No met this serious.. Shortman breed stacy and run gone a Jamaica gone married to one american woman.. Stacy yu nuh learn… after everybody tell yu bout shortman yu still go breed.. how yu feel? Mi dont wrong tash fi diss him up.. shortman u wicked.. God go punish yu. Fi d wickedness yu do people gyal pikney. Yu a real dog shit..

Lady d ring go hurt yu finger…

3 thoughts on “RING STRESS

  1. Why blame him fe get r pregnant ?man cyaan breed . Women fe find stable man fe mek life wid . Stop blame De man

  2. Wow!!! Karma is real, Stacy me feel shame for you and is not me. Is the same time last year you was hyping with Shortman in Ja and a year later him dismiss you and get married.

    The things yall will do to get in law status and forgetting the family be cool with any woman he bring around literally, mummy playing both sides and sister riding with anybody on her good side.

    Remember his family is not yours, Their loyalty is to him not you, straight up!

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