Roast or fried I’m confused to what’s really going on here now met please tell me the THIS 46 year old longtime bigOoman PINKY ah play checkers with the GPEPSI D longtime chachaboi JOINED by THE LIKKLE TICKYTICKY SHERIKA WEH fava raw peas And the fat supmu VANESSA EXPLAIN GPEPSI why yuh need holding on to Pinky is it her or the the housing rent dear outta road yaw SUH mi nuh wrong yuh now PINKY YUH NUH SEE D MAN CONFUSE AND HIM JERK PLATE FULL WAY UP STAY UP BACK YAAD BBQ PART2 ,3 and 4 GPEPSI YUH THING SHOT Lean mouth pinky yuh nuh see your dentures need fi change and you face need to surrender and guh behind bars you ugly f**k go and spend time with your son and stop mine man member yuh did SEH yuh want shameek fi come outta yuh house kmft klessmuma Sherika yuh really sad girl get it together yuh really Mek chachaboi Carrie yuh INNA the back yaad of truth did you meet the other mascots he f**k while you were there or the pappishow vanassa WEH a breed fi him or Pricilla WEH him run him have all these bitches like puppets sad bitch BUT GAWN DO YOU YAW GPEPSI AND PINKY GOOD LUCK WITH ALL YOUR STEPCHILDREN SHAMEEK HURRY AND GET A ROOM


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