Reports are that Kimmone Dolly British Mattis was killed in Florida lastnight. Please confirm


Paula Walker laid on the concrete driveway at 2921 NW 24th Street in Fort Lauderdale Thursday, where her daughter, 22-year-old Kimone Mattis was shot and killed.

“I want to go see my child…of my God I want to go see my child,” Walker said

Mattis was the mother of 15-month-old baby named Sky.

Family members said Mattis was getting home from work last night at Irie Restaurant around 11:30 p.m. Then, according to a neighbor, three to five shots were fired.

That neighbor called police, but when they arrived Mattis was dead. The young mother killed in her car sitting in the driveway.

“Oh boy I’m torn to pieces. I’m so sick I don’t know what’s going on with me right now. I’m so sick. I just need justice,” said her father Lester Mattis.

“They shot her in her head and kill her right here right on this spot, ” Walker said, pointing to it on the driveway. “Right here on this spot. Who could do such a thing to my child?”

If you have any information about this murder contact the Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS

56 thoughts on “RIP IN FLORIDA?

      1. Hi Skye, I knew your mom personally and she was such an amazing friend. I can imagine how much you miss her. I often think about how. I still have a picture of me and her. My fb is Celeste Maduro, my snap is lov3ly90. I can find the pick and show you if you like. Mehn she was amazing,

  1. Was this meant for her ?? My god this world is over I’m so sadden to hear this must be a wrong house . She 22 what kind of monster could ever do this no matter what she do my god man

  2. Somebody walked up on this young lady in her driveway and shot her dead? Sounds like the suspect was lay waiting her and shot her when she came home. That sounds very personal. R.I.P young lady…

  3. I more believe the followed her home as she left work early.
    Her “boss”” said she dropped him home and went home early as she told him she wasn’t feeling well.
    Why is she giving the boss a ride home .Hmmmm :nerd
    No matter what she was a young mother who has now left a child behind.

  4. Rip. so sad. I dnt know this person so I’m not here to pass judgements however, sometimes young woman feel they can go roun an use man or do other things. Dnt know her story an not familiar w it. I’m jus sayin this is a wake up call for a lot people. Yes u have some sick ppl that kill for no reason however this sound like she got herself into something or maybe it’s a jealous lover or ex. I hope they find the person that did this to her because it doesn’t give anyone right to kill

  5. Lately there r a lot of killings in ppl driveways,pulling up in ur driveway or sitting in a parked car late a night…Them kill a haitian nursing student wah day,dem was making a lot of noise inside har house suh she dida study inna har car,dem shot and kill har studying in her car.I felt it for her husband and 2 kids.Mi think seh most a dem killing ya gang related,dem jus follow and kill anybody in sight randomly.IMO

  6. Anoymous she wasnt killed in her car she was killed in the bathroom after the husband jumped through the window claiming he went to go get help. Why not take her with him?
    She had just went inside the house and they stormed in behind her.

    1. hello i am kymora skye lynn jordine and if ur blamming anything on my dad go kick rocks with no shoes

  7. @addicted..too many senseless killings of young ppl happening too often in South Florida.Ur right,probably mixing di situation up wid another tragedy

  8. @ Dwrcl i know u want to put ur 2 cents in but please read before you make a comment.
    If you had taken the time to read you would see that Anon and i were discussing the Hatian nursing student..

    @ Anon its the signs of the time we are living in.Pure evil & violence. Sad but true.

  9. @addicted that is the reason I came back and apologized! What’s with the slick remark? Smh… I couldve understood if I didn’t apologize… and I did read btw… I just comprehended wrong! FYI…. Childish… smh

  10. Gm Met but word on the street in fort lauderdale is that her killing was a hit..Kimone was going to court giving evidence against someone or she locked someone up. I also heard she was one of them type of young girls always in mixup. But at the end of the day she didnt deserve that death nobody does. RIP Komone you are now in the arms of youre heavenly father…..I pray for youre little baby girl….god be with you kim and SIP….

  11. GM all, it doesn’t matter if she was the devil no-one deserves to die like this, especially a young mother. The gun seems to be the rule of law these days, every problem solved with a gun. When these so-called gunmen are killed, you hear how good they were, but not how many they killed. Just saying.

  12. @LOL, KIMONE and I had our differences because she did deh wid mi babyfada all while mi pregnant (and she kno a mi babyfada and mi did prehnant) (but tru we a enemy she try spite me)but, mi feel it to mi heart fi kno seh me is a mada and she is a mada to and she had to die like that “BUT” Rumors rumors will always be rumors, the case that happen di other day that she FALSELY ACCUSED MY babyfada of, was because him inna bed wid me an she call my phone and she hear him an him tell her fi stopp ring off my phone and fi spite him and f**k him up as she ALWAYS THREATEND TO DO, she falsely accused him of running her over with a car. the same night but he was home with me….. Now because she saw that the case was getting out of hand with all the charges the FEEDS tryna lick him wid she dropped the charges cause they was threatening to lock her up for lieing but beacause my BF have past charges prosicuters are still trying to move foward in the case … BUT as far as killing her or a hit…NO… dem talk still rass talk. she all did deh a him bday buy up gift an all.. mi kno it look a way but no not my babyfada

          1. Well Obs mi waaa know is how it go a di woman r a di man kill her oh lord such a waste of a young life

  13. From the way it happened it seemed to be a hit or someone really wanted her out the way she must of been a threat to someone or a group of people sad same way because she’s young and she left behind a you g baby..

  14. @met truthfull rumors are going to be carried around and nobody really no what happen! I just hope they really look into it n don’t give up on this case because there’s alot behind it that even facts don’t no n that is a fact! RIP KIMONE. U are truly missed prayers out to Kimones family and friends! Blessed day everyone!

    1. at Yea yuh right a nuff tings mi neh kno weh now story a come to bump but trust if mi did kno an coulda guh back in time … but mi feel it to mi heart fi kno seh d baby ago be without a mother …. and shit crazy cause kimone was always inna some beef and drama wid someone man and woman so its like… who knows it could be anyone… jah kno starr R.I.P Kimmy Pooh

  15. Bitch shut the f**k u n yuh man set up mi friend now she dead gone left har pickney I hope u n ur man can sleep good at night God nah sleep hear that karma is a bloodclaat bitch. Nuh matta if she was a hot head or slick pon her mouth the girl didnt deserve that she have a kid to live for the girl was just getting ready to go back to school too smh bwoy da one here hurt mi rass bad because all when u har just done cuss she still ah laugh n smile wid yuh n ah tell yuh fi go out wid har smh bwoy kimmy pooh just kno sky is going to be ok we will make sure she kno who her mommy was RIP babygirl

  16. @observer dont even entertain her because obviously she is in a state of shock and disbelief, and i would too … (which i was at work yesterday) but im sure all who ever had a small dispute with kimone, i know they feel away, such as my self here, that she had to go, especially in that manner.. I just hope that this case doesnt go unsolved .

  17. Fi real shut ya rass mi hear ya baby daddy love anal sex n true she talk he beat har catcha charge n atry beat it ca its attemp murda so yal kilt her she wasnt in no.mixup u tryin to paint a pic ca ya pussy no good so ya bf nu stop f**k pon u a nu fih har fault him tlo nasty.him soon go a rass jail n mon gwane fukk him in his batty while u continue to suck cock till ya. Lip dem get bigga u bubble lip bitch

    1. @BRAINLESS, yuh bloodclatte brainless fi tru, cahh it soun like yuh haott fi me, an it look like yuh kno wat time it is, a chuck yuh fi cum chuk inna mi bloodclatte chest …. nuff a unnu love bloodclate run unnu mouth and not one a unnu EVER run up inna mi, suck yuh self….RIP Kimone

  18. Oooh my @brainless RIP kimone u will be truly missed….I’m still in shock this could have happen to anyone of us young mom u r gone n these ppl still can’t give your name a break

  19. You are really brainless .
    You are saying he love to have anal sex , which he did performed on the deceased who ran and buss the so – called secret when he dissed her for another dumb broad like herself.
    So for payback for her hurt feelings she was trying to out him.
    Have you taken the time to think that your friend was not raped ?
    She was a willing participant in that nastiness.
    Leave the man baby mother alone , that is not going to bring back Kimone to this earth.
    They have a saying “the seed that we plant that we shall reap”
    Babymother need to just back pedal and ignore all of you ignorant and illiterate suckas including the babyfather.

  20. @ Addicted, RRIGHT, thank you, yuh can tell seh di bitch have it fi me, and di funny thing bout it, none a dem gyal yah cyahh and neverhave d heart fi run up inna mi ye,t cause as the name states MAD BLOODCLATTE GYAL, nuh kno seh me’ll all get madd and dash acid inna gyal face(read mi bio).. suh mek she gwah talk cause all she a talk none a dem never or have strength fi step to mi

  21. bully we all know u killed her but remember unfair games play twice u guys all act tuff and u r not I hope when dexy killa come back and kill ur so called bad man fren esco for his babymother u knw what time it is isn’t that rankins step child only becauce he died why you r still alive oh

  22. So this case still unsolved? Wouldn’t the most likely suspect be the man that she sent to jail with an impending trial?

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