Teyana Taylor has responded to Rihanna via Twitter for mocking her after the G.O.O.D Music star posted an acapella video on Instagram.

On Sept. 12, Taylor, good friends of Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and current girlfriend Karrueche Tran posted a video of herself singing an acapella version of Anita Baker’s “Caught Up In The Rapture.”

The video showed Taylor singing her heart out while grabbing her head full of hair.

While the video was liked by over 21,000 Instagram users, Rihanna apparently didn’t feel the same way.

On Tuesday, Rihanna uploaded a video to her Instagram of her stylist, Yusef Williams mocking Taylor. Williams wore a wig that looked similiar to Taylor’s and sang the same song. He was also playing with his hair the same way Taylor did in her video.

Taylor was not pleased when she saw Rihanna’s video on the social media site and took to Twitter to directly respond to the Bajan singer about the mockery.

“Don’t play wit me @rihanna f— all this industry sh–, YOU & I know each other VERY well. Throwing subs 4 wat? u got my #, don’t show off,” Taylor wrote, later adding, “y’all could bully everybody else & get away wit that sh– but that sh—ain’t gone work ova here. so y’all could miss me with that NAVY sh–.”

“i sing caught in the rapture on IG then she posts her boy singing the same song, the same part, with curly hair and a snap back??? #PETTY”



  1. Rihanna is very petty though .. Teyanna can sing probly better than Rihanna too .. Ri sing up I’m her nose hole she fi low d gal & stop tek out her anger over Chris brown & like teyanna say dem more than kno each other .. Rihanna is pussy though she know who to @ & f**k with lmfao.. Teyanna will beat her lol

    1. a jus she dat…as a female u nuh respond to that wid violence u wait fi di oppo fi cyad har back…americans full a big speech all di while bout beat and dem can only fight ina pack and gang

  2. We will see lol I want her smack Rihanna .. I’m team RiRi but she too hype somebody fi cool her she bitter nuh rass

    1. Not by hitting ..she might get what she dont expect and is weeks ago she mek di song …rihanna nuh mad fi jus wait until 2 weeks after fi cyaad har..what did she say or do?

      1. Met I agree, something was said or done for rihanna to respond like dat. She may be hype but she nuh trouble people first. As usual we nuh see the pinch but we hear the slap. As far as I see if dem nuh trouble rihanna she nuh see dem…

        1. she has never done that and see people ready fi lie bout she love trouble people …since ms wadeva she waa name go put up tings bout who will get beat…… I would constantly have my thermos with hot unsweatened cornmeal porridge since she mek such a threat because if u bad u mus can tek a skin peel wrong or right?

          1. RIGHT! she naw duh shit bare chat she well noe seh she fuxx wid riri unda di quiet but chu dem mussy talk she tink it wudda dun desso…dem mussy pash it out pon fone but rir nuh tek chek mek t gwehhhh

          2. Ooooucchhh!!!! that hot nuh bclawt enuh…but metty yuh a bad gal man…mi loike it!

            Mawing to you and the rest of the crew

  3. Mi can look pon Rihanna & know teyanna will beat her badly lmao I’m not gonna be Bias mi love Ri but she’s all mouth

    1. All mi know is that mi shall wait fi see and she betta not run in from di back she fi rush har direct if she bad since she waa get physical

    1. real dats what females do best….its the industry…t fi go luk a comeback n stop pree violence caw she caw win no day

      chris unda riri frock :travel

  4. they want rihanna to siddung and tek dem abuse..not a fck. Dey can’t understand how she come from where she come from and ah step ahead ah dem. dem can’t understand how she can tek and give back dem man as she please…Mek dem stand in dem shoes and wonder……and in the meanwhile she is still succeeding.

      1. metty she well noe weh it a cum from but she prolly tink it squash..like smaddy seh up a top di slap loud but di pinch quiet a wah she juss lightly touch riri

        1. Rihanna se no free promotion so a mussy mad Rihanna mad fi a se dat..People nuh look into things..Mek she gwaan a doe waa Rihanna touch har kaw har best friend ignaarhant fi har bad

  5. Mi cant stand Teyanna wid har wild hair. She and Karreuche a fren so something was probably done or said about rhi rhi and Teyanna is just f**king Jealous!!!!!!

    1. ispy dem a gwaan like rir mad fi juss get up suh n a chat…a promotion she a luk an c riri n har stylist give it har deh…suh wats di beef

      mi seh di man all a fingle wid di wig :ngakak

  6. You are getting it backwards Teyanna put up her video first & Rihanna wanna be nuff! I’m not a fan of Teyanna but Rihanna is a trouble maker & if she get beat again it fi reach Har furthermore Teyanna can sing a lot better than Ri .. T got great vocals Rihanna thinks she can disrespect any & everyone she need to go sit her devil worshipping ass down somewhere mi love her but mi na be bias she is a damn trouble mekka & she nuh bad .. She have so many lip fi the nobody fans them lol but when it’s someone she actually knows she refuse to put an @ sign FOH she psssyy idc lol .. Nothing wrong with Teyanna hair & bet you any money this has to do with Karreuche & Chris .. Seriously Ri still on that?

    1. No a u have it backwards..do u see how long the video was put up?? So because Rihanna mock har dat give har the right fi strike? A people like she lose dem life because she too bad

      1. metty yuh caw lead di bline suh doah seh a wurd…a knowins t a luk an nuh c seh riri naw luk bout she a tag a wah melissa flog har nicely.

    2. Why ppl must be so Petty a so much time she have pon her hand and futhermore is not Rhi mocking her and Teyanna sound like when dem sand dog bout sound better than Rhi Rhi, where, plueassseee she more famous for appearing on Sweet Sixteen than singing….kmt

      1. Rihanna dus dun har agen brb :ngakak
        but me wudda like mi one likkle sister dem ansa back smaddy and dem feel like dem fi fight..bitches would be scalded a so mi seh..nuh ina no rantangle wid dem..hot liquid to dem skin

  7. Mi cah tek f**kery Rih a nuh trouble maker dats a lie, she only ansa people wah try fi dis har first. Dem mad because anybody mess wid har she dis dat straight and nuh care. Teyanna and Tranny was friends before suh it could not be over Breezy. And she a chat bout have number suh y she never call Ri then and squash it. A she a lone bad???? KMFT!

    1. The video was put up exactly 2 weeks ago so as mi seh again a wuda mad Rihanna mad fi come ansa har whole a 2 weeks after?

      1. but di funny ting is riri not evn a ansa y she doah tek on di stylist since she suh bad bout beat down….a suh usa bad til dem bomb wi inna 9/11…sumtime wi fi cool n stop bawl victim foh

          1. ook! a ope since she bad she meet dem pon tour an mek sure a face to face ting likkle hood biitch like she bad puhleeze

          2. Nuff a dem have jealousy ina dem heart because the Caribbean oman come tek ova the spot light and dem man in dat order. Why they mad though??????????????

  8. which talent dem have better than rihanna’s??? Rihanna’s first song dat she buss wid better than anything any a dem could come with and it has been upward and better since den. The girl work hard and dey mad because she not taking their bullying. No promotion!!! tek dat and guh look yuh own spotlight if yuh can find one.

    1. but t is only known from sweet sixteen suh a which singing she caw sing betta dan riri..she a meck hit records?? she get a hit cocky an a it a mad har she envy riri baddd a di wors ting is all wen riri nuh deh wid breezy breezy doah want dem

      1. Ri never seh nothing about fight but dem hot fi har and dat a har only weapon har mouth weh look like pig snot……Yuh neva get de memo yuh and Tranny Caribbean woman do it betta…………..If a lie ask Breezy…..Now hold dat!!!

        1. Y dem waa Rihanna get beating and she nah bully nobody yet.. kakroach always a mek Rihanna har problem so now she get company

  9. when dem can sing a song and mek dem man cry inna public for the whole world to see, den dem can step to the bajan….brite

  10. Ahhhhhh I’ve got a little question Wat song did teyana or wateva sing again I’m confused I thought she was know for sweet sixteen n alerting the public that a so call hype dude took her “virginity” (boy dat word virginity can get misused eee see) anyway anyone can brighten mi darkness on this many thanks

      1. Metsy a di side way downside backside viirginity must b, she ugly no rass so how she fi step to Riri Jayz top money maker if she bad touch har n she will know how Marcy project roll dem gal deh a idiot gal mi no wrong Riri when she tawk anything afta a dog a bark

        1. That chick is whack BabyGirl,
          Her moms is J’can I think but who di hell is she to send threat she mussi think say Caribbean woman ago wait pon har fi teck out har earring n ketch up the lions mane pon her head no bitch it’s on an popping the sec we see u dumb bird

          1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I cant wid unu at all… But mi just know seh Ri a hot head and she wudda wrap dat weavegonewrong pon har head and kill it wid lick. Bad wat bitch??? guh hold yuh corner ina de never relevant section..

  11. @ MET thanks huny bun, sweeti pie, suga plum :peluk

    A suh wan yankee dee seh “meet me at the park”..choo mi dus har out she waah rematch

  12. Honestly Rihanna need fi calm herself & humble she started throwing shade first she needs to be put in her place because she has more money it gives her permission to frig wid people ??? Kmft gtfoh she need a next box like the one Chris gave her I’m not gona ride the band wagon n be bias but Teyanna sound better than Rihanna mi ears dem clean n d gal sound good smh ppl fi stop that shit

    1. Put in her place how? This is a modern world we can read and write much better than before so why is violence still the only answer for some people?

  13. @733..U sure it wasnt the other way around, lol/ an yes met t mother a jcan/ still feel like riri can beat her or change cause t jcan roots cuase that love go on all the while j/s

  14. Teyana Taylor did get lick in har head wid bottle when she try rush a stripper gal in a the club. So I don’t know how it a go with she wanting to buss smaddy ass. “Can’t we all just get along”(Rodney King).

  15. :ngakak cross angry gunnarable :malu riri no trouble people enuh but dem always trouble the gal ,she muss cuss dem clattt :ngakak riri and killa a family :alay knowings teyana a look gwey she fi gwey :kr

  16. metty she badddddd ..well tell har fi test riri she get a good old fashion Caribbean beat down :ngakak I cannot cross it :ngakak

  17. This argument is stupid. Ri shaded the girl. IT is what it is. What she DIDN’T expect was for the girl to stand up for herself. I hate when ppl bring US vs Caribbean to an argument this don’t have NOTHING to do w/it. YOu have gladiators & PUSSIES in every country/county/island/continent.

    Teyana is KNOWN for fighting in the streets & stepping to ppl. Very much know for it. Rihanna can hide behind a lot of ppl, like Melissa but at the end of the day when you shade someone own up to it. I LOVE Rihanna but Teyana is a warring girl & NO amount of money can protect you when someone is NOT afraid of your wallet! NONE!

    1. Totally agree with you too. I like Riri but she shaded the girl and Teyana dun har wicked! this is not the entire thing.

  18. you noe a lot abt teyana but little abt riri caw it stawt from last year n a dem did stawt wid riri suh wen since smaddy rong fi defen demself agen?? tel mi caw mi nuh noe kmt

  19. This what I have to say on this matter of a regular did put up a vid like that would she react the same rhianna have di right fo duh w.e she want dem a gwaan like bcuz she a celebrity certain she mustnot do

  20. If someome else made the vid would she react the same ppl throw shade everybody but becuz she name rhianna its a big thing to mi rhi thing of herself like a regular person she can do w.e she want

  21. Rihanna need to take 2 seats i saw this bs she got on IG,, all that internet gangsta shit,, she aint about that life,,I got my money on Tianna that Harlem chick aint no joke.

  22. Rihanna is always throwing shade,, she fcked with poor Karuchi and Ciara and everyone else cus she got a slick mouth,,like most internet gangstas do

    1. ansa dis fi me plz! teyana a street girl ? suh jay z a who? uno really mek clean clothes fool uno! teyana can chat n dats all she cyah touch rhi n nuh get page d right way! n she we get page b4 n chris cyah help har …she just affi go leggo dah one yah n nuh look rhi way! tey n kackroach faas wid rhi day in n day out n wen she ansa is a problem ! how u fi hav a fren n she knw weh dude mean to u n she gi him oman! n yah kin teet wid gal den say rhi hav ur number like uno cool! she is far frm a bully she jst nah mek nuh body walk over her!

    2. but yu deh yah to a chat suh yuh a wah kine a gangsta? unnuh a preach badniss n mi nuh see weh bad call fi inna dis….since t bad mek she jump

  23. If jay Neva page Chris when Ri get the whopping I wonder why he would care if T buss Ri ass lmfao .. Rihanna ah chatty mouth … & observer keep saying it started from last year no it didn’t .. KARREUCHE & Rihanna were throwing shade at each other over breeze first war this with Teyana .. Not because dem a friend mean say Teyana a co-sign & even if she introduce Karreuche & Chris so what? He don’t belong to Rihanna this a str8 cocky feelings war .. Rihanna need fi get over Chris & stop with the shennenigans cuz she just has an image that illuminati create! It’s not real ! She’s a punk

    1. Morning u know seh u unfair. Is Kakroach always a throw wud first but as smaddy seh unno nuh feel di pinch but when Rihanna slap..You eva see Rihanna a trouble Kakroach first? Nuh talk bout get ova Chris because when he was with Rihanna whey day Kakroach tek full set watching and dropping word.. U know a we se Rihanna so all when she bad she good fi we but speak the truth she neva instigate nothing

      1. Chris had to tell Kakroach stop clock him cock. When Chris was with her and she and Rihanna get into it notice he has never said anything?? Is because a neva Rihanna first start nothing but when he was with Rihanna and she start him tell har get off his dick and go find something and do. You keep on a seh teach lesson like Rihanna do u something personally , remember none of us created each other so where there is a situation where we nah defend ourself or there is no reason for violence why try fi maim each other? It nuh call for ….Jail and casket nuh mek fi dog

    2. mi beg yuh pls fi pray breezy get off riri clit caw mi nuh noe weh u stay see riri pon em hood bout get over…have u ever been inlove? an wah proof u hav seh she nuh get ova em but so wat…breezy seh riri til em ded but gud puxxy mek man act less dan but dis nuh hav shit fi duh wid dat a respekk mi seh…if dem fuxx wid di chile defen yuhself plain n simple and yessssssssssssssssss IT STAWT FRAM LAAS YR…all wen a nuh riri rite..SHE RITE FI WE!! Mi nuh respons! Unnuh soun like ediat caw evrybaddi weh rich haffi inna illuminati?? kmt mek t jump an yuh wi see punk mi dun chat riri mi money deh pon ooooooooooooooooooo

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