1. This shouldn’t surprise us. She’s an island girl. They don’t have their own music so like all islands they hijack our culture, from our dance, music, food to lingo. The little big island just needs a mental awakening

    1. What hijack are you talking about?Jamaicans hijack more people music than anybody else.Big up yuh self Rihanna Supa Supa Star and still remain grounded.

      1. Hi hello shit for brains if u no know bout JA music don’t comment on it pl n tonks JAMAICA is legendary for creating its own music e.g ska, reggae n dancehall so talk whey u a talk but don’t bright u self kmt

      1. What music or food or anything else does Barbados have for itself? The music they listen to is Jamaican. The origin of rap music is Jamaican. Every damn other Caribbean island hijack our music, food and even fake our accent. And I stand by it 100%

        1. The wording is not correct. Hijack or embrace? The embrace our music; Sparrow and Arrow don’t do reggae and they are giant musicians from the small islands…

          Were we hijacking R&B back in the day when we were covering so many R&B songs? Soca & Calypso the more African of music are more prevalent in that region and I sure that it is not reggae that dominate their carnival…

          Rice & Peas is not Jamaican; unless you think we taught it to the West Africans who also cook Rice & Peas. Most of what we refer to as indigenous Jamaican are actually African in origin and guess where the first slaves went? Not Jamaica…

          1. I’m certain you weren’t actually using ‘hijack our music’ as in ‘hijack a plane’ If you wish to speak semantics, hijack means to steal, to rob. I am resolved that the phraseology is most appropriate. I think it’s no big unveiling to anyone here that our traits and customs as black people are intrinsically African since that’s who and what we are, so with that you somehow miss me with your point there.
            Let’s put it this way, perhaps of all the Africans that were unloaded across Caribbean territories, the seemingly most talented -musically and athletically as well as creatively were somehow dumped on Jamaica.
            Does that sound a bit more appetizing especially given that I cannot name one athlete or entertainer from another Caribbean territory that didn’t and hasn’t someone capitalized on some aspect of Jamaican culture?

          2. The method and the way we prepare our rice and peas is unique to Jamaica…..Jamaicans embrace Africa but not all Jamaicans are Africans …..you should also note that Jamaica is the central for music ….recordings are done in Jamaica as main stream artiste from all genres credit Jamaican producers for their unique style …Soca and calypso are very African this is because the Africans in other islands and other nations on the islands refused to mix ………………In Jamaica an Indian woman can marry a black man and there is very little problem…………….We have learnt to live together even with our differences this is something other islands and countries have failed to do ………….So they try and copy everything but our Out of Many One People cannot be copied

    2. uhmmm.. really… bwaay nuh wonder black ppl ave so much problem…. u seem so intelligent.. but then a dis ya say.

  2. Being a fan of the music & hijacking are two different things Rihanna is a BIG Marley fan & she’s dancing to dancehall. Where is she hijacking. She plays Mas in HER island & dances to calypso & soca on HER island! Where’s the hijacking?

    1. Ebony relax please I don’t think Foxy was saying Rihanna per say she was speaking in general no need to get riled up man lets all get along plssssss

    2. @EbonyLolita, she is entitled to dance to whatever she wants. Calypso and Soca are not indigenous to Barbados either. As an island Barbados offers very little to nothing in the form of culture, creativity or innovation. When have you ever seen Barbados being recognized for anything that was intrinsically theirs?
      Rhianna is both beautiful and talented but her music has reggae and dancehall overtones, not calypso or soca. Matter of fact, the debut single that put her on the international scene ‘pon the replay’ was reggae based.

  3. Rihanna ..hijack jamaican dancehall style …………a so mi a seh…………..ye shi good wid weh shi dede fah…….ar style some time off the chain l………….but imitation is the biggest compliment………last time mi hear di bajan dem a seh rihanna gwaan like shi a yawdi;//////as much as wi nuh wah blow mi own horn di yankee dem sample wi riddim dem di trini dem put a slow reggae beat to dem ting ………………………..and yeah dem follow wi straight……………………….Rihanna is a star….Bob Marley is a super star ……………….wi ting set a way

  4. Stop with the foolishness about the hijacking of music. It is out of appreciation and respect that Rihanna has embraced reggae/dancehall. Reggae and dancehall are indeed dominant; however, don’t be remiss and think that there isn’t a great music culture in Barbados that is independent or transcends our music…

    Yes it is true, we’ve covered and copied music from a lot of non-reggae genres–a whole lot. If Sanchez–just to name one artiste–has 100 songs, 90 of them are liable to be covers…

    1. @Nile, why you changed your name? Foolishness you say? Let me school you? Outside of even Jamaican music, black music has been completely hijacked from Elvis Presley and Rock n Roll all the way to Pop and R&B.. Look at Justin Timberlake, Macklemore and Robin Thicke all doing black music and receiving the accolades when they black artistes are all passed over for Grammy’s. Look at the Spanish dudes take over with Reggaeton. They all HIJACK our music, capitalize on it financially and receive the accolades so if you wish to be particularly generous and not accept this reality, then your bad honey, not mine.

      1. @Foxy, you are talking about different things here and I agree with what you are saying here. However, we should not say that the likes of Rhianna have hijacked our music.

        I keep on getting blocked so I had to change my profile name…

  5. hijack? sigh…Trinidad and Barbados play more dancehall on the radio than Jamaica itself. Memba mi tell you ..to the point when they have carnival/crop rover they have to try and put a ban on it so their likkle music can shine. They’re raised on dancehall/reggae to…unno gwan

  6. In Jamaica we live dancehall ……….no matter where u live or your social background you are exposed to dancehall and reggae it is always in the background

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