi Neva affi blast her pon social media… shi Neva affi deal wid har suh star

  19. A bet if more while we did put dem likkle girl here inna sem place dem woulda teck dem time before dem pick up big woman strain
    All Rihanna did was tell har fi go SIDDDUNG nicely lmaoooooo

  20. Met good morning…u nuh memba bout 3 or 4 yrs ago one girl a Jamaica did have it on inna blue fi har dance party u did feature har pon ere.U nuh memba?a tink a from fimiyaad it did come from

  21. The other day did Net had a grown ass dance hall lady in a white suit like it. Can you put her next to RiRi. The look is not for everyone and she got the attention that she was seeking. Age has nothing to do with it.

  22. Mocking a little girl is not cool or funny. We were once teens and had people we look up to for one reason or the other .Stop acting so mean and stupid.

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